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Egon Krenz: der Kalte Krieg war nie zu Ende by Sputnik Deutschland
Europa ohne Russland geht nicht. USA sieht nicht gern das Europa/Deutschland gut mit Russland sind. [...] Die idee des kommunismus ist nicht tod zu kriegen. [...] Der kapitalismus kann nicht das letzte wort gehabt haben. [...] AIIB & BRIC (+South Africa) - ohne USA, ohne EU (ja nicht alle, Germany in AIIB)! // TTIP und co. schliesst BRIC aus. Punkt!!! USA will sich wirtschafts and und politische macht sichern mit TTIP und TPP before es zu spaet ist. // battle of ideas. battle to capture parts of new world, global trade and economy, future generations (emerging middle class).
Ukraine  Ukrain  Russia  vladimirputin  Putin  Europe  NATO  Cold  War  cyber  Middle  East  USA  foreign  affairs  geopolitics  foreign  policy  foreign  relations  Intelligence  German  reunification  UK  East  Europe  United  Nations  Security  Council  United  Nations  Angela  Merkel  Leadership  Crimea  Crimea  Crisis  presidency  barackobama  David  Cameron  diplomacy  Baltic  States  Balkan  East  Germany  east-europe  east-germany  China  World  Police  global  economy  sanctions  protectionism  global  trade  BRIC  European  Union  Turkey  Eurasia  Germany  cooperation  GCHQ  NSA  surveillance  state  Surveillance-Industrial  Complex  history  Aid  Arab  League  OPEC  military–industrial  military  intervention  neoconservatism  neoconservatives  neoliberalism  neoliberal  ISIS  al-Qaida  Taliban  Iraq  War  Iraq  Iran  Afghanistan  globalization  globalisation  TTIP  TPP  CETA  cablegate  Wikileaks  AIIB  World  Bank  TISA  Wall  Street  crony  capitalism  capitalism  ideology  dogma  emerging  class  Developing  World  Frontier  Markets  emerging  market  economic  history  trickle-down  economics  political  economy  political  science  political  theory  Niall  Ferguson  Africa  South  Africa 
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'The trade union bill is sinister' | Owen Jones meets Frances O'Grady - YouTube
>> Changes for Tories constituency.
Trade  Union  Workers  Union  Wall  Street  shareholder  value  profit  maximisation  John  Lewis  co-op  cooperation  gender  pay  gap  CEO  pay  No  Representation  Soziale  Marktwirtschaft  globalization  globalisation  Germany  UK  USA  White-collar  Worker  Blue-collar  Worker  Niedriglohnsektor  Service  Sector  Jobs  minimum  wage  democracy  fairness  Gesellschaft  Gerechtigkeit  exploitation  neoliberalism  neoliberal  lobbyist  lobby  Lobbying  Tories  Conservative  Party  David  Cameron  George  Osborne  dogma  austerity  wage  growth  income  growth  ideology  low  income  income  distribution  productivity  income  gap  income  redistribution  income  inequality  Gini  coefficient  inequality  social  mobility  income  mobility  downward  mobility  education  policy  apprenticeships  Super  Rich  1%  tax  evasion  tax  avoidance  tax  code  corporate  tax  rate  underinvestment  business  investment  skills  gap  capital  skills  human  capital  skill-biased  technological  change  practical  skills  practical  skill  set  short-term  thinking  short-term  view  opportunity  opportunist  trickle-down  economics  Establishment  Toff  Privileged  social  safety  net  welfare  state 
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The Myth of Valley DoucheBaggery - John Battelle's Search Blog
But I think our industry culture is moving far faster than the writers at Silicon Valley might wish to believe. I think we’re seeing the rise of a new culture, one that rejects arrogance and the founder worship which breeds it. Inevitable outliers aside, the Valley and technology culture I experience every day in my work at NewCo is one of passion, sweat, earnestness, and good intentions. Sure, we all fuck up. And sure, the press (especially, not surprisingly, the press in New York) has a field day when someone does. But by and large, the teams making companies like Slack, LiveRamp, Medium, Earnest, MetroMile, Lyft, Okta, Pinterest, and hundreds more are damn fine people, and they are dedicating their lives to making something that creates positive change – a product or service that makes the world a better place (even if it’s in a small way). [...] When you’re facing existential threat, our tolerance for douchebaggery in the name of making more money at any cost, ....
