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Maria Sharapova & meldonium: Which drugs are on Wada's watch list? - BBC Sport
For a substance to be added to Wada's prohibited list involves a three-stage consultation process, which lasts several months and includes input from Wada experts, its health, medical and research committee (HMRC) and its executive committee.

According to Wada, a substance may be "considered" for the prohibited list if it meets two of the following three criteria:

Enhances performance
Poses a threat to athlete health
Violates the spirit of sport
A substance can be added to the prohibited list without first featuring on the watch list.

Meldonium - or mildronate as it was known to 28-year-old Russian Sharapova - is no longer on the 2016 watch list, but several other substances remain on it. //&! aria Sharapova's failed drugs test was "reckless beyond description", according to former World Anti-Doping Agency president Dick Pound. -
WADA  Doping  PED 
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Meldonium in Baku 2015: Weit verbreitetes Sportlermedikament - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Bei den Europaspielen in Baku 2015 stand Meldonium noch nicht auf der Dopingliste - und wurde großzügig zur Leistungssteigerung eingesetzt. Forscher entdeckten es bei Sportlern fast aller Disziplinen.
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Sebastian Coe admits IAAF is a ‘failed organisation’ but is backed to reform it | Sport | The Guardian
Wada investigators lambast IAAF but endorse Coe’s presidency. IAAF council, on which Coe has sat since 2003, ‘collectively did not do its job’
IAAF  Olympics  IOC  business  of  sport  Nationalism  WADA  USADA  corruption  bribery  Russia  Exceptionalism  USA 
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BBC Radio 4 - PM, Ex cyclist reveals how in 2009 the IAAF knew athletics was "riddled" with doping
After getting caught blood doping, former cyclist David Millar joined the World Anti Doping Agency. He told PM what he learnt back in 2009 about the scale of doping in athletics. ... IAAF and WADA knew about epidemic of doping.
WADA  USADA  Doping  IAAF  IOC  Olympics  business  of  sport  UCI 
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BBC One - Panorama, Fifa, Sepp Blatter and Me
Andrew Jennings, investigative journalist who was for years on the tail of FIFA; "FIFA covers all the tick boxes to describe a organised crime syndicate." [...] "all empires collapse eventually." // USA Investigators "used the Soccer World Cup to serve their interest and enrich themselves. [...] racketeers. [...] organised crime." // Cronies to care of themselves. That is why they re-elected Blatter even during the US investigation, because they didn't want to give up their Godfather who gives them their job, their lavish life. Exploiting their positions in soccer in their local country to enrich themselves. FIFA was a money making machine. // US officials got only deep into FIFA deals with help of investigative journalist. Same w WADA getting on Russia's case with help of investigative journalists who gave informants new life's in return for insider information and audio tapes. // Mary Papenfuss - American Huckster, Chuck Blazer (< could make a comedic crime drama, w Seth Rogan)
FIFA  UEFA  Soccer  World  Cup  IOC  Olympics  business  of  sport  corruption  bribery  investigative  journalism  journalismus  journalism  Sepp  Blatter  Michel  Platini  hubris  white-collar  crime  Doping  WADA  USADA  Russia  Qatar  2022  Russia  2018 
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Video "Kostet Doping-Doku Russland das Olympia-Ticket?" | Zapp | ARD Mediathek
