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How burnt toast and roast potatoes became linked to cancer | Science | The Guardian
dosage/exposure amount debate - not applicable to carcinogens. see // Törnqvist counters this argument with the observation that, although some chemicals have a minimum threshold concentration below which they are not dangerous at all, this is not the case for DNA-damaging chemicals, known as carcinogens. “With chemicals that damage DNA it’s a linear dose response, so even the smallest dose contributes to the risk,” she said. “There is no threshold dose for the effect.”
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Could eating burnt toast stunt your unborn baby's growth? | Mail Online
clear link between acrylamide in food and the health of newborn babies.

study, published in the peer-reviewed Environmental Health Perspectives journal,

Researchers say the largest source of acrylamide in the Bradford mums-to-be diet was chips.

‘Our advice to them is to replace crisps and chips with vegetables and fruit. The food industry must also explore effective ways of reducing acrylamide levels in its products.’

Unfortunately, this poison forms naturally in carbohydrate-rich, starchy foods when they’re fried, baked, grilled, toasted or roasted at temperatures greater than 120c.

Crisps and chips are the worst offenders, but crispbreads, many breakfast cereals, biscuits, coffee and bread also contain acrylamide, albeit in lesser amounts, so, too, does burnt toast.

the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency considers acrylamide so toxic that it has set the safe level for human consumption at almost zero.
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Acrylamide in French Fries |
Research links Acrylamide to cancer in mice ... and humans.
Acrylamide develops when you fry carbs ... carbohydrates (dt Kohlenhydrate oder Saccharide).

Conclusion: Don't fry your food.
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