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Should the Media Repeat Trump's Lies? - The Atlantic
Jon Stewart: "I think the journalists have taken it personally, they're personally wounded and offended by [Trump]. He baits them and they dive in, and what he's done well I thought, is appeal to their own narcissism, to their own ego."
DonaldTrump  Donald  Trump  Redaktionsschluss  fake  news  Brexit  AfD 
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Opinion | Operation Infektion: A three-part video series on Russian disinformation - The New York Times
Russia’s meddling in the United States’ elections is not a hoax. It’s the culmination of Moscow’s decades-long campaign to tear the West apart. “Operation InfeKtion” reveals the ways in which one of the Soviets’ central tactics — the promulgation of lies about America — continues today, from Pizzagate to George Soros conspiracies. Meet the KGB spies who conceived this virus and the American truth squads who tried — and are still trying — to fight it. Countries from Pakistan to Brazil are now debating reality, and in Vladimir Putin’s greatest triumph, Americans are using Russia’s playbook against one another without the faintest clue.
DonaldTrump  Donald  Trump  fake  news  deepfake  deep  Brexit  AfD  Russia  Putin  PEGIDA  Facebook  Social  Media 
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Studie: Flüchtlinge nicht Ursache für Rechtsruck, sondern Medien - MiGAZIN
In weiten Teilen Europas verzeichnen rechtspopulistische Parteien seit einigen Jahren Wahlerfolge. Als Grund wird häufig der Zuzug von Flüchtlingen genannt. Eine Studie von Forschern der TU Dresden kommt zu einem anderen Ergebnis: Medien sorgen für stärkeres Augenmerk auf Einwanderung.
Brexit  Donald  Trump  DonaldTrump  Redaktionsschluss  AfD  PEGIDA  immigration  Austerity  No  Representation  Rechtsruck  Rechtsextremismus  neofascism  neonazi  far-right  right-wing  Identitäre  Identitären  Xenophobia  Homophobia  homophobic  transphobia  Transphobic  Medien  Media  LGBT  East  Germany  Saxony  refugee  crisis 
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The radicalization of a domestic terrorist - CNN
We reviewed more than 4000 of bombing suspect Cesar Sayok’s tweets. We found more than 240 threats at 50 different people, news organizations, reporters, and celebrities.

We found a mind corrupted by right wing conspiracy theories of every sort.
DonaldTrump  Donald  Trump  Brexit  AfD 
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(13856) Admit it. Republicans have broken politics. - YouTube
Admit it. Republicans have broken politics.
/ my way or the highways is not democracy
Brexit same picture, journalists did not call out some both.
book  DonaldTrump  Donald  Trump  Bush  Nixon  Ronald  Reagan  extremism  EPA  ideology  Identity  fascism  far-right  right-wing  Republicans  neoliberal  neoliberalism  compromise  BarackObama  obstruction  USA  Brexit  Washington  1%  Lobby  Representation  democracy  trust  Redaktionsschluss 
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UK towns ‘polarised’ by rise of far right | UK news | The Guardian
But Khan said her investigations had detected a sense Britain was on the cusp of a fresh wave of rightwing extremism: “This backs up what experts have been telling me – that we are seeing a new wave of the far right: modernised, professionalised and growing; supported by a frightening amount of legal online extremist material.” [...] Metropolitan police’s Neil Basu, told the home affairs select committee that far-right extremists and Islamists were “feeding each other” and that police were currently presiding over 700 live terrorism investigations. [...] Home Office data shows that white people now constitute the largest proportion of arrested terrorism suspects for the first time in 13 years. Meanwhile, the number of people referred to the government’s counter-extremism programme, Prevent, because of concerns over rightwing extremism has grown by more than a quarter.
UK  Brexit  far-right  right-wing  Rechtsextremismus  Rechtsruck  AfD  PEGIDA  EDL  Austerity  Homophobia  homophobic  LGBT  transphobia  Transphobic  Tommy  Robinson  Bannon  DonaldTrump  Donald  Trump  Richard  Spencer  Bolsonaro  Salvini  France  Germany  USA  post-racial  Italy  alt-right  neonazi  neo-nazi  fascism  neofascism  Naziproblem  Islam  terror  terrorism  violence  hate  speech  crime  Council 
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(13428) Die Story im Ersten: Am rechten Rand - YouTube
und ruft zum Aufstand auf, rief zum zivilen ungehoersamen aufstand auf gegen den Staat.