Investigativ-Journalist Hajo Seppelt hat mit seiner Doku "Geheimsache Doping" systematisches Doping in Russland belegt. //&! Reaktion auf Anti-Doping-Doku "einzigartig" - - Die Doku von Hajo Seppelt über systematisches Doping in Russland könnte die Sperrung des Landes für Olympia zur Folge haben. Ein Coup, der auch zwei Whistleblowern zu verdanken ist. //&! Rest of report on doping in Russian athletics likely to be January - &! Russian Athletics bannes. All-Russia Athletics Federation (Araf) choose not to contest sanction and will co-operate with IAAF in hope of being reinstated for Rio - &! Dick Pound: Kenya’s doping problem should be major concern for athletics. [E]vidence of use of performance-enhancing drugs is ‘pretty clear’ - &! Sponsors hold the key to stopping corruption in sport, says Dick Pound - &! Dick Pound: ‘We will never end doping, despite our small victories’ -
IAAF  Rio  2016  Russia  IOC  Olympics  Doping  WADA  investigative  journalism  journalismus  journalism  USADA  Nationalism  business  of  sport  UCI  patriotism  Whistleblower  corporate  media  advertisement  marketing  corruption  bribery  Lance  Armstrong  FIFA  DFB  Soccer  World  Cup  Kenya  ethics  China  Sebastian  Coe  Entertainment  Industry  Entertainment  zombie  consumer 
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▶ BBC Radio 5 live - In Short, Cram: We are all to blame for Russian doping
Former world champion Steve Cram believes all those involved in athletics are to blame for the doping scandal in the sport in Russia. A World Anti-Doping Agency commission report has accused Russia of running a “state-sponsored” doping programme. Russia has said it is “fully committed to the fight against doping in sport." Cram said: “We are all complicit, we are all to blame. We know what’s being going on.” //&! WADA report author: 'My sadness over report findings' - - evidence of cheating, drug abuse, cover-ups and extortion throughout the sport in the country. //&! "Long road to redemption." Lord Coe: I’m determined to rebuild trust in athletics - //&! NIETZSCHE ON: The Superman - & Losers and Tragic Heroes -
WADA  Russia  Doping  Opfer  IOC  IAAF  UCI  corporate  scandal  Olympics  profit  maximisation  shareholder  value  crony  capitalism  capitalism  Anti-Doping  Doping  China  FIFA  Soccer  World  Cup  business  of  sport  elite  sports  elite  athlete  DFB  corruption  bribery  profiteer  marketing  advertising  advertisement  Entertainment  Escapeism  trust  trustagent  distrust  Wertegesellschaft  sociology  celebrity  culture 
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'Amateur Armstrongs' Fuel Illegal Steroid Boom - YouTube
BBC Panorama also reported about micro dosage doping in amateur sport, impossible to detect. // min 5:30 insulin, able to eat more. insulin is anabolic. what creates bigger insulin response than grains (whole food)? meat. animal protein. // min 12 - huge turnover of customer base. the quick fix. // 15:40 there is no national (and international) political will (career politicians) to create a national anti-doping information network (or European) to share intelligence and coordinate. justice, police, customs, politics. nobody solely responsible. --- vs --- the War on Drugs! policies. // Its about public awareness! Perception! Reflective of society being guillble that there is always a quick fix for your problems. Without hard word and persistence. // Underground counterfeit drug/PED market is greatest risk to public health. // ELITE SPORTS IS BUSINESS! - - talked lots about it. Docu Bigger Stronger Faster --- "ITS A DRUG CULTURE" in sports & society at large!
