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How economics killed the antibiotic dream - BBC News
it is estimated that more will die of antibiotic resistance infection in 2050 than by Cancer. Costing 1tn in economic damage.
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Flickr’s and Google’s algorithms are behaving badly | PandoDaily
[still basic bitch ] Flickr and Google are offering a case study in the dangers of faulty algorithms. Flickr’s problem stems from a system that automatically tags images shared to its service with what it sees in the photos. A black-and-white photo is tagged “blackandwhite,” for example, while a nature shot can be tagged with “outdoor.” The problem is that this system automatically tagged several images — one of a black man, another of a white woman — with “ape.” It also labelled the Dachau concentration camp with “jungle gym” and Auschwitz’s entrance with “sport.”
algorithm  algorithms  Software  Is  Eating  The  World  unintended  consequences  bug  augmented  intelligence 
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