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Schwulenparagraf 175: Zeitzeuge Klaus Born musste ins Gefängnis - SPIEGEL ONLINE
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Facing the Truth: The Case for Reparations - YouTube (Debate, Reparations Movement) + "" That existential something, of course, is that the United States and its economic infrastructure are the products of so much brutality, stealing, lying and exploitation, of so many hundreds of millions of people not only within “our” borders but — as the center of a vast economic and military empire — that it would not only be impossible to compensate all of its victims without going broke many times over, reparations would force American political leaders to concede that we are indeed an exceptional nation, if only in our violence and perfidy. "" || _ +++ + || Reparations could be Obama's only chance to save his name for history, to be remembered smthg for.
white  supremacy  Xenophobia  American  History  Slavery  racial  discrimination  book  public  discussion  presidency  barackobama  public  discourse  discrimination  heritage  holocaust  European  History  racism  African-America  racial  segregation  human  rights  human  rights  violation  Mensch  society  guilt  ethics  morals  Philosophy  social  society  Conscience  civic  life  civic  society  moral  debt  American  Founders  income  gap  income  mobility  social  mobility  Policy  working  poor  squeezed  middle  class  American  Politics  Career  Politicians  filter  filters  filter  bubble  entitlement  privilege  male  privilege  Privileged  white  male  privilege  white  privilege  bias  stereotype  prejudice  Reparations  for  Reparations  Movement 
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US Airways Just Tweeted Out One Of The Most Graphic Things You've Ever Seen A Brand Tweet
it is a symptom of what is wrong with current system. > working poor, squeezed middle class, ... giving out trinkets as rewards for their work after receiving a non-living wage. Can't argue that the employee who did that was a "redarard" and had no conscience over what the reaction would be to reply with an chubby porn pic as a reply to a 'had delay bc flight was overweight' complaint. can't deny bro had no humor. to find that pic in the first place was a concious effort on his place. meaning he wanted it to happen and was clearly ok with the consequences. what a way to leave a crappy building. period. must have been very frustrated. bc it's on his resume that employer and if anyone calls US Airways for references ... ouch. Maybe US airways does even contract that stuff out. who knows.
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