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CDU/CSU sind stolz: “Im Prostitutionsgewerbe wird es keine Anonymität mehr geben.” |
Grundrechte sollten für alle gelten. // zentral register fuer prostituierte, aber nicht fuer lobby im Bundestag/Berlin - Bruessel
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Revealed: how Whisper app tracks ‘anonymous’ users | Technology | The Guardian
[ NSA & Co. served them with an order to comply, in order to watch over employees. Spotting potential Whistleblowers and leaks. Period. ] The technology, for example, enables the company to monitor all the geolocated messages sent from the Pentagon and National Security Agency. It also allows Whisper to track an individual user’s movements over time. When users have turned off their geolocation services, the company also, on a targeted, case-by-case basis, extracts their rough location from IP data emitted by their smartphone. & & &
Whisper  TOS  FISA  Court  NSA  CIA  FBI  surveillance  state  Orwellian  Stasi  Internet  Privacy  Privacy  anonymity  anonym  geolocation  Whistleblower  Secret  Courts  TrueCrypt  Lavabit  backdoor  backdoors  transparency  MI5  MI6  Silicon  Valley  Principle  corporate  values  personal  values  corporate  culture 
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Teens are officially over Facebook - The Washington Post
>> tide comes in, tide goes out. .... FB isn't hip anymore. its the cycle of popularity. like style trends. // so what you gonna do, you either make your platform as broad as possible or as niche/narrow as possible ... meetings in the middle are compromise. compromise doesn't work.
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Anita Sarkeesian, Feminist Frequency - XOXO Festival (2014) - YouTube
At this year's XOXO festival, Anita Sarkeesian, creator of the "Tropes vs. Women in Video Games" series of videos, gave a presentation on all the various ways online trolls and harassers attempted to intimidate, threaten and discredit her work as a cultural critic.
#GamerGate  feminist  feminism  gaming  industry  troll  Trolls  Haters  Hater  Nerd  Gamer  Geek  subculture  gender-based  harassment  gender-based  discrimination  defamation  Libel  slander  internet  culture  everyday  sexism  sexism  sexismus  Misogynie  misogyny  Social  Media  impersonation  anonymity  anonym  Anita  Sarkeesian  gender  politics  gender  policing  information  cascade  disinformation  4chan  self-regulation  self-awareness  self-publishing  image  public  perception  victim  victim  blaming 
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Ich bin nicht Eure Freundin! - YouTube
Ich bin nicht Eure Freundin. Nicht, weil ich Euch nicht respektiere. Sondernd gerade weil ich das tue, müssen wir darüber sprechen. Und zwar ehrlich. Ich bin aber genau so wenig ein Star. Und ich bitte Euch inständig darum, mich und auch andere YouTuber nicht zu Stars zu machen. Gleichzeitig bitte ich meine YouTube Kollegen, sich nicht als etwas zu verkaufen, was sie nicht sind. Diese Ehrlichkeit und Menschlichkeit sind wir uns schuldig. Denn ohne sie verlieren wir die Chance, hier einen Unterschied zu machen. Ich hab keine Antwort auf die Frage, wie wir das schaffen können. Noch nicht. Aber ich glaube, im Austausch über dieses Thema liegt die Chance. Die Antwort irgendwann zu finde
Celebrity  of  You  celeb  culture  status  symbol  socioeconomic  status  social  status  status  anxiety  society  Gossip  culture  Tabloid  YouTube  Platform  Instagram  Facebook  Twitter  Selfie  creativity  expression  Fame  self-awareness  self-publishing  humanity  sociology  psychology  exploitation  anonymity  anonym  MCN  Privacy  identity  authentic  authenticity  Personal  Brand  public  image 
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Bloggerin Kathrin Weßling über Online-Kommentare - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Kathrin Weßling: Ich weiß es nicht. Ich wohne ja im Internet und habe das Gefühl, alles schon gesehen zu haben. Eigentlich kann man sagen, es eskaliert immer dann, wenn es um Emotionen oder Politik geht. [...] Und das ist ja typisch für Trolle, dass sie Frauen wegen Äußerlichkeiten angreifen. Frage: Wie meinen Sie das? Weßling: Die Tendenz ist, dass Frauen für ihr Aussehen, ihre Sexualität beleidigt werden. Dann heißt es: Diese Frau müsste mal wieder „richtig durchgenommen“ werden. Oder: Diese Frau hat ein psychisches Problem. Männern hingegen wird oft Inkompetenz vorgeworfen, Unwissen, schlechte Recherche oder Arroganz. Ich habe bei einem Mann noch nie einen Kommentar gelesen wie: Du bist so hässlich, geh sterben. [...] Das Internet ist ein Spiegel der Menschheit. Es gibt genauso viele Frauen, die voller Neid und Frust kommentieren. Aber ich bin erstaunt, dass viele das nicht einmal anonym tun, sondern mit ihrem Klarnamen bei Facebook.