Doping  amateur  amateur  sports  bigorexia  muscle  dysmorphia  insulin  insulin  resistance  pre-diabetic  diabetes  metabolic  syndrome  USADA  WADA  IOC  Olympics  national  identity  national  interest  Soccer  World  Cup  FIFA  elite  sports  professional  sport  Career  Politicians  War  on  Drugs  PED  public  awareness  public  perception  Gesellschaft  substance  abuse  society 
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Lance Armstrong Oprah Confession Interview Reaction - YouTube
- believing in the unbelievable. feel good factor. storytelling. makes great headline. ... vs ... gullible. // Nadal Facial Expression - Body Language about Drugs - // LieStrong - Lance Armstrong's Body Language Decoded -
Lance  Armstrong  lancearmstrong  doping  PED  Olympics  IOC  UCI  crony  capitalism  bribery  USADA  WADA  capitalism  Entertainment  Industry  elite  sports  elite  athlete  character  Entertainment  Sponsoring  Tennis 
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BBC Sport - Leaked IAAF doping files: Wada 'very alarmed' by allegations
The business of (elite) sport $$$ over legacy. Needs legislation as well as regulation of compensation because of (1) lost income & (2) lost business by sponsors. // "Wada [...] was "very disturbed by these new allegations... which will, once again, shake the foundation of clean athletes worldwide". The files belong to world governing body the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF), but have been leaked by a whistle-blower. The Sunday Times and ARD/WRD used two of the world's "foremost anti-doping experts", scientists Robin Parisotto and Michael Ashenden, to review the data. [...] Athletes are increasingly using blood transfusions and EPO micro-doses to boost the red cell count. [...] the files show that athletics is now in the same "diabolical position" as cycling during the Lance Armstrong era. He said it was "a shameful betrayal of [the IAAF's] primary duty to police their sport ..." &! &! 'there are no amateur dopers at work'
WADA  USADA  elite  sports  elite  athlete  Anti-Doping  Anti-Doping-Gesetz  Doping  Opfer  Anti-Doping-Law  IAAF  corruption  bribery  IOC  FIFA  UEFA  DFB  NFL  NBA  NCAA  MBL  Soccer  World  Cup  Soccer  UCI  medical  advances  science  FINA  biological  passport  Thomas  Bach 
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Alberto Salazar's response: What questions remain? - BBC News
Salazar has demanded the BBC retracts its allegations. The BBC says it stands by the journalism in the programme. Within two hours of his open letter going online, it was reported that the US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) had been investigating allegations that Salazar had skirted anti-doping rules. The reports suggested USADA had taken statements from more than 12 witnesses. The BBC now understands that at least six former Oregon Project members have been contacted by USADA in the past month, and that an inquiry into Salazar is being led by chief USADA investigator Bill Bock. USADA does not confirm investigations. [...] The BBC understands USADA is also investigating allegations that Salazar skirted anti-doping.
USADA  Alberto  Salazar  doping  Galen  Rupp  elite  sports  elite  athlete  WADA  Oregon  Project 
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Top athletics coach Alberto Salazar faces doping claims - BBC News
David Howman, chief executive of Wada, said he was "disturbed" by the allegations. He added: "I would be not only disturbed, I would be very disappointed and that's why I think it needs to be scrutinised by us as an independent body." // "Insiders from Oregon camp question testosterone use under Alberto Salazar, Farah’s training partner and friend Galen Rupp implicated, Farah not accused of any involvement; Rupp and Salazar deny all allegations." // - Alberto Salazar and the Nike Oregon Project &!
Alberto  Salazar  Mo  Farah  Galen  Rupp  Kara  Goucher  Nike  Oregon  Project  Nike  USADA  WADA  Travis  Tygart  Anti-Doping  doping  Anti-Doping-Law  Opfer 
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BBC News - Steroids can benefit athletes for a decade after use
Norwegian scientists had previously published work that showed the existence of a "muscle memory". This suggested that if people exercised when they were young, their muscles grew more easily when they exercised later in life. Continue reading the main story “ Start Quote In science if you cheat you are out for life, and my personal view is that it should be similar for athletes” Prof Kristian Gundersen University of Oslo The same team has now looked at the impact of a brief exposure to testosterone on mice. They found that three months after the drug was withdrawn, their muscles grew by 30% after six days of exercise. A control group of mice saw growth of just 6% in the same time period.
Science  Sport  Science  Doping  Doping  Opfer  Anti-Doping-Law  Anti-Doping  Anti-Doping-Gesetz  gene  epigenetics  muscle  memory  genetics  WADA 
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BBC News - Gene doping: Sport's biggest battle?
