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How Microsoft Attacked the Beast who created Netscape, Mozilla Firefox & invested Skype - YouTube
Browser Wars back then. Smartphone wars are settles. iOS and Android. Everyone else is just niche or trying to be principles. // Start-up lesson/advice: When the big player can give out your "product" for free. They would. Don't play on other peoples turf and productise a feature ... for them. Sure they can't be everything to everyone and you can serve a niche, you are going to have to play by their rules their TOS. This thing where bright minds (educated) with small ideas (because they are easy) get burned over and over and over again. Human nature like irrational exuberance, hysterias and depressions. If you are dependable on a platform, on one kind of distribution model that is owned by another corporate (profit motive) and you are disruptive, pain in the ass, easily copyable,u are attackable on too many vectors. lots of risk. There was Microsoft. There was Facebook and Twitter. There was e-mail (gmail tab filters now & spam). // SWAT analysis vs high level situational awareness
Netscape  Marc  Andreessen  Microsoft  Bill  Gates  Silicon  Valley  Browser  Wars  TOS  Platform  EULA  iOS  Android  Apple  App  Store  App  Store  Google  Play  business  strategy  distribution  model  Twitter  Facebook  Zynga  Apple  competitiveness  Start-Up  advice  Start-Up  lesson  business  model  business  plan  product  strategy  Amazon  Kindle  monopoly  monopsony  oligopol  Music  Industry  duopoly  Google  Google  Search  Google  Shopping  SWAT  analysis 
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YouTube Music’s Head Quits, a Setback to Paid Service - Digits - WSJ
LaRosa is the second person in charge of YouTube’s music service to leave over the past 12 months. The other, Nikhil Chandhok, left last fall according to his LinkedIn profile. Chandhok was a director in charge of music, paid subscriptions and live streaming, according to the profile. Both departures resulted in part from frustrations that YouTube has been unable to launch its music subscription service in the year-plus since the first version of it was developed, according to a person familiar the matter. Those delays have resulted from internal arguments about how the service should be designed, including what features YouTube should charge users for and how the service should be integrated with the rest of YouTube. [Is another testament that YT is 4 Larry Page only 2nd Class [no urgency]. GOOG wont be hurt by those incidents, but moral & motivation suffers. The cash cow is & will be running in perpetuity (Google Search (A Portal) with AdSense & AdSense across the web).]
YouTube  product  management  Design  consumer  product  multi-product  company  Google  Analysis  Paralysis  Vision  leadership  Google  Search  Portals  Portal  Yahoo!  AdSense  Larry  Page  innovation  innovator  Google  X  Music  Industry  Hollywood  Entertainment  Industry  Facebook  Twitter 
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'Science Guy' Bill Nye Debates Lawmaker on Climate Change - NBC
California (West Coast) is suffering Drought and Fires. East Coast and Lake Area is suffering its 2nd Polar Vortex. UK has wettest start into the new Year since records 250 years began. And the Republican Congress women cites a cost-benefit-analysis.
climate  change  climate  science  weather  extreme  extreme  weather  USA  California  drought  Polar  Vortex  jet  stream  weather  system  cost-benefit  analysis  social  contract  social  society  Career  Politicians  accountability  presidency  barackobama  gwbush  algore  renewable  energy  energy  efficiency  leadership  G  Zero  global  warming  global  imbalances  faultlines  unintended  consequences  complexity  unknown  unkown 
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JPMorgan Joins Goldman Keeping Italy Debt Risk in Dark - Bloomberg
tied together w bungee cords

JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM) and Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (GS), among the world’s biggest traders of credit derivatives, disclosed to shareholders that they have sold protection on more than $5 trillion of debt globally.

JPMorgan said in its third-quarter SEC filing that more than 98 percent of the credit-default swaps the New York-based bank has written on PIIGS debt is balanced by CDS contracts purchased on the same bonds.

By contrast, Goldman Sachs discloses only what it calls “funded” exposure to PIIGS debt -- $4.16 billion before hedges and $2.46 billion after, as of Sept. 30. Those amounts exclude commitments or contingent payments, such as credit-default swaps, said Lucas van Praag, a spokesman for the bank.