&! =- Radical Right-wing in Germany in 2018 - Docu - 2018

&! - AfD-Aussteigerin | Franziska Schreiber | SWR1 Leute

&! - Gefühlte Angst: Wie die AfD im bayerischen Deggendorf den Fremdenhass schürt

& Tommy Robinson and the far right’s new playbook
Stephen Yaxley-Lennon AKA Tommy Robinson. Photograph: Jack Taylor/Getty
The former EDL leader is one of a new breed of entrepreneurial activists who are bringing extremist myths into the mainstream – while also claiming they are being silenced. -

* - Extrem gewaltbereit: Kampfsport in der rechten Szene | Monitor | Das Erste | WDR
Germany  alt-right  far-right  right-wing  CDU  CSU  Rechtsruck  Naziproblem  AfD  PEGIDA  Xenophobia  Homophobia  homophobic  Nationalism  Volk  Saxony  Merkel  History  Brexit  DonaldTrump  Donald  Trump  Bolsonaro  Salvini  Identitäre  Identitarian  Kultur  culture  war  multiculturalism  Identity  Identität  LGBT  White  ethnostate  USA  UK  post-racial  Richard  Spencer  Steve  Bannon  neo-nazi  neonazi  Nazi  Rechtsextremismus  Chemnitz  Neofascism  Fascism 
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(13196) Brasilien: Demokratie in Gefahr? | Weltspiegel - YouTube - The far-right candidate has sought, with little evidence, to link his Worker’s party opponent to Brazil’s neighbour’s troubles

*! - Why Brazil Might Elect An Ultra-Right Wing President (HBO)

& - “How Fascism Works”: Jason Stanley On Trump, Bolsonaro and the Rise of Fascism Across the Globe
Fascism is based on power, reality bites fake power in ass. destabilise.
Brazil  Brasilien  Jair  Bolsonaro  AfD  DonaldTrump  Brexit  PEGIDA  far-right  right-wing  alt-right  Fascism  bool 
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Kenneth Olisa: ‘To improve social mobility, we need to raise children’s aspirations’ | Society | The Guardian - As the rich get richer, why don’t British people care about inequality? - The solution is to invest in social wealth - The danger is that the paradox of wealth inequality becomes self-reinforcing: as wealth at the top increases, the likelihood of redistributive reform decreases. The reason is that high levels of wealth inequality bias the democratic process. Martin Gilens has documented definitively the “elite economic domination” of American politics. But similar concerns about the unequal influence of the new aristocracy have been raised in Britain.
social  income  mobility  inequality  class  UK  Austerity  1%  democracy  Brexit  AfD  PEGIDA  DonaldTrump  Donald  Trump  poverty  working  poor  downward  welfare  state 
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Francis Fukuyama: ‘Trump instinctively picks racial themes to drive people on the left crazy’ | Books | The Guardian
In 1989, the economist’s essay The End of History? asked whether liberalism had triumphed over ideology. History, however, had other ideas and his new book responds to the return of extremism
book  DonaldTrump  Donald  Trump  Brexit  AfD  alt-righ  far-right  right-wing  neo-nazi  neonazi  Naziproblem 
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The Guardian view on public services: the state has abandoned its responsibilities | Editorial | Opinion | The Guardian
Cuts have led to chaos and failure in the justice and benefits systems, and vulnerable people including children are the victims [...] Meanwhile, mounting chaos in the justice system is finally attracting public attention. Last month the government stripped the private contractor G4S of responsibility for Birmingham prison, admitting that officers there had effectively lost control. This followed an announcement that the partial privatisation of probation services has failed and will be reversed. This week MPs debated a review of the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act amid rising concerns over the impact of legal aid cuts, including the phenomenon of “advice deserts” in parts of the country where services have virtually ceased to exist. A growing sense of crisis in the courts themselves is ably documented in the new eponymous book by the Secret Barrister.