This could be a battle like no other in sport. The authorities are so concerned, they have been preparing for it for more than 10 years. But it is still unclear whether they have the tools to test for it - or whether anyone has done it successfully. It is gene doping. [...] The authorities, the athletes, the fans may need to agree a whole new definition of what we want sport to mean.
gene  doping  doping  Anti-Doping  WADA  Price  of  Gold  elite  sports  elite  athlete 
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WADA to introduce new 'steroid passport'
Biological steroid passport to be introduced soon: This & 4-year bans are important steps. Hopefully used widely
Anti-Doping  biological  passport  WADA 
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Doping im Fußball: "Mafiöse Methoden von mafiösen Systemen" - NZ-Sport -
Bei der vorletzten WM 2011 in Daegu / Südkorea gaben in einer anonymen Befragung 29 Prozent der Athleten zu, in der Vorbereitung gedopt zu haben. [...] Man muss sich nur mal die Liste der fast 300 weltweit Gesperrten in der Leichtathletik anschauen, dann weiß man, was los ist. Der Rest der Athleten weiß, wie sie positive Dopingtests vermeiden können, oder hat einfach Glück, im richtigen Moment für sie die Tester an der Haustüre ohne Sorgen empfangen zu können. Wettkampf-Dopingtests während einer WM oder Olympischer Spiele darf man natürlich nicht überbewerten. Nur die ganz Dummen dopen nahe am Wettkampf oder gar Wettkampf selbst! [ + elite sport is celebration of genetic advantage ]
Book  DFB  David  Epstein  Doping-System  West  DOSB  Usain  Bolt  FIFA  Politics  Anti-Doping-Law  I.O.C.  Power  Play  accountability  doping  transparency  Anti-Doping  conflict  of  interest  Anti-Doping-Gesetz  Machtspiele  hypocrisy  Machtgehabe  IAAF  elite  sports  NADA  trust  Soccer  confidence  Jamaica  evolution  trustagent  genetics  USADA  gene  doping  WADA 
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Italien und der Umgang mit Doping-Sündern -
- Sachschaden feststellen und zivil wegen Betrug und Sachschaden verklagen. + NADA muss unabhaengig werden und mehr geld bekommen - von Internationaler Stakeholder Gesellschaft (Sponsoren, Verbaende (die TV rechte verkaufen), Laender). NADA hat conflict of interest - Deutscher Staat der finanziert und aber auch resultate will. Kein Verfolgungsinteresse nach Hinweisen/Tipps und auch gestandenen. + + +
Society  NADA  DFB  DLV  FIFA  DOSB  Anti-Doping-Law  cycling  Spain  I.O.C.  Soccer  accountability  Italy  Doping  transparency  Anti-Doping  Riccardo  Riccò  conflict  of  interest  Anti-Doping-Gesetz  UCI  Sport  Germany  WADA  governance 
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Doping-Jäger Travis Tygart im stern-Interview: "Der Fuchs passt auf die Hennen auf" - Sport | STERN.DE
"Deutschland braucht ein von Sportverbänden unabhängiges und eigenständiges System", sagte er in einem Interview mit dem stern. Denn Verbandsvertreter würden alles tun, um ihren Sport skandalfrei halten. "Es geht zum Beispiel überhaupt nicht, dass der Deutsche Fußball-Bund für die Tests in der Bundesliga mitverantwortlich ist", so Tygart. "Da passt der Fuchs auf die Hennen auf."
Society  NADA  DLV  Doping-System  West  DOSB  Politics  cycling  I.O.C.  Thomas  Bach  Olympics  Willi  Daume  bribery  conflict  of  interest  corruption  USADA  UCI  lancearmstrong  Sport  DTU  Germany  Pat  McQuaid  WADA  Travis  Tygart 
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An inside look at Jamaican track's drug-testing woes - More Sports -
Important (& concerning) article on Jamaican anti-doping performance: Should form basis for global review of practice "In the wake of both recent achievements on the track and devastating positive tests off it, we need to believe that our athletes are clean and that our anti-doping program is independent, vigorous, and free from any semblance of conflicts of interest. This matter should be reviewed by the Cabinet in all urgency, and the necessary changes should be made to provide JADCO with the staff it needs to carry out world-class testing on Jamaica's world-class athletes."