“Their position is you don’t need to know the risks, which is why they’re giving you net numbers,” said Nomi Prins, “Net is only as good as the counterparties on each side of the net -- that’s why it’s misleading in a fluid, dynamic market.”
jpmorgan  goldmansachs  sovereign  debt  exposure  derivatives  2011  PIIGS  CDS  toobigtofail  counterpartyrisk  citigroup  bankofamerica  boa  morganstanley  USA  Europe  lehmanbrothers  crisis  analysis  financialmarket  default  liquidity  solvency  confidence  trust 
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Reuters Breakingviews: Greece and the euro - YouTube
Greece can not become competitive with austerity. and falling living standards while having the euro

Sept. 8 - The return of the Greek drachma would allow market forces to set local wages, induce other indebted EU members to reform without prodding and thus solidify the euro, say Robert Cole of Breakingviews.
Greece  Drachma  austerity  competitiveness  2011  economics  analysis  argentina  history 
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Joke Is on China as U.S.s AAA Becomes Laughable: William Pesek - Bloomberg
As 2011 unfolds, the Bretton Woods II architecture that Asia created after the 1997 crisis isn’t just crumbling -- it’s putting trillions of dollars of state wealth at risk. Romantic notions about returning to the original Bretton Woods world of the gold standard are unrealistic in a global system as leveraged and nontransparent as ours. So is saving its successor, which saw Asia establishing de facto pegs to the dollar and amassing mountains of reserves to protect them.

The idea that any economy deserves a top rating today is just laughable. More and more, Chinese officials are realizing the joke is on them. The $1.2 trillion in U.S Treasuries held by China is but one part of the punch line. The other is the enthusiasm with which China has been buying debt issued by Greece, Portugal and other weak euro links.

Loading up on European debt is a case in point. The motivation is more politics than economics.
brettonwoods  history  leverage  system  systemicrisk  China  USA  rating  sovereign  debt  crisis  2011  outlook  foreignaffairs  ratingagencies  PIIGS  europe  politics  hindsight  analysis 
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Fuel economy: The Difference Engine: Four bangs for the buck | The Economist
Europeans snigger at how little it costs even Californians to fill the tank. But people in the United States pay through the nose for many other things in life (health, education, property taxes, wireless services, etc) that foreigners get for far less or even free. ... 

all previous recessions, petrol consumption has been a leading indicator of recovery, bouncing back sharply as people started using their vehicles more to shop, to dine out, to seek the curious and the entertaining, and, above all, to take vacations. Despite the American economy’s belated and still timid recovery—seen in increasing sales of cars, clothing, hospitality, entertainment, and consumer goods generally (though still not housing)—the amount of petrol being consumed across the country has tumbled to 2001 levels, and shows every sign of falling further.  

Reason; BC Americans buying frugal - more fuel efficient cars now. $4-a-gallon gas, Americans want cars that do 40mpg or more.
greatrecession  recession  USA  economy  behaviour  consumer  consumption  study  research  signs  SUV  patterns  oil  oilprice  2008  2011  change  frugal  austerity  budget  analysis  efficient  efficiency 
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In Financial Crisis, No Prosecutions of Top Figures -
[Tim Geithner & Co. their] worry, according to these people, sprang from a desire to calm markets, a goal that could be complicated by a hard-charging attorney general.

Whether prosecutors and regulators have been aggressive enough in pursuing wrongdoing is likely to long be a subject of debate. All say they have done the best they could under difficult circumstances.
But several years after the financial crisis, which was caused in large part by reckless lending and excessive risk taking by major financial institutions, no senior executives have been charged or imprisoned, and a collective government effort has not emerged. This stands in stark contrast to the failure of many savings and loan institutions in the late 1980s. In the wake of that debacle, special government task forces referred 1,100 cases to prosecutors, resulting in more than 800 bank officials going to jail. 

SEC cautious ... taxpayer money in effect being used to pay for settlements.
bailout  fed  timgeithner  andrewcuomo  fraud  misleading  prosecution  SEC  FinancialCrisisInquiryCommission  financialcrisis  2008  2007  settelment  proptrading  ethics  henrypaulson  benbernanke  mortage  analysis  insight  2011 
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Senate report hits Goldman | City A.M.
arl Levin, chairman of the senate permanent subcommittee on investigations, tore into Goldman at a press briefing on his panel’s 639-page report, which is based on a review of tens of millions of documents over two years. Levin accused Goldman of profiting at clients’ expense as the mortgage market crashed in 2007. “In my judgment, Goldman clearly misled their clients and they misled Congress,” he said.
A Goldman Sachs spokesman said: “While we disagree with many of the conclusions of the report, we take seriously the issues explored by the subcommittee.”
The report also criticised Deutsche Bank and credit rating agencies Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s.
“Blame for this mess lies everywhere – from federal regulators who cast a blind eye, Wall Street bankers who let greed run wild, and members of Congress who failed to provide oversight,” said Republican senator and report co-author Tom Coburn.
goldmansachs  FinancialCrisisInquiryCommission  2011  congress  fraud  greed  greatrecession  2008  oversight  foreclosure  deutschebank  moody's  ratingagencies  blamegame  wallstreet  report  financialcrisis  analysis 
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Mapping The Scenarios For The Japanese Economy | zero hedge
"Nuclear experts can't agree what the worst-case scenario for Japan's nuclear crisis might be, so predicting the impact of the disaster on the world's third-largest economy with any accuracy is an impossible task. But even if a catastrophic nuclear meltdown is averted, a drawn-out battle to stabilise the earthquake-crippled Fukushima plant poses a serious risk to an economy already burdened with huge public debt, an ageing population and a big bill to rebuild from a quake and tsunami disaster that caused damages possibly topping $300 billion. "What is the worst-case scenario? Most people think it's a mushroom cloud. But the worst-case scenario is that this drags on, not one month or two months or six months, but for two years, or indefinitely," said Jesper Koll, director of equity research at JPMorgan Securities in Tokyo.
Japan  2011  unintended  consequences  economy  nuclear  fallout  analysis  research 
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Can America Function More Like a Fiscally Responsible Company? Its up to Us, the Shareholders
Meeker started the project while still at Morgan Stanley, and said in a call this morning she’s going back to her day job tomorrow. There’s no USA, Inc. Part 2 coming out, and no Al Gore-like “Inconvenient Truth” tour planned. It was a one-time project, born of her own curiosity and belief that Americans should know where their money is going.