Now council leaders are warning that children’s services face a tipping point, with 90 children entering care every day but repeated appeals for additional funding from the Treasury rejected.
UK  Austerity  injustice  Brexit  Council 
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Steve Bannon in Venedig: Wer mit Rechten redet, wird einsam - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Als Morris ihn jedoch fragt, wie er denn mit dem Widerspruch umgehe, dass Trumps Politik gerade nicht dem kleinen Mann zuarbeite, sondern der Wirtschaft und den Reichen, bleibt der selbst ernannte "rationale Apokalyptiker" stumm.
&! - Steve Bannon on how the strategy that elected Trump is going global &
&! - Steve Bannon extended interview on Europe's far-right and Cambridge Analytica
DonaldTrump  Donald  Trump  Brexit  Bannon  AfD  Europe  Boris  Johnson  Nigel  Farage  Naziproblem  alt-right  right-wing  far-right  neo-nazi  neonazi  NPD  Identitäre  PEGIDA 
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Families 'can't afford to follow healthy diet guidance' - BBC News
The Food Foundation says the poorest fifth of homes with children would have to spend 42% of their disposable income (after housing costs) to meet guidance set out in the Eatwell Guide.
UK  poverty  child  public  health  prevention  obesity  overweight  food  Brexit  GFC  social  trap  income  mobility  downward  inequality  FoodBank  Austerity  meritocracy  meritocratic  class 
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The end of Atlanticism: has Trump killed the ideology that won the cold war? | News | The Guardian
"special relationship" - The foreign policy establishment has been lamenting its death for half a century. But Atlanticism has long been a convenient myth // Atlanticism has never had a very stable meaning. For one thing, the US and Europe have not always considered each other natural political partners. For most of American history, there hasn’t even been a unified “Europe” to partner with. [...] Advertisement

In 1973, Henry Kissinger, himself a transatlantic refugee, launched a “Year of Europe” tour to try to save the relationship in the name of containment, preventing the further growth of the Soviet Union. Speaking as Nixon’s national security adviser, he asked whether the Atlantic community could thrive as the memory of the second world war began to fade. As the “rigid divisions of the past two decades diminish, new assertions of national identity and national rivalry emerge”. He argued that Americans should continue to support European unity. “If we permit the Atlantic partnership to atrophy … we shall miss our historic opportunity for even greater achievement.”
Donald  Trump  DonaldTrump  Brexit  Atlanticism  foreign  policy  affairs  diplomacy  USA  UK  Germany  Europe  China  Russia  history  coldwar  special  relationship  myth  nationalism  Kissinger  politics  foreignaffairs  Interventionism  Iraq  Afghanistan  nuclear  deterrent  G-Zero 
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(11596) Jimmy Kimmel Faces Off With MAGA Fools, Embraces DACA Family - YouTube
Also 2nd class citizens. All build on myth and misunderstandind. "da oben aufm berg in dem haus wohnt eine hexe und isst kinder." get da bloss nicht hin