Society  NADA  Usain  Bolt  Politics  I.O.C.  Power  Play  Jamaica  accountability  doping  Anti-Doping  transparency  bribery  conflict  of  interest  JADCO  Mafia  corruption  USADA  Machtspiele  Machtgehabe  Sport  WADA  Travis  Tygart 
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▶ Spitzer: "Doping - ohne Rücksicht auf Gesundheit" - YouTube
In den 70ern und 80ern ist in der BRD offenbar ohne Rücksicht auf die Gesundheit gedopt worden. "Die Gefährlicheit der Anabolika ist nicht kommuniziert worden", sagt Sporthistoriker Giselher Spitzer. + + + /watch?v=twNtAPOpiXk + /watch?v=3SPOFQ23d0Q "Wer einmal aussagt ist bei der Mafia durch."
NADA  DFB  moral  Doping-System  West  anti-doping  DOSB  Politics  ethics  I.O.C.  accountability  doping  Thomas  Bach  Olympics  history  Willi  Daume  transparency  USADA  UCI  hypocrisy  Sport  Germany  WADA  soccer 
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If It Looks Like a Duck, Sounds Like A Duck, Sprints Like A Duck…. | Romano & Roberts
I think you’re getting the picture: Jamaican track athletes are using drugs to enhance their performance, against the rules of WADA. Both Kenya and Jamaica are homeland the fastest sprinters on the planet (I’ll bet if you track the lineage of the Jamaicans you’ll end up in east Africa), and have the most lax doping controls in the free world. So, you’ve got tremendous genetic potential coupled with unbridled drug use and what do you get? World records. >> +
Kenya  Ethiopia  anti-doping  Jamaica  WADA  doping 
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"Die Dopingkontrollen sind lächerlich" - ARD-Doping-Experte DFB bekämpft Doping nur | Sport | Deutschlandfunk
ARD-Doping-Experte: DFB bekämpft Doping nur halbherzig Hajo Seppelt im Gespräch mit Bastian Rudde. >> Hypocrisy to say you are clean - when only less than 2 players per club will be blood tested in 2013/14. ++ >> "Der deutsche Fußball-Bund steht im Zwielicht. Er soll die Arbeit der Berliner Forscher zum Doping in der Bundesrepublik massiv behindert haben." Westen verhindert aufklaerung. Westen hat es im Osten voran getrieben. Doppel Standard.
NADA  DFB  Doping-System  West  biological  passport  FIFA  anti-doping  society  Franz  Beckenbauer  Power  Play  Manfred  Ommer  doping  Doping-System  Ost  Machtspiele  hypocrisy  Sport  Machtgehabe  Germany  WADA  soccer 
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BBC Sport - Athletics drug-testing report a wake-up call, says Wada boss
Only 1% of the athletes tested each year are found to be taking banned substances - the same percentage as in 1985 - and last year Wada set up a special working group to investigate why more cheats are not being detected. The group's damning report points out multiple failures including a lack of independence among national anti-doping organisations, and doping officers being offered bribes, being harassed and even threatened. It also said instead of Wada being recognised "as the leader in the fight against doping in sport and supported by the stakeholders, it is viewed as an irritant". [...] And Pound added there was evidence of "potential interference of the governments in the operations of national anti-doping organisations to make sure domestic athletes are not caught". ... >> money is missing in anti-doping. Posted Solution on Blog/email. All put money in one pot - distribute it through NADA's worldwide. Independence & Integrity has to be ensured.
