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Bill and Melinda Gates' 2014 Stanford Commencement Address - YouTube
min 17 in - about not having a better future for our kids. the thing is, the lowest hanging fruits have been eaten. now there only the hard things left to to, hard because they seem so remote from here, hard because they are worthwhile pursuing despite setbacks. renewable energy, curing diseases, sustainability in lots of quadrants - energy, food & water, environment, democracy & more or less striving for equality - social and income mobility. End: >> Luck, that could be me, empathy, leadership, ...
Public  Policy  STEM  technical  literacy  technical  illiteracy  education  Mobile  Creative  Mobile  Creatives  social  mobility  income  mobility  Career  Politicians  Politics  Year  of  Code  G20  flat  world  globalisation  globalization  competitive  advantage  competitiveness  competitive  comparative  advantage  comparative-advantage  advice  Public  Good  skill-biased  technological  change  knowledge  worker  White-collar  Blue-collar  Gini  coefficient  digital  divide  digital  natives  digitalnatives  inequality  income  inequality  accountability  short-term  thinking  long-term  thinking  long-term  view  democracy  Democratic  Process  Vision  communication  language  leadership  Bill  Gates  AIDS  tuberculosis  child  poverty  food  poverty  environmental  disaster  ecological  disaster  climate  change  empathy  innovator  innovation  Bill  &  Melinda  Gates  Foundation  optimism  luck  equality  health  health 
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Why We Think Soundcloud Is Preparing For A Giant Data Mining Operation | Do Androids Dance
The sad fact is that this industry has nothing to do with art anymore. We’re living in a landscape where PR firms, booking agents, managers, labels, and websites are collaborating to convince fans that their product holds value, regardless of whether or not it’s good. Dozens of genres produced by hundreds of next-level artists are being systematically pushed to the side. Fans don’t question it because they’re expecting their trusted resources to be handing them the best and most relevant music. The pool of people that control placement and flow (and ultimately the audiences) will get smaller and smaller. [...] + Follow-up
Music  Industry  Soundcloud  YouTube  Indie  Music  Indie  Artist  digital  content  digitalnatives  digital  digital  economy  digital  natives  Big  Data  mining  Privacy  Internet  Privacy  TOS  Platform 
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DLD NYC 14 - Winners/Losers in a Digital Age (Scott Galloway) - YouTube
Apple knows that competition is catching up faster and faster in terms of design and functionality etc etc. They hired 2 fashion people already (burberry and from LVHM). And to differentiate the brand further (price/status symbol - above middle class) and to keep selling it's Apple Products ... including wearables (Watch & Headphone) they hired those key people or b(r)ought them into the mothership. They could have long ago bought personal cloud storage companies and other stuff to add to its portfolio bla bla bla.... but that 'Software', you can't display - show off - walking around downtown manhatten. Wearables, phones, tablets - you can. ... Apple focuses on their core competencies - software like iTunes is only 2nd class, that is why it still doesn't stream. >> “They want Jimmy and they want Dre,” said the source. “He’s got fashion and culture completely locked up.” ( ) + !!! v=NP0P2BT0vTc !!!
Apple  Pivot  IBM  Microsoft  Transition  Information  Society  Industrial  Society  policy  Information  Makers  skill-biased  technological  change  capital  skills  skill  skills  Career  Politicians  policy  folly  policy  error  public  policy  Product/Market  Fit  Product  Design  management  differentiation  differentiate  brands  branding  Brand  Gary  Vaynerchuk  acqui-hire  acquisitions  acquisition  acquihire  status  symbol  social  status  Wall  Street  Product  Strategy  execution  Focus  focused  Silicon  Valley  Fetish  distraction  Steve  Jobs  margin  commodity  business  commoditization  technology  technological  history  Moore's  Law  competitive  advantage  competitiveness  Competition  comparative  advantage  comparative-advantage  Google  Nexus  HTC  Lenovo  Samsung  Nokia  digitalnatives  digital  economy  Age  digital  natives  stevejobs  Vision  Imagination  creativity  value  creation  Mobile  Creative  Mobile  Creatives  destruction  disposable  income  Start-Up  lesson  Start-Up  advice  entrepreneurial  entrepreneurship  innovation  innovator  Venture 
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Staying Ahead of the Curve — The Entrepreneur’s Journey — Medium
RE: @garyvee @stunwin How do you stay ahead of the game? How do you strategize with your team? Any particular methods you use? [...] RE: Staying Ahead of the Curve Innovation isn’t a tactic. It’s a religion. It’s not a method, it’s a mindset. Everybody’s looking for tactics, but it’s more about religion. So the reason my team and I stay ahead is that we’re built to stay ahead. We value the ROI that comes from the time we spend researching and pondering and debating and playing. [...] We’re in the business of always trying to put ourselves out of business. [...] But when it call comes down to it, nothing trumps execution. When Vine came out, I spent many hours between 11pm and 2am playing and understanding. At the end of the day, those hours were taken out of leisure time, sleep, and preparing for projects. I knew that and I still allocated that time. On paper, that seems very counter-intuitive, but I understand that value, and if you want to stay ahead, you should, too.
innovator  innovation  entrepreneurial  entrepreneurship  entrepreneur  Social  Media  Gary  Vaynerchuk  Blue  Ocean  start-up  technology  Platform  microcontent  short-form  content  digital  content  digitalnatives  digital  economy  book  Tumblr  Pinterest  Facebook  Twitter  gif  infographic  infographics  execution  people  management  management 
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CCC-TV - Kryptographie nach Snowden
Die Verwendung von mittelmäßiger Kryptographie scheint gegen Angreifer mit Milliarden-Etat komplett versagt zu haben. Namentlich RC4, MD5 und SHA1 scheinen praxisrelevant brechbar.
encryption  Cryptography  RC4  MD5  SHA4  NSA  AES  MD4  SHA-2  stuxnet  RSA  Security  LLC  Skype  backdoor  Microsoft  FBI  cybersecurity  cyberespionage  cyberwar  cyberattack  Windows  8  corporate  governance  corporatism  conglomerate  Linux  Apple  transparency  oversight  Privacy  Lvabit  Edward  Snowden  Wikileaks  SSL  digital  natives  digitalnatives 
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Generation Y und die Arbeitswelt: Die Andersmacher - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Generation Y, das sind doch diese Traumtänzer, die keine Lust auf Karriere haben und am liebsten eine Auszeit nach der anderen nehmen würden - stimmt's? Nö, stimmt nicht. Die wollen nur das, was man nicht von ihnen erwartet. Und interessieren sich kaum für Statussymbole. [...] "Typisch", sagen an dieser Stelle Soziologen, Personalchefs, Psychologen. Sie haben sich längst ein Bild von Menschen wie Nina gemacht, von diesen jungen Leuten, die derzeit auf dem Arbeitsmarkt ihr Glück suchen. Sie haben ihnen viele Namen verpasst: Digital Natives, Generation Praktikum, Millennials, Generation Y. Keine Altersklasse wird derzeit so fleißig erforscht wie Akademiker zwischen 25 und 35 Jahren. Und kaum einer Altersklasse werden so viele Etiketten angeheftet: Faulpelze, Weicheier, Traumtänzer, Dickköpfe, Selbstverwirklicher, Facebook-Junkies. Aber auch: Alleskönner, Multitasker, Weltverbesserer, Teamplayer.
gesellschaft  jugend  soziologie  generationy  generational  change  millenials  Consumerism  consumerist  zombie  consumer  western  lifestyle  western  society  Statussymbol  social  study  social  science  social  society  digitalnatives  sociology  psychology  work  life  balance  Sinnsuche  Spiritual  spirituality 
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▶ End of an era at the Post - YouTube
Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is to buy the Washington Post for $250m. FT editor Lionel Barber talks to Christine Spolar about the end of an era of family control at the newspaper. For more video content from the Financial Times, visit >>
journalism  journalismus  digital  economy  Washington  Post  digitalnatives  newspapers  jeffbezos  investigative  journalism  newspaper 
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What is (and isn’t) marketing? « RSA Comment
As the role of customer service has become more important for all businesses in trying to create competitive advantage, the ‘services marketing mix’ has found proponents in product marketing. I am a proponent of the ‘7Ps’ – product, place, people, processes, physical evidence, promotion and price – which provides a more complex framework for thinking about the marketing mix.
marketing  sales  digitalnatives  b2c  b2b  digital-economy 
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Behind the Brand--Tim Ferriss, The 4-Hour Chef - YouTube
talking about the book
talking about selling in digital age
talking about content creation and attention span
people have to trust the messenger before they send out them self the message
writing is thought on paper
polymath is not dead
talks about haters, blogging,
talks about 80/20, fear, goals,