MODERN FOLKLORE: See IPPR Local Migration Panel: Corby "get cell phone and everyting" - &
DonaldTrump  Donald  Trump  MAGA  DACA  myth  Volksmythen  Geschichten  immigration  Brexit  Volksmythos  AfD  neonazi  Naziproblem  far-right  right-wing  alt-right  DailyMail  Daily  Mail  neo-nazi  PEGIDA  Social  Media  populism  demagoguery  demagogy  fascism  racism  white  supremacy  post-racial  America  BAME  discrimination  prejudice  bigotry  Xenophobia  Homophobia  homophobic  LGBT  UK  Austerity  folklor 
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(11487) Is Trump REALLY a Fascist? - YouTube
Fascist Roots, Trump the product of the failure of neoliberal neoconservative capitalism to provide a better future for all.
DonaldTrump  Donald  Trump  fascism  far-right  right-wing  alt-right  neo-nazi  neonazi  nazi  Brexit  PEGIDA  neoliberalism  neoliberal  neoconservatism  Capitalism  inequality  downward  mobility  income  working  poor  poverty  trap  Austerity  GFC  secular  stagnation  stagflation  economic  history 
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Top US student loans official resigns over 'open hostility' from White House | US news | The Guardian
“You have used the bureau to serve the wishes of the most powerful financial companies in America,” Frotman wrote, addressing his letter to Mulvaney. “The damage you have done to the bureau betrays these families and sacrifices the financial futures of millions of Americans in communities across the country.” [...] The student loan office is not alone. Under Mulvaney, the bureau has scaled back its enforcement work and has proposed revising or rescinding all of the rules and regulations it put into place under the Obama administration.
DonaldTrump  Donald  Trump  swamp  Brexit  self-regulation  regulation  deregulation  regulators  oversight  corruption  revolving  door 
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GOP Rep. Duncan Hunter indicted on wire fraud & campaign finance crimes, incl. $1,500+ of Steam games / Boing Boing
Donald Trump invited, pulled in, the swamp // &! Cohen and Manafort go to jail ... Trump 'directed' hush money says his ex-lawyer Michael Cohen - &! //&! - Trump is the greatest magnet for corruption the swamp has ever seen. His endorsers, his fixers, his lawyers, his campaign managers, his cabinet members. It is never-ending corruption. And many are being locked up, as the chant goes. - Hunter was the second congressman to endorse Trump, in February 2016. The first was Rep. Chris Collins, facing charges in New York. //&!
Donald  Trump  DonaldTrump  Brexit 
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(11223) Exclusiv im Ersten: Wer ist das Volk? | Das Erste - YouTube
"die grenze auf gemacht"
- language - sprache
Alles organisiert von neo-nazi Rattenfaenger.
Germany  neonazi  neo-nazi  alt-right  right-wing  far-right  Saxony  Xenophobia  Homophobia  homophobic  refugee  PEGIDA  AfD  Rechtsruck  Rechtsextremismus  language  LGBT  Brexit  DonaldTrump  Donald  Trump 
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‘We’re still fighting that same fight’: how Spike Lee got his groove back with BlacKkKlansman | Film | The Guardian
You’re still fighting that same fight.” Charlottesville, he says, was “unfortunately, like a confirmation” of what their script was already warning of. As soon as he saw events there unfold, Lee wanted the footage to end the film.
&! REBUTTAL - Boots Riley attacks Spike Lee over ‘made up’ BlacKkKlansman
Sorry to Bother You director condemns portrayal of black and white officers as allies in fight against racism -
post-racial  America  DonaldTrump  Donald  Trump  far-right  right-wing  alt-right  white  supremacist  UK  discrimination  hate  speech  hare  crime  underclass  USA  Brexit  prejudice  bigotry  Xenophobia  Homophobia  homophobic  neonazi  neo-nazi  NSU-Komplex  terror  terrorism 
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'Enemy of the people': Trump's phrase and its echoes of totalitarianism | US news | The Guardian
The phrase the president has repeatedly said in his attacks on the media was used by dictators including Stalin and Mao [...] [ allows for the unspeakable, to go unchallenged, normalised, tyranny of the mob/majority ] “Stalin originated the concept ‘enemy of the people’. This term automatically made it unnecessary that the ideological errors of a man be proven,” Khrushchev said in his secret address to the Communist party’s inner circle.

