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Udacity Marks 1,000 Graduates from Online Education ‘Nanodegrees’ | Re/code
“I direct my work not towards what I’m best at, but where there’s impact,” Thrun said. “If you can build a self-driving car, that’s great. But if you can teach people to build a self-driving car, that’s even better.” // along the lines of great minds with small ideas (yet another consumer-entertainment-escapism product).
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Debating Online Higher Education: Sebastian Thrun and Niall Ferguson - YouTube
- how do we learn? w books. w peers. and in groups. sometimes informal. proximity to like mineded (discussion, debate). << deep engagement! MOOC's don't do that. MOOC's are no magic bullet. // completion (intent) vs aspiration (as consumer). // still need online education & democratisation of education, accessible to all! // // &! - It's appropriate that that schools should try to prepare children for life in the 21st century, but there's no way they can be sure life won't change as dramatically in the next decade as it did in the last 20 years. It makes sense to keep to basics. //&! Barbara Oakley: "Learning How to Learn" | Talks at Google - // &! - Computers 'do not improve' pupil results, says OECD - &!
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CCC-TV - Warum die Digitale Revolution des Lernens gescheitert ist.
"wer hat dem wird gegeben" mattheus effect + + + + Gamification "that's not learning, its conditioning." ... Qualification instead of Competencies (Competencies come from real world application of theory (book content)).
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OpenLearn - The Open University
The OpenLearn website gives free access to Open University course materials. This is the LearningSpace, where you'll find hundreds of free study units, each with a discussion forum. Study independently at your own pace or join a group and use the free learning tools to work with others.
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