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BBC News - Long, long slog to mend public finances
So the job of mending the public finances is a long way from over. The best performing, big developed economy in the world - that's us by the way, as assessed by speed of GDP growth - is generating far less tax than expected. So this year, the Office for Budget Responsibility expects the harvest for the Exchequer from taxation to be £7.8bn less than it predicted in March. And by 2017-18, it says the shortfall will be an eye-watering £21bn. & the biggest shortfall, roughly half of it, is in income tax, which reflects the creation of lots of new low wage jobs & the absence of meaningful pay rises for millions. [...] reflecting a change in the structure of the economy, rather than a passing phenomenon. [AUSTERITY] The OBR calculates that spending per head in real terms in 2019/20 on the public sector minus health and schools would be £1,290, or 57% less than in 2009/10. [... edu & industrial policy not straight ahead towards econ of the future ...] [in this together?] &!
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