The answer to whether American will ever be run more like a company lies with whether America’s “shareholders” will ever start to demand it.
Medicare  Medicaid  debt  government  finance  USA  2011  sovereign  budget  savings  socialsecurity  analysis  research  politics 
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Impact of the Internet is Just Beginning - Business at Oxford
Saul Klein said: ‘Forget Apple v Microsoft, we're gearing up for the greatest technology fist fight ever - Facebook versus Google.’
internet  analysis  apple  microsoft  google  facebook  2010  2011 
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Anatomy of a Euromess - Paul Krugman Blog -
Most press coverage of the eurozone troubles has focused on Greece, which is understandable: Greece is up against the wall to a greater extent than anyone else. But the Greek economy is also very small; in economic terms the heart of the crisis is in Spain, which is much bigger. And as I’ve tried to point out in a number of posts, Spain’s troubles are not, despite what you may have read, the result of fiscal irresponsibility. Instead, they reflect “asymmetric shocks” within the eurozone, which were always known to be a problem, but have turned out to be an even worse problem than the euroskeptics feared.
greece  spain  debt  economics  europe  EMU  greatrecession  germany  euro  economy  bubble  effects  cause  comment  paulkrugman  shock  analysis  2010  february 
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Counsyl Brings Genetic Screening to the Masses -
Now, a Silicon Valley start-up is making the bold claim that it can help eradicate that disease and more than 100 others by alerting parents-to-be who have the carrier genes.

The company, Counsyl, is selling a test that it says can tell couples whether they are at risk of having children with a range of inherited diseases, including cystic fibrosis, Tay-Sachs, spinal muscular atrophy, sickle cell disease and Pompe disease (the one afflicting the children in the movie).
gene  testing  analysis  children  parents  genetics 
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How Blogging Has Changed Over The Last 3 Years (Stats)
People are worried that the real-time web will destroy their readership as everyone just gets distracted by the newest shiny thing on Twitter, but the numbers show something very different. It's so easy to spread information now that it lasts longer and finds more niches - this trend is helping content travel further."
blogging  stats  data  engagement  Analysis  pitch 
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The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs: Why the Borg's copycat business model no longer works
They got so big so quickly that there was no way for the Borg to claw them back. Same for all these other Web businesses. Amazon, Ebay, Skype, Facebook, Twitter. They came out of nowhere, and what they were doing was free, so the Borg couldn't just do a crappy knockoff and sell it for less. They were up against free -- the Web companies were using their own strategy against them.
microsoft  IBM  business  model  google  analysis  apple  amazon  ebay  Skype  facebook  twitter  technology  irrelevant  trend  borg 
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Federal deficit: who owns what?
In essence then, Treasury securities (in this case, Treasury bonds) are nothing more than glorified loans - and as the US Treasury releases data pertaining to this - it is becoming increasingly hard for the American people to get a grasp on the fact this is how their country borrows money.

What's more, while in August the Obama administration trimmed its forecast for this year's deficit to $1.58 trillion from an earlier $1.84 trillion, many analysts agree that 2009's deficit will be a record-holder by a significant amount.

If its any consolation, it should be noted that this is how all governments borrow money, so the US isn't alone: but with America's deficit now soaring to an incredulous height, concerns seem to not only be justified but also gaining impudence.
USA  federal  debt  deficit  2009  fiscal  policy  graphics  chart  analysis  china  japan 
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Twitter Data Analysis: An Investor’s Perspective
Our sample data set showed that less than 0.02% of Twitter users have sent more than 3,200 tweets.
twitter  analytics  statistics  data  analysis  trends  stats  metrics 
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