Silicon  Valley  counter  culture  brogrammer  asshole  culture  asshole  game  Steve  Jobs  CEO  Leadership  corporate  culture  corporate  values  vision  mission  impact  Privileged  Establishment  Toff  wantrepreneur  Trust  Fund  Kid  Campus  Evan  Spiegel  Hype  Cycle  insular  cooperation  partnerships  Collaborative  collaboration  Open  Platform  Wall  Street  shared  economic  interest  profit  maximisation  shareholder  value  post-capitalism  crony  capitalism  Millennials  character  Travis  Kalanick  capitalism  exploitation  Apple  PR  spin  doctor  Amazon  Jeff  Bezos  corporate  social  responsibility  CSR  Salesforce  Marc  Benioff  social  entrepreneurship  Non-Profit  long-term  view  short-term  view  opportunist  Opportunism  Start-Up  advice  Start-Up  lesson 
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Twitter works just fine – but for investors, anything except total market domination is a disaster | Comment is free | The Guardian
Nothing better illustrates capitalism’s addiction to illogic than the mismatch between Twitter’s workability and its unpopularity with Wall Street [...] Any company that cannot demonstrate a clear route to monopolising its space, monetising its users’ data on a vast scale, is to be discarded, targeted for acquisition, consigned to perpetual dowdiness. [...] When I’ve pointed to Wikipedia, Apache or Linux as harbingers of a new, non-market, open source economics, one of the stock responses is: “now show us something more spectacular.” The problem is, these modest, functional and free products are already in their own way spectacular. Wikipedia is the biggest information product in the world; Apache runs half the world’s web servers; and Linux is the system of choice for at least a third of all servers (the computers that run businesses) and 97% of the world’s supercomputers.
Twitter  Wall  Street  shareholder  value  profit  maximisation  short-term  short-term  thinking  short-term  view  crony  capitalism  capitalism  exploitation  post-capitalism  monopoly  monopsony  oligopoly  oligopol  Facebook  IPO  Google  Open  Source  Share  Economy  Open  Data  Wikipedia  GNU/Linux  Apache  Wordpress  creative  destruction  Software  Is  Eating  The  World  3D  printing  Robotics  automotive  self-driving  cars  disrupting  markets  disruption  Marketplace  commodity  business  commoditization  marginal  cost  differentiate  differentiation  economics  of  abundance  autonomous  car  automation  Future  of  Work  Mobile  Creatives  Mobile  21stcentury  Collaborative  collaboration  cooperation  user  generated  content  crowdsourcing  Industrial  Revolution  2.0  policy  Industrial  Revolution  economic  history  trickle-down  economics  Universal  Basic  Income  winner  take  all  Amazon  SAP  Salesforce  inequality  Thomas  Piketty  Super  Rich  1%  tax  evasion  tax  avoidance  Gini  coefficient  deregulation  neoliberalism  neoliberal  self-regulation  regulators  regulation  utility  public  utility  Good  Silicon  Valley  Unicorn  Decacorn  Private  Market 
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Alternatives Management: Vertrauen als Ressource für Unternehmen - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Oft werben diejenigen am meisten darum, die unter Vertrauensverlust leiden. Denn tatsachlich sinkt das Vertrauen in die Wirtschaft und das Misstrauen steigt. Das ist das Ergebnis nahezu aller Studien zum Thema Verbrauchervertrauen // &! - Twitter just made it more difficult to hold politicians accountable // Same with the Conservative Party deleting all their speeches and documents after they won majority in election and partnered up with libdems - &! // Auch Geld funktioniert nur dank Vertrauen [...] Der Systemtheoretiker Niklas Luhmann beschrieb Vertrauen daher auch als "Mechanismus zur Reduktion sozialer Komplexität". Ständiges Misstrauen dagegen mache unser Zusammenleben deutlich schwieriger, sagt Martin Schweer. [...] Schnell zeigte sich: Hatte der eine das Geschäft fair und zum gegenseitigen Vorteil abgewickelt, erhöhte der andere in der nächsten Runde seinen Einsatz. // &! - Does honesty matter ...
