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Robert Skidelsky: 'Why don't more people aspire to living a good life?' | From the Observer | The Guardian
What went wrong?

The Thatcher years created a great regression in that belief, I think. We were getting there and then it was reversed. Though it was wicked and unrealisable, the failure of communism had a profound effect. There suddenly seemed no alternative to money as a way of organising society.
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Video: Die Story im Ersten: Terror von rechts - Die neue Bedrohung
Deutschland, Ende 2015: Mehr als 500 mal wurden Flüchtlingsunterkünfte angegriffen, mehr als doppelt so viele wie im letzten Jahr. Darunter waren viele Brandanschläge und - was kaum einer weiß - auch Anschläge mit Sprengstoff. Ermittler und Politik sind aufgeschreckt. Hinter den verbal-radikalen Pegida-Parolen wird eine Szene sichtbar, die vor Gewalt und womöglich terroristischen Anschlägen nicht mehr zurückschreckt. Vier Jahre nach dem Auffliegen der NSU-Mordserie gibt es einen neuen Terror von Rechts: Deutsche Neonazis verfügen über hunderte Schusswaffen. Sie beschaffen Pyrotechnik und Sprengstoff. Sie planen Anschläge und sie führen sie durch. Die Täter bleiben oft unerkannt. Manche tauchen ab. //&! via - Polizei nicht sensibel auf rechtsextremismus (militant), selbst nach NSU skandal (unfaehigkeit und unwille des Rechtsstaats - )! ( Wikipedia: &! )
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GoPro Isn’t Doomed Yet. But they must become a software company, fast.
GoPro needed to spend heavily in “video editing automation.”
GoPro needs software in spades, far beyond just something to make editing easier. The company that created the first mass-market visceral experience broadcasting device ought to have a hand in every dimension of the current live revolution, not just be one of its few cameras. That requires software. [...] Most consumers already have all the hardware they need to create video; what they need is software to make this infinity of images comprehensible. As the defensibility of hardware declines, GoPro has an advantage few other makers of software have: fans, tens or even hundreds of millions of them.
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Workers or Shirkers? Ian Hislop's Victorian Benefits
An entertaining, provocative film in which Ian explores the colourful history behind one of the most explosive issues of our times - welfare: who deserves to be helped, and who doesn't. [... ] all hate, no heart. just spreadsheets. at Whitehall, no 11. [...] Benefit Street = victorian freak show/circus of curiosities [...] writing about others, "othering" them. demonising them or putting them on pedestals, making them saints. [...] IDS "a single mother wo aspiration is a product of the system" would correct that, a product of her environment (society) [ie gentrification - poor living w poor door to door. and everyone is looking down on them.].
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