Tim Ferriss, "The Four-Hour Chef": Authors at Google

Samovar Tea Talks with Tim Ferriss
goals  fear  Pareto  principle  rule  80/20  rule  happieness  internet  culture  hater  blogging  entrepeneurship  lifehacks  lifehacker  life  lesson  polymath  book  writing  elevator  pitch  selling  social  marketing  digitalnatives  digital-content  digital-economy  marketing  attention  span  content  creator  Tim  Ferriss 
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29C3 in Hamburg: Jacob Appelbaum spricht auf dem CCC-Kongress - SPIEGEL ONLINE
"Not my Department", dafür bin ich nicht zuständig, das Motto der Veranstaltung. Das Zitat wird in einem Lied dem Raketenbauer Wernher von Braun zugeschrieben. Zwar ist er dafür zuständig, dass die Raketen starten, aber wo sie wieder herunterkommen - das sei nicht sein Fachgebiet.

KeyNote on YouTube;;=9m46s
occupywallstreet  activists  activism  29C3  Jacob  Appelbaum  Chaos  Computer  Club  CCC  George  Orwell  1984  UK  Europe  USA  surveillance  state  dataretention  datamining  accountability  governance  transparency  Politics  hacker  digitalnatives  surveillance  History  Wikileaks  Hacktivism 
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Foer & Shteyngart: The Final and Last Death of the Novel - YouTube
A panel consisting of Jonathan Safran Foer, Tea Obreht, and Gary Shteyngart contemplates the death of the novel. Foer believes the novel can't compete with technology, while Shteyngart sees fiction as the new poetry.
digitalnatives  digital-economy  digital-content  publishing2.0  publishing  writing  fiction  novel 
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500 Freunde und trotzdem einsam? | Kulturjournal | NDR - YouTube
Droht uns nach digitaler Demenz die Isolation des Individuums? Das Kulturjournal diskutiert mit Autoren, Ärzten und Soziologen, wie das Internet unser Miteinander verändert.
twitter  digitalnatives  facebook 
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BBC News - Today - Does the LP have a future?
Last month for the first time in history, the number one album sold fewer than 10,000 copies.
Arts correspondent Colin Paterson went to the announcement of this year's 12-strong Mercury Prize shortlist to ask why anyone should care about what appears to be a dying format.
Simon Frith, who chairs the judges at the Mercury Music Prize, said there is "an interesting divergence between musicians continuing commitment to album making and audience reluctance to buy albums".
He explained that people listen to music in a way which is now "more mobile and more distracted" and single tracks therefore "make sense".
digitalnatives  music  industry  music 
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