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Anger after key plan to tackle childhood obesity delayed again
[ obesity/diet-related diseases (chronic) to bankrupt NHS ] Theresa May will delay publishing the Government’s long awaited Childhood Obesity Strategy until the autumn, despite pleas from the head of the NHS to act to protect the most vulnerable children in society. On Tuesday NHS England Chief Executive Simon Stevens called for the plan to be unveiled, saying the obesity crisis costs the taxpayer more than the police and fire services combined.
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Obesity 'likely culprit' behind womb cancer rise
Rising levels of obesity may be fuelling an increase in the number of women diagnosed with womb cancer, the charity Cancer Research UK warns.
Its figures show around 19 in every 100,000 women in the UK were diagnosed with the disease in the 1990s - climbing to 29 in 100,000 in 2013.
Researchers acknowledge the science behind how extra weight is linked to cancer is not clear - but say hormones produced by extra fat may play a part.
They say more studies are needed.
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