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This Letting Agent Admits The Housing Shortage Is Good News For Landlords - BuzzFeed News
[ Lord Adair Turner book & Richard Koo; banks tend 2 lend 2 property & land rather than productivity/businesses. risk averse, if the family cant pay the mortgage any more, than at least u have not lost all the money! less risky! Its also partly rentier behaviour of banks. // also BOE has to be concerned about future disposable income; rent & utilities eating up 50%-75% of income thus less for consumption! ] “Landlords’ balance sheets are looking healthier than at any point since 2014, and property investors are looking at an excellent rate of return from their portfolios.” Gill warned that changes to stamp duty announced in chancellor George Osborne’s Autumn Statement and due to take effect on 1 April – people selling buy-to-let investments will pay an extra 3% – were bad news for landlords. But overall, the “consistent and developing lack of housing for across all tenures, for a spiralling population” meant the level of demand for rental properties would not reduce, he said.
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Masters in Business: Yale Professor Robert Shiller (Audio) by Bloomberg View
history has proven again, markets are not efficient long-term // psychology is disreputable in econ department. // cognitive dissonance - justifying X action by looking around ... / Efficient-market hypothesis is a hypothesis for a reason; "it's a half-truth" "sometimes market moves don't reflect market news." // irrational exuberance // book fooled by randomness // 24:00 eugene phama - markets are very efficient, prices reflect all the knowledge out there, just buy the index, don't try to beat the market. buy passive index // don't play poker with your life savings. << robert shiller // 30:00 look at politics science, sociology, psychology - influence markets, people. broader disciplines. economists disregard them. // finance is about manage risk! about being a productive society and progress, and not suffer from boom and bust cycle! + financing activities ie VC gov supported R&D // & gov being a support pillar for all and not picking winners, can't forecast the future!
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European Debt Crisis Is Shaped by Bond Vigilantes -
Disagreements among national governments have made it difficult to address the core problem, which, he said, is “not lack of liquidity, but of solvency” — that is, not a matter of providing enough cash for short-term operations, but of reducing debt ratios that are simply too high to be managed. Solving the problem anytime soon would require “haircuts” — write-downs or restructurings, in which bondholders would, in the end, have to take some losses.
sovereign  debt  PIIGS  monetary  fiscal  policy  ecb  trichet  greece  ireland  2010  response  politics  angelamerkel  EMU  EuropeanCommission  europe  herding  herd  crisis 
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Correlation Soars on S&P 500 Shares -
The market's flock-like behavior is one more reflection of the growing influence of investors using broad-based strategies

it is bad.

Forex sort of is couples too.
trend  trends  stockmarket  herd  herding  dysfunctional  financial  financialmarket  market 
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When It Comes To Founding Successful Startups, Old Guys Rule
These clearly aren’t the talented 20-somethings who have “great passion” minus the “distractions like families and children…that get in the way of business” which Sequoia Venture’s Michael Moritz raves about (also in this Building 43 video). Or the ”very low paid” young entrepreneurs who, according to Google’s Eric Schmidt, make “all the right things happen” by “working themselves to death”. But these are the companies which Silicon Valley VC’s seem to flock to. And maybe that’s one reason why the failure rates of VC investments are so high.
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