bank  bailout  GFC  Career  Politicians  Congress  No  Representation  social  contract  transparency  accountability  crony  capitalism  capitalism  post-capitalism  Buffer  Wall  Street  shared  economic  interest  profit  maximisation  shareholder  value  banking  crisis  trust  distrust  trustagent  Start-Up  advice  Start-Up  lesson  Conservative  Party  DWP  David  Cameron  George  Osborne  spin  doctor  PR  public  relations  neoliberalism  neoliberal  algorithm  Page  Rank  monopoly  monopsony  oligopoly  oligopol  Iain  Duncan  Smith  Open  Data  Open  Source  NSA  GCHQ  Secret  Courts  Surveillance-Industrial  Complex  surveillance  state  Orwellian  military–industrial  Pentagon  WMD  False  Flag  FISA  Court  FISAAA  public  record  public  interest  Misstrauen  Lügenpresse  Freedom  of  Information  Act  BND  Angela  Merkel  GroKo  Eurogroup  election  campaign  promises  Internet  Google  Cache  political  theory  governance  corporate  governance  fiat  currency  inequality  Gini  coefficient  fairness  Generationengerechtigkeit  Gerechtigkeit  Justice  System  Jim  Crow  voter  turnout  apathy  indifference  TOS  EULA  win-win  partnerships  cooperation  Google  Data  of  of  public  of  public 
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You probably don't want to work for Amazon | The Verge
Amazon is known for its cutthroat efficiency and harsh tactics; it's what makes it possible to get a pack of toilet paper delivered to your door in less than 24 hours. But CEO Jeff Bezos' love of precision and data goes far beyond fulfilling orders and undercutting competitors' prices. It permeates every aspect of the workplace. [...] Working at the retail giant's Seattle offices is apparently nothing like showing up to work at an idyllic Silicon Valley campus. // &! &! - SVers take shots at the NYT's piece vs "_reflexive criticism_" by those who left AMZN. ( flashy offices *false sense of success* leased with money from Venture Capital, companies pushing PR on their A, B, C round like its a major milestone ). Keith Rabois "Awaiting the NYT expose on Kobe Bryant's success or Jordan's. Or any Olympic medalist." &! Josh Elman ["start-ups can] have intense cultures." --- My take, its about the balance of things! // how to nudge to be no asshole
Amazon  corporate  culture  corporate  values  Jeff  Bezos  workplace  beyond  workplace  drama  work  environment  Silicon  Valley  OKR  Google  Netflix  Reed  Hastings  Tony  Hsieh  Zappos  Facebook  linkedin  Reid  Hoffman  Start-Up  advice  Start-Up  lesson  Ryan  Carson  TeamTreehouse  stress  chronic  stress  Success  Gary  Vaynerchuk  Collaborative  cooperation  backstabbing  asshole  culture  asshole  game  gossip  culture  loyalty 
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Bürodesign: Office Snapshots zeigt Arbeitsplätze weltweit - SPIEGEL ONLINE // designed by designers VS designed & input by employees (see Joel Spolsky comment abt what office programmers & every employee would like (input and accommodating their needs! the individual(s) & the team(s) & the companies) // &! Google Startup Lab workshop: Workspace design // &! Robert Grudin Design & Truth "Good design is the material image of mental health. Design can reintegrate our character & fulfill our awareness. We follow good design to discover what is good in ourselves." // &! Design Rules - Interior Planning // &! Frank Wilczek "A Beautiful Question: Finding Nature's Deep Design" // << inspo: melting the company, the people, and the outside (city) into a somewhat identifiable always re-refreshing concept, identity, recognizable, regionally sourced! & adding value 2 local economy: make space 2 provide ~15% subsidized freelance/smb office space.
interior  interior  design  officespace  Office  Politics  work  environment  workplace  beyond  workplace  drama  Inspiration  architecture  architect  productivity  Collaborative  collaboration  well  being  chronic  stress  friction  frictionless  workplace  design  beauty  Art  shared  experience  offline  experience  shared  economic  interest  cooperation  sharing  value  creation  ecosystem  Start-Up  lesson  Start-Up  advice  4-day  work  week  6-hour  work  day  happiness  index  perks 
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Fairness: Warum der Mensch Gerechtigkeit will - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Das Gute in uns. Der Ökonom Ernst Fehr von der Universität Zürich führt seit einigen Jahren einen Kampf für die Anerkennung des Guten im Menschen. Vertrauen, Gerechtigkeitssinn und Mitgefühl sind in den Augen des Experimentalökonomen wichtige Bedingungen für Wohlstand und wirtschaftlichen Erfolg. So seien Menschen in Spielexperimenten bereit, eine Geldsumme mit einer anderen Person zu teilen, obwohl sie das eigentlich nicht machen müssten. Schwieriger allerdings werde es, wenn man eine Vierergruppe von Menschen anonym auffordert, Geld für eine Gemeinschaftsaufgabe zu geben - und ihnen die Möglichkeit lässt, nichts zu zahlen, aber trotzdem von dem Geld zu profitieren, das andere einzahlen. Ein Beispiel für ein solches Verhalten sind beispielsweise die Schwarzfahrer in der U-Bahn. So stellte Fehr fest: Schmarotzer gibt es leider immer. Vor allem, wenn die Experimente in Ländern gemacht werden, in denen Misswirtschaft und Korruption herrschen.
evolution  fairness  Gini  coefficient  inequality  corruption  bribery  transparency  accountability  Bailout  society  social  science  social  society  social  study  social  mobility  income  mobility  Gerechtigkeitssinn  cooperation  behavioral  economics  economics  Gerechtigkeit  No  Representation  Politics  Democratic  Process  democracy 
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