transparency  NADA  anti-doping  hypocrisy  accountability  Germany  doping  WADA 
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ZDF-Sportstudio: Beckenbauer spricht über Vitaminspritzen - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Leistungsdruck in der Gesellschaft = Sport. "Doping in Deutschland seit 1950 bis heute" auch der Fußball und vor allem die Nationalmannschaft von 1966 steht unter Verdacht. +>> "DFB geht nicht nach vorn gegen Doping. Fussball ist auch ein Grauer Sport." + >> >> wenn im Radsport und der Leichtathletik das Doping gang und gebe gewesen ist. Wie kann es denn sein das das nicht im Fussball so gewesen ist. Wo doch auch noch mehr Geld zu verdienen war und ist. + >> Mehr als Sport Sperren sind noetig. Strafrechtlich. + >>
DFB  moral  biological  passport  DOSB  anti-doping  FIFA  ethics  Franz  Beckenbauer  I.O.C.  accountability  doping  Thomas  Bach  Tour  de  France  TdF  UCI  morality  soccer  NADA  society  Pep  Guardiola  Sport  Germany  WADA  DOFB  governance 
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Radsport : Ullrich und Zabel stehen auf Epo-Dopingliste - Nachrichten Sport - DIE WELT
+ >> Next, this isn’t an anti-doping event. Despite Pat McQuaid’s confused statements over Marco Pantani, the UCI cannot look into the matter because WADA’s eight year statute of limitations has passed and even if that rule didn’t exist, these samples tested for EPO don’t have the customary seals and A+B samples. There’s no doubt that EPO use can demonstrated here but not to the standard to achieve a doping conviction. [...] But all the same when the report is out tomorrow, count the number of pages related to the 1998 Tour de France and divide this by the total number of pages in the report. Armed with this percentage, see what proportion of airtime and column inches get dedicated to cleaning up sport compared to reviving the past. It’s a small test to see whether we’re interested in fixing things or not. +
NADA  anti-doping  Jan  Ullrich  Tour  de  France  cycling  TdF  UCI  USADA  Erik  Zabel  doping  WADA  Travis  Tygart 
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Time to rethink sports doping - Sport LIVE
They argued that the banned substance methylhexaneamine was a contaminant in a supplement they took with the assurance of the manufacturer that it would be clean and legal. They were rightly exonerated because they had shown that every reasonable action had been taken to prevent inadvertent doping. On other occasions, reduced sentences of three- or six-month bans, rather than the typical two years, have been handed down.
NADA  anti-doping  Supplement  Industry  sports  sport  I.O.C.  inadvertent  use  inadvertent  doping  WADA  doping  IAAF 
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Can we Trust the Peloton? | Biking Fitness Plans and Advice |
Overall, the data suggests that the performances on AX3 fell within a range that could be expected for a relatively clean peloton with the exception of Froome. His performance on AX3 is clearly flagged as an outlier and warrants healthy rationale skepticism. Going forward, the progression of his performance should be closely followed over the rest of the Tour.
NADA  anti-doping  Team  Sky  Tour  de  France  cycling  USADA  UCI  TdF  Chris  Froome  WADA  doping 
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Systemfrage beim Anti-Doping Kampf, Dr. Perikles Simon
Dr. Perikles Simon stellt die Glaubwürdigkeit im Anti-Doping-Kampf in Frage. System wird in frage gestellt - bekaempfung doping nur weils mal muss und hin und wieder gut aussieht. nicht weil man es weg haben will. >> >>
NADA  DFB  FIFA  anti-doping  USADA  UCI  I.O.C.  doping  WADA  IAAF 
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The Dark Side > Micheal Rasmussen interviewed during the Sibiu Tour
Doping for a decade under the nose of WADA. With a little help of UCI. Lance Armstrong life-time ban would have never happened if it weren't for the USADA. Period. + >
NADA  FIFA  anti-doping  society  Spain  cycling  sports  sport  Soccer  Eufemiano  Fuentes  doping  Operation  Puerto  Tour  de  France  Fuentes  UCI  USADA  TdF  lancearmstrong  Michael  Rasmussen  WADA  Travis  Tygart  culture  EPO 
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Radsport: Tour-Führender Froome genervt von Doping-Fragen - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Die Journalisten im Teamhotel hakten dennoch weiter nach. Irgendwann reichte es Froome: "Hier sitze ich nach dem größten Sieg meiner Karriere und werde beschuldigt, ein Lügner und Betrüger zu sein. Das ist uncool", sagte er, bevor er die Pressekonferenz pünktlich nach den vereinbarten 15 Minuten verließ. [...] Denn er tue seiner Meinung nach schon alles, sagte Brailsford: Er werde zwar nicht der Öffentlichkeit, dafür aber der Welt-Anti-Doping-Agentur (Wada) alle denkbaren Daten über Training und Gesundheit zur Verfügung seiner Athleten zur Verfügung stellen. Im Zuge des Falls Armstrong und der Situation in der Leichtathletik müsse man den Blickwinkel verändern.