“It made possible the use of the cruellest repression, against anyone who in any way disagreed with Stalin, against those who were only suspected of hostile intent, against those who had bad reputations.”
Brexit  DonaldTrump  Donald  Trump  History 
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(10581) Obama Joins Club of the Super-Rich - Defends Global Capitalism in Lecture - YouTube
Obama Joins Club of the Super-Rich - Defends Global Capitalism in Lecture - nelson mandela lecutre
/ this is just a speech, obama speech.
/ is like Robert Reich - saving capitalism from itself, reforming capitalism
/ part of the system - supposedly meritocracy - embrace it - if I can do it you can do it - clintons and obama.
/ obama suckerpunched everyone after being elected
/ the problem is system it is not just banks - system chaotic and irrational working against its sustainability bc of greed profit maximization and duopoly competition
PART 2 - Obama Says Inequality Led to Rise of the Right, but Takes No Responsibility for It (2/2)
BarackObama  meritocracy  meritocratic  1%  thirdway  third-way  TonyBlair  Blair  globalisation  globalization  inequality  DonaldTrump  Donald  Trump  Brexit  AfD  lobby  tax  evasion  avoidance  social  income  mobility  Capitalism  neoliberalism  No  Representation  welfare  tradeunion  union  workersunion  exploitation  gig  economy  10%  growth  secular  stagnation  GFC  bailout  Austerity  philanthropy  Democrats  self-employment  consumerism  materialism  poverty  trap  working  poor  economic  history  critique 
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(10531) Psychologist: Trump Mental Health Urgently Deteriorating - YouTube
- malignant narcissism (narcissism, paranoia, anti-social - the lying, sadism) - the closest you can come to evil.
- DSM - observable behaviour - gold standard, self-reporting always lacks quality.
- how did Hitler affect effect Germany - Gesellschaft, silence over the Holocaust, et al. - Germany had its reset. USA might not have its hard reset, and the GOP will find every 4 years their new Trump-like character who actually know how Washington works, to get his her agenda done and has got the network and is not as self-destructive.
- signs of cognitive decline (dementia, pre-dementia, ageing-related cognitive decline)
- accident waiting to happen!
- an alternative: he follows a strongman's playbook.
- "he bends reality to fit his world." most pleasant politically correct boffin explanation
DonaldTrump  Donald  Trump  mental  health  dementia  book  alt-right  right-wing  far-right  Brexit 
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China's long game to dominate nuclear power relies on the UK | Environment | The Guardian
While Germany and other western countries have turned their backs on nuclear, the UK is strongly committed to new nuclear to meet its carbon goals and this means, despite security concerns, the government needs Chinese involvement. [...] But the company is open about the bigger prize – the UK as a springboard for exporting Chinese nuclear technology to other countries.
UK  Brexit  China  energy  policy  national  security  espionage  cyberwar  nuclear  FDI  freetradedeal  tradedeal 
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Boris Johnson Has Been Privately Talking To Steve Bannon As They Plot Their Next Moves
Boris Johnson, who portrayed himself as liberal, pro-immigration and cosmopolitan when London mayor, now chums up to this molting fascist teapot. The man really is utterly void of principle.
One is a potential frontrunner to be the next UK prime minister; the other wants to help nationalists win in Europe. BuzzFeed News reports for the first time that they're in regular contact.
DonaldTrump  Donald  Trump  Brexit  Steve  Bannon  Boris  Johnson  alt-right  far-right  right-wing  neonazi  neo-nazi  fascism  populism  demagogue 
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Ana Kasparian SHREDS Trump's Weak Economy + Trade War Tariffs + Farmers Bailout
US going to run 4-5% budget deficit + debt accumulation + 1% tax cuts AND hourly earnings have not risen June 2017-June 2018! - From June 2017 to June 2018, real average hourly earnings decreased 0.2 percent, seasonally adjusted.
Combining the change in real average hourly earnings with a 0.3-percent increase in the average workweek resulted in no change to real average weekly earnings over this period.
//&! & - $12bn Farmer's bailout (only for this year) to save face in mid-term elections & telling voters 'don't trust what you read and hear.' << - "The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command." - George Orwell, "1984" - Donald Trump in front of Vets of Foreign Wars: "Just remember, what you are seeing and what you are reading is not what's happening"
DonaldTrump  Donald  Trump  1%  income  growth  working  poor  poverty  trap  stagnation  secular  stagflation  Fed  social  mobility  economic  history  downward  taxcut  mid-term  wage  GDP  recovery  GFC  inequality  election  elections  Farmers  bailout  tradewar  trade-war  tariffs  WTO  Brexit  China  retaliation  EU  UK  freetradedeal 
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Millions of families 'worse off' than 15 years ago - BBC News
[ decades of underinvestment across the plane of the economy, infrastructure education skills ] On the "why", research by the Foundation - which was set up to look at the problem of low incomes - reveals that the economy has struggled to create wealth for people in work.
