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Tata Steel: More than 1,000 jobs to go in UK - BBC News
China's overcapacity. Built for a world that doesn't exist (the west and else). Currently. + expensive energy price in UK! = Disaster. //&! - scrap metal prices down 50% y/y //&! Tata 'acting responsibly' - Newport industry expert - - Dr Kathryn Ringwald, an expert on the steel industry and China at the University of South Wales, said Tata was being responsible by mothballing the plant and not closing it.
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Once the web's fastest growing aggregator, Upworthy pivots | Capital New York
hit a ceiling, diminishing returns // Upworthy turns to original content Upworthy plans to pivot from aggregating stories it hopes will get thousands — or millions — of shares on social networks to producing those stories itself. The company has laid off six staffers and hired five writers to facilitate that shift. //
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