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Volkswagen Congress Hearing: Emissions scandal - watch live - YouTube
VW USA subsidiary CEO Michael Horn. // 'VW the people's car.' 36:40 - I had no understanding what a defeat device is & that it could be installed to cheat emission tests. [<< Symptom of being a conglomerate! Corporate Culture & Values.] min 38:09 - Is hardware, software & even has to do something with the fuel tank. In some models (gen 2) its just software & a sensor. // 49:20 - framing of the answer with EPA (influenced?), cars on the road right now, even they are not passing emissions test, "are legal & safe to drive for the owners." // min 57 NOx, air pollution. 'compensation will be part of discussion'. 40 times than allowable limit. // 1:11:00 - according to him, @ the current state of investigations, this was out of the engine-drivetrain-engineering/software/emissions department within VW. Was not a corporate executive decision from the top. [My 2 cents: more likely decision was made within those departments due to pressure from top to make the test pass happen. << 1:51:00]
VW  Volkswagen  conglomerate  corporate  culture  corporate  values  air  pollution  libor  rigging  scandal  banking  crisis  investment  banking  self-regulation  regulation  regulators  accountability  Wall  Street  shareholder  value  profit  maximisation  retail  banking  PPI  mis-selling  scandal  bank  crisis  CDO  CDS  pharmaceutical  industry  pharma  big  pharma  corruption  bribery  Petroleum  automotive  autoindustry  carbonemission  carbonfootprint  emissions  white-collar  crime  Justice  System  Law  &  Justice  corporate  state  corporate  media  Positioning  Meat  Egg  Dairy  food  industry  lobbyist  lobby  Lobbying  revolving  door  conflict  of  interest  fiduciary  responsibility  exploitation  ethics  ethical  machine  democracy  Career  Politicians  No  Representation  double  standard  Abgas-Affäre  Interestrateswap  corporate  social  responsibility  corporate  scandal  Chemical  Fashion  deception  PR  spin  doctor  monopsony  oligopol  madoff  Enron  Worldcom  BP  accounting  accounting  scandal  tax  evasion  tax  avoidance  crony  capitalism  TBTF  too  big  to  jail  too  big  to  bail  Ego  arrogance  Monsanto  Protection  Act  patent  troll  intellectual  property  willful  ignorance  willful  negligence  DeepwaterHorizon  tax  code  consumer  fraud  Protection 
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Fat People Are Unhealthy - YouTube
"obesity is a disease!" //&! Why I'm Against "Fat Acceptance" - ... "Who do I want to be? [...] Since I've been this since childhood, I have not known & do not know any different. [...] shame does not help anybody." //&! Fooled [Mark Twain quote]. Hoodwinked. Exploited. PPL who are not aware of the SYSTEM WHICH IS RIGGED AGAINST THEM, are rightfully angry (anger directed partly towards themselves, blindly, and the status quo ... 'dare you to shame me, look around you ... I am not the only one!') for being fat shamed, to a certain extent. U can put the material in front of them, but they dont change if they dont snap 180 degrees intellectually: Enlightenment. Curtains revealed & they grasp the extent of the RIGGED SYSTEM. Thus able 2change small step by step. Process. Individual journey. Fuelled by intrinsic motivation (ie not boogie's case). //&! Political Correctness, Offensive (hate speech), free speech - disclosure: guy is from infowars
fat  shaming  bias  prejudice  snap  judgement  pattern  matching  pattern  recognition  public  perception  public  opinion  public  image  eating  disorder  binge  eating  addiction  substance  abuse  public  debate  public  discourse  health  care  budget  public  health  policy  health  policy  health  care  spending  public  health  mental  health  health  crisis  health  science  metabolic  syndrome  diabetes  chronic  low-grade  inflammation  inflammation  sociology  psychology  society  Western  pattern  diet  Standard  American  diet  diet  dieting  fad  diet  child  abuse  childhood  childhood  development  parenting  parenthood  epigenetics  sedentary  lifestyle  lifestyle  lifestyle  lifestyle  medicine  active  lifestyle  world  society  food  industry  lobbyist  lobby  Lobbying  medical  profession  FDA  USDA  pharmaceutical  industry  pharma  big  pharma  intrinsic  motivation  social  change  public  awareness  Egg  Dairy  Fish  Meat  Milk  Enlightenment  self-actualization  self-belief  apathy  Perspective  self-respect  self-awareness  Self-esteem  self-regulation  self-improvement  education  policy  Perspektivlosigkeit  confidence  exploitation  deception  PR  spin  doctor  reframing  framing  Political  Correctness  Denialist  tobacco 
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What is REALLY in your burger? Find out here... - YouTube
Animal Protein -- Meat and Dairy -- Cause Cancer - Dr. T. Colin Campbell - China Study and Whole - //&! - Gary Yourofsky //&! food engineering - making stuff moorish, everything. bliss point. --- Chocolate, Cheese, Meat, and Sugar -- Physically Addictive - Neal Barnard - //&! 5 Reasons to STOP eating eggs TODAY [Warning graphic] - &! //&! Whole-Food Plant-Based Diet
Meat  Industry  food  E.  coli  food  poisoning  Zoonotic  Diseases  zoonosis  C.  diff  Campylobacter  public  health  policy  public  health  fast  food  junk  food  Desert  PR  spin  doctor  marketing  advertisement  advertising  Branding  processed  food  antibiotics  antibiotic  resistance  post-antibiotic  era  Chain  Whole  Plant  Foods  food  security  climate  change  global  warming  food  waste  sustainability  sustainable  resource  depletion  finite  resources  water  pollution  pollution  carbonemission  emissions  carbonfootprint  Livestock  farming  Dr.  T.  Colin  Campbell  animal  rights  animal  protein  animal  cruelty  agriculture  mono  agriculture  agriculture  policy  industrial  agriculture  lobbyist  lobby  Lobbying  chronic  chronic  low-grade  inflammation  inflammatory  bowel  disease  non-alcoholic  fatty  liver  disease  coronary  artery  disease  heart  disease  Cardiovascular  disease  vascular  disease  heart  attack  stroke  aneurysm  moorish  Dr.  Neal  Barnard  food  engineering  vested  interest  interest  groups  pharmaceutical  pharma  big  pharma  Wall  Street  shareholder  value  profit  maximisation  shared  economic  interest  ethical  machine  crony  capitalism  capitalism  exploitation  revolving  door  Career  Politicians  FDA  USDA  corruption  bribery  transparency  oversight  atherosclerosis  Egg  Industry  Milk  Industry  Dairy  Industry  public  public  Industry  ch 
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It's Hard Being a Meat Eater - YouTube - last means to change the message, reframe, direct away from the facts/research: polarisation //&! - not extreme. &! not restrictive -
Vegan  carnism  animal  rights  ecological  disaster  environmental  disaster  air  pollution  finite  resources  resource  depletion  water  pollution  animal  protein  water  scarcity  water  supply  water  security  omnivore  climate  change  Polarisation  climate  science  climate  crisis  manufactured  consent  PR  spin  doctor  reframing  framing  ethics  moral  beliefs  ethical  machine  ethical  beliefs  medical  profession  Do  No  Harm  propaganda  populism  corporate  media  corporate  state  shared  economic  interest  profit  maximisation  shareholder  value  Wall  Street  medical  research  health  crisis  sick  population  pollution  Bacon  white  lies  crony  capitalism  capitalism  deception  intrinsic  motivation 
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