JAM  working  poor  poverty  trap  productivity  output  gap  class  Brexit  skills  education  policy  social  income  mobility  Austerity  downward  UK  recovery  secular  stagnation  stagflation  economic  history  GFC  debt  household  disposable  globalisation  globalization  Competition  competitive  competitiveness  underinvestment  London  child  childhood  Council  public  health 
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Foreign-owned firms up to three times more productive than UK-backed rivals
The ONS said it cannot tell from this data whether the companies are more productive because they have foreign owners, or whether it is simply that foreign investors buy into businesses that are already highly productive.
The gap is smaller - but still substantial - in agricultural, construction, manufacturing and production businesses. Small firms with foreign owners are just over twice as productive as those with British shareholders, while mid-sized firms create 85.7pc more output per hour worked if they have foreign investors.
The study of 2016 data showed a strong link in most industries, although the correlation was less marked in construction.
Brexit  productivity  output  gap  management  UK  economics  ownership  globalisation  globalization  recovery  GFC  underinvestment  Competition  competitive  competitiveness  skills 
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Revealed: Tory donors who paid £7m to socialise with May | Politics | The Guardian
The party of for by big (financial) business. // The party spent £18.5m on last year’s snap election, when the Conservatives lost their working majority. Labour spent £11m. Sources told the Guardian the Tories were aiming for a 40% annual increase in the party’s budget – money that would be spent on up to 100 local campaign coordinators.
Lobby  revolving  door  UK  Brexit  election  Tories  Conservative  Party  nasty  donations  donors  Theresa  May  hypocrisy  JAM  Lobbying  lobbyist 
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(10214) What to Make of the Age of Trump by Thomas Frank - YouTube
The next Trump will not be as dumb as Trump. GOP will list next time better Trump. This will get worse, not better.
DonaldTrump  Donald  Trump  AfD  Brexit  Trumpism  Trumpian 
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(10204) Are We Destined for a Slow Growth Future? - YouTube
- shortage on the demand side. but demand can't be more leveraged and borrowed. ALL economic indicators point against a thriving of the UK bottom up (from household finances, are stretched thinly) //&! Gross wages lower than 10 years ago! Lost decade of earnings. In real terms people are NOT better off.
secular  stagnation  Brexit  household  debt  consumer  UK  USA  loan  GFC  recovery  Productivity  output  gap  economic  history  leverage  underinvestment  banking  property  bubble  housing  demographic  immigration  working  poor  poverty  Austerity  Trickle-down  Gesellschaft  DonaldTrump  Donald  Trump  inequality  social  mobility  income  Society  inflation  deflation  deflationary  debtoverhang  debt-servicing  OECD  IMF  ZIRP  NIRP  QE  BOE  Fed  globalisation  globalization  trap  credit  card  creditcard  creditcrunch  student  auto 
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Victor D. Hanson: How the Obama Presidency Destroyed Todays Democratic Party - YouTube
republican right wing wonk. // Victor D Hanson; Explains Perfectly how Trump pulled off the biggest Upset in Presidential History - //&! - Victor D. Hanson: The Media Hysteria over Trump | and the Reality //&! - Victor Davis Hanson: The Hypocrisy of the Left over Equality << Hypocrisy & What aboutism is not featherweight argument - burn blue planet because Al Gore keeps using his private Jet.
BarackObama  DonaldTrump  Donald  Trump  HillaryClinton  Hillary  Clinton  USA  globalisation  globalization  migration  Elite  Brexit  AfD  1%  illegal  immigration  Idealism  Establishment  Pragmatism  Politics  Compromise  GFC  recovery  history 
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Zuwanderung und Asylstreit: Wie Verrohung der Sprache zur Eskalation beiträgt - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Seit Jahren verschärft sich der politische Streit um Zuwanderung - auch rhetorisch. Worte werden zu Waffen, die Gräben in der Gesellschaft tiefer. Plädoyer für eine verbale Abrüstung. /// - Philosophischer Wochenkommentar Das Leid anderer anerkennen Von David Lauer
tl;dr es fordert Anerkennung ... moralisch uns selbst zu erkennen geben und zu erkennen, und was dabei rauskommt ist mehr oder weniger Schmeichelhaft. Entbloest sich selber seiner inhumanitaet. Fragiler mensch schuetzt sich voer seinem eigenen kalten wesen.
&! - "Es bleibt immer etwas hängen" "Ankerzentren" und "Asyltourismus":
Brexit  AfD  refugee  crisis  alt-right  right-wing  far-right  fascism  DonaldTrump  Donald  Trump  demagogue  populism  rhetoric  feelings  fear  Sociology  Psychology  Zivilgesellschaft  Gesellschaft  empathy  fundamentalism  migration  Anerkennung  human 
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Europäischer Gerichtshof zu Flugverspätungen bei Chartermaschinen: Gebuchte Airline muss zahlen - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Wenn ein Flug annulliert wird oder sich um mehr als drei Stunden verspätet, steht Passagieren nach EU-Recht eine Entschädigung zu.
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NHS Wales: EU recruits still needed after Brexit - BBC News
A "pipeline" of EU doctors and nurses will be needed after Brexit due to staff shortages, the group representing Welsh health bodies has warned.