Troll  Trolls  Hater  Haters  anonym  anonymity  sexism  sexismus  everyday  sexism  Misogynie  misogyny  gender-based  harassment  gender-based  discrimination  objectification  Sexual  objectification  society  culture  cyber  mobbing  cyber  bullying 
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Secret Update Removes Photo Library Access As It Faces Renewed Claims It Isn’t So Anonymous | TechCrunch "Secret CEO: Well...You're Not ALWAYS Completely Anonymous Or Untraceable On Our App" [...] In fact, since Secret started offering a bounty for hackers that alerted the company about bugs in the app in February, it has learned about and fixed 42 different security holes. The numbers are a clear warning: Secret isn't perfectly secure and the term "anonymous" should be taken with a grain of salt. || - Problem saying you are anonymous when in reality you are building off a phone number and address/contacts book >> " the startup founder revealed this was not the first time he’d dealt with a potential threat to uncovering the names behind Secret confessions. [...] While Secret can continue patching in an arms race against hackers, hackers will almost certainly look for ways around the fixes." || || ||
Secret  anonym  anonymity  anonymous  Platform  corporate  values  personal  values  corporate  culture  spoofing  white  hat  hacker  hacker  Hacking  internet  security  app  security  cyber  security  online  security  cyber  bullying  cyber  mobbing  ethical  machine  ethics  morals  moral  beliefs  Troll  Trolls  Haters  Hater  corporate  governance  CSR  corporate  social  responsibility  Venture  Capital 
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Fortune confirms that Secret’s anti-bullying system doesn’t work | PandoDaily
K Swisher "A stunt, but a good one" + - Frank Warren believes that new anonymous secret-sharing apps such as Secret and Whisper are unoriginal and potentially dangerous. [...] today anonymous communication services have become, to the surprise of many, big business. In July, the app Secret, popular within the San Francisco tech community, || Anonymous apps can learn from Chinese censors. No one knows how to scale real time "moderation" better than China. - << if a community can't police itself. it isn't a community. it is a random bunch of people (mostly priviledged & entitled white male) with ego's and status anxiety, residing in SV/SF under the eyes of the Patriarchy (VC's/Valley Boy's/ppl calling themselves "Elite") and scoop hungry wannabe tech journalists. || + Pando's Sarah Lacy
Springform  moderation  online  forum  Whisper  Secret  society  social  status  status  anxiety  sociology  psychology  social  science  social  study  status  symbol  Yik  Yak  Silicon  Valley  San  Francisco  bubble  jock  culture  Campus  gossip  culture  gossip  Alain  de  Botton  brogrammer  Fetish  VC  Venture  Capital  ego  Perspective  white  male  privilege  entitlement  gender-based  harassment  gender-based  discrimination  everyday  sexism  sexism  sexismus  Misogynie  misogyny  cyber  bullying  cyber  mobbing  anonym  anonymity  anonymous  personal  values  corporate  values  corporate  governance  ethics  ethical  machine  moral  beliefs  morals  defamation  Libel 
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Investors have to stop trying to justify the lies and libel of Secret | PandoDaily
Secret  Whisper  anonym  anonymity  anonymous  Venture  Capital  Consumer  Protection  Consumerism  consumerist  product  zombie  content  creator  content  distribution  content  discovery  copywriting  viral  virality  Social  Media  clicks  clickbait  journalismus  Journalism  investigative  storytelling  Listicle  content  BuzzFeed  Newsfeed  Twitter  Facebook  Daily  Mail  society  gossip  culture  gossip  celebrity  culture  celebrity  celeb  Public  Life  Libel  defamation  Formspring  Troll  Trolls  Hater  Haters  Tabloid  personal  values  corporate  values  corporate  governance  corporate  culture  cyber  bullying  cyber  mobbing  Silicon  Valley  western  society  civic  society  civil  society  Zivilcourage  Zivilgesellschaft  science  instant  gratification  moral  beliefs  ethical  beliefs  ethical  machine  values  PR  relations 
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“I Lied To You A Few Days Ago": The Leak Messaging App And Anonymous Honesty | Fast Company | Business Innovation
[#FNAC] [ A reflection of personal values. And Marc Andreessen had his rant on twitter about it. ] "Leak’s creator, the facilitator of this budding paranoia, is a 25-year-old living in Paris named Laurent Desserrey. He says he wanted to create a “really positive and exciting tool.” A couple of friends helped Desserrey build Leak over a single weekend. It's simple. Users fill out a form with their recipient’s email address, their message, and whether they are a coworker, friend, friend-of-a-friend, family member, or “someone.” The concept was partly inspired by Secret, an app that allows users to post anonymous messages to their friends and friends of friends and fits into a neat trend of apps that allow expression without attribution. Whisper, Yik Yak, and Wut are just a few others." // & &
Whisper  Secret  ephemeral  Anonymous  anonym  anonymity  Silicon  Valley  Internet  Privacy  Privacy  trends  Venture  Capital  copycat  clone  Europe  Start-Up  Scene  Berlin  Start-Up  Scene  FNAC  Troll  Trolls  Haters  Hater  online  abuse  cyber  mobbing  cyber  bullying  personal  values  corporate  values  corporate  culture  Start-Up  lesson  Start-Up  advice  Marc  Andreessen  moral  beliefs  ethical  machine  ethical  beliefs  capitalism  crony  capitalism 
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