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Holes in the walls of the Brics by FT Hard Currency
most are domestic problems. low hanging fruits have been picked in the last 20 years during the race with global economy. can not rely on west to export to. as west is in secular stagnation with debtoverhang of private secort/household debt/consumer debt. BRIC's have to build social safety net, welfare state, health care insurance, access to justice system, patent system protection, property rights, infrastructure, ... // investors have to pick local future champions (serving emerging middle class), can not bet just on ETF/national index if they want to outperform for the next 20 years.
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Dear Authors, Your Next Book Should be an App, Not an iBook
Carr, in some senses, is right. Reading has changed. What’s not addressed is why this is a bad thing. Carr’s argument is rooted in a distinction between serious readers and non-serious readers. His example involves someone reading only a few paragraphs of a nytimes article, then posting it on Twitter. Carr defines this reading as, “reading in the way that rubbing against women on the subway is sex.”

His example is vivid but also flat out perverse. Carr is confusing length with quality, and more profoundly, he’s confusing the ends with the means.

The mission of an author isn’t to get you to ‘read all the words’, it’s to communicate in the rawest sense of the word. Whether you’re Jeff Jarvis or Dan Brown, you have an idea or a story and a book is a way to express it to the world.
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D-Day For Facebook App Developers
The overall plan will be to let users get notifications from apps they use and/or their friends use when they want them, but to get them out of the news feed, messages and notifications where theyre spammy. One source we spoke with says that developers who use the new tools properly may even get better quality communications with users. Innovating developers will adjust, said our source.

There are lots of other changes coming today as well, but our understanding is the notification prohibition is the big hit to developers. As a Facebook user, Im ecstatic. But App developers arent. Zynga CEO Mark Pincus had to cancel a talk at Harvard Business School last week to get back with him team and figure out how theyll deal with the changes.
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21 Adobe Air Apps For Designers And Social Media Addicts | Creative Nerds
Adobe air apps are just simply great it enables any one with knowledge within ajax, Flash, JavaScript and HTML to be able to create a desktop widget, which can be created to be compatible with a range of different operating systems. This article I’ve compiled is 21 great Adobe Air Apps for Designers and Social Media Addicts.
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oneforty the Twitter outfitter
Tools / Apps / Etc. directory for Twitteratics
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