The Welsh NHS Confederation said foreign staff would be required, despite domestic recruitment efforts.

Just over 2% of all NHS staff in Wales are from the European Union, according to the latest statistics.

UK ministers said they wanted to have immigration working "in the best interests of the whole of the UK".
NHS  Brexit  immigration 
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Warnings of 'anger and outrage' if Transpennine electrification axed | UK news | The Guardian
Northern transport bodies have fought for the government to honour its original pledge to deliver full electrification, a project that was at the heart of plans to improve rail links between cities across the north.
UK  Northern  Powerhouse  London  infrastructure  underinvestment  Brexit  Austerity  FDI  Tories  Conservative  Party  Theresa  May  JAM 
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If Donald Trump wants civility, why does he trash political correctness? | Nesrine Malik | Opinion | The Guardian
The president’s supporters demand the right to insult others. Yet when people take a stand against this, they get upset // - The Snowflake Generation? A Response to Thoughty2 //&! - Here Come The Civility Police...
DonaldTrump  Donald  Trump  alt-right  far-right  right-wing  fascism  Conservatism  hypocrisy  Snowflake  hypocrite  Internet  Brexit  AfD  SJW  Feminism  transphobia  transphobic  Racism  LGBT  political  correctness  Islamophobia  antisemitism  civility  pronouns 
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Zu- und Abwanderung ǀ Entvölkerung als Nährboden rechter Politik — der Freitag
Zu- und Abwanderung Während die gesellschafliche Linke um Zuwanderungsbegrenzungen streitet, verweist Ivan Krastev auf Entvölkerung als den eigentlichen Nährboden der extremen Rechten
DonaldTrump  Donald  Trump  alt-right  far-right  right-wing  Brexit  AfD  ageing  population  demographic  bubble  immigration  Gesellschaft  Zivilgesellschaft  Sociology  emigration 
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Western Europeans vary in nationalist, anti-immigrant, anti-religious minority attitudes | Pew Research Center // While younger people tend to score lower on the NIM, statistical analysis suggests that, in Western Europe overall, this has less to do with their age and more to do with factors like religion and familiarity with Muslims. For example, younger Western Europeans are more likely to say they personally know a Muslim and to say they are religiously unaffiliated; both of these factors are closely associated with lower NIM scores.
far-right  right-wing  alt-right  fascism  racism  Xenophobia  Homophobia  homophobic  transphobia  Transphobic  Europe  AfD  Brexit  refugee  crisis  DonaldTrump  Donald  Trump  Generation  hate  speech  discrimination  BAME  antisemitism  Islamophobia  Italy  Germany  Rechtsruck 
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(9409) Decrypting the Alt-Right: How to Recognize a F@scist | ContraPoints - YouTube
Dog-whistle politics is political messaging employing coded language that appears to mean one thing to the general population but has an additional, different, or more specific resonance for a targeted subgroup. - & //&! - Does the Left Hate Free Speech? (Part 1)
alt-right  right-wing  AfD  Brexit  DonaldTrump  Donald  Trump  far-right  Conservative  racism  fascism  UK  USA  post-racial  America  Italy  dog-whistle  hate  speech  Politics  Social  Media  Internet  free  transphobia  transphobic  SJW 
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Angela Merkel und die "europäische Lösung": Die EU schottet sich ab - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Beim Minigipfel in Brüssel beginnt der europäische Teil der Operation Kanzlerrettung. Die Folgen für die EU-Flüchtlingspolitik dürften gravierend sein: Orban und Co. bekommen endgültig Oberwasser. //&! - Germany's Conservative Meltdown The Approaching End to Merkel's Tenure With the chancellor under heavy fire from Bavarian conservatives, Germany's political landscape may be facing radical upheaval. Angela Merkel might lose her job and the country's traditional center-right partnership could soon end. By DER SPIEGEL Staff
European  Union  far-right  right-wing  alt-right  DonaldTrump  Donald  Trump  Brexit  refugee  crisis  history 
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(9331) Jonah Goldberg - "Suicide of the West" and Preserving the American Experiment | The Daily Show - YouTube
"Suicide of the West" author Jonah Goldberg argues that the rise of both liberal and conservative populism threatens to undermine America's fundamental ideals. // social media - post-enlightenment
DonaldTrump  Donald  Trump  Brexit  feelings  emotions  Book  populism  Social  Media  Identity  Politics 
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