Dave  Brailsford  Team  Sky  British  Cycling  Chris  Froome  Marginal  Gains  WADA 
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The Science of Sport: A house of cards? Sprinting crisis as Gay, Powell and more Jamaicans fail controls
It is only with scrutiny and significant skepticism that behavior will change. Unfortunately, part of that behavior change is the 'pain' of heroes falling. >> Inadvertent use because of tainted Supplement;
NADA  conflict  of  interest  anti-doping  doping  WADA 
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Doping im Fußball: Lügt Armstrong wieder? - Nachrichten Print - DIE WELT - Sport - DIE WELT
Auch der Fußball hat Dreck am Stecken, jedenfalls die Spanier. >> + Pep Guardiola kontak zu Fuentes und Doping geschichte. - selbst Eneko Llanos hatte mal auf Twitter berichtet das die Spanischen behoerden sehr lax seien. - photo gepostet auf blog - + >>,1473466,23606520.html + >> Von der Epo-Epoche zur Aicar-Ära?
Ironman  FC  Valencia  moral  anti-doping  Epo  Spain  Soccer  FC  Barcelona  Eufemiano  Fuentes  Sports  doping  Aicar  Alberto  Contador  Cycling  Operation  Puerto  Pep  Guardiola  Jan  Ullrich  UCI  Fuentes  GW1516  lancearmstrong  Sport  WADA 
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Aufklärungswille fehlt - Mehr Sport -
In Wettkampfkontrollen etwa werden nur jene Doper erwischt, die gravierende Fehler machen. Es geht also darum, die Betrüger auch wirklich schnappen zu wollen. Doch genau an diesem Willen gibt es erhebliche Zweifel. "Es gibt kein Verlangen, die Mühen und Kosten auf sich zu nehmen, die nötig sind, um einen dopingfreien Sport zu schaffen“, befand kürzlich eine Arbeitsgruppe der Welt-Anti-Doping-Agentur. Bezogen war dieses Fazit auf alle Beteiligten: Sportverbände, Anti-Doping-Agenturen, Regierungen und Athleten. [...] Die WADA-Arbeitsgruppe fordert unter anderem die Einführung eines biologischen Passes für Athleten in allen Sportarten, die Unterstützung von Kronzeugen, die bereit sind, ihr Wissen über Dopingstrukturen zu offenbaren, und intelligentere Kontrollen. mehr + +
NADA  biological  passport  anti-doping  USADA  Sponsoring  Sport  Sports  WADA  doping 
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UCI's public relations job retards its anti-doping function' – cycling inquiry | Sport | The Guardian
"The interest the UCI has in a good image for cycling has possibly been a delaying factor in development of anti-doping policy," - because of the conflict of interest. UCI looked over the issue of doping while the sport became more and more popular with the rise&domination of Lance Armstong.
anti-doping  bicycling  cycling  USADA  UCI  lancearmstrong  WADA  doping 
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WADA confirms details of revision to World Anti-Doping Code - - Olympic, Paralympic and Commonwealth Games News
In addition to increasing the number of years a player can be banned from two to four, the agency also wants to punish the athlete's accomplices - such as coaches and teammates. The updates follow a two-year consultation process, which ended in March.
anti-doping  sports  sport  doping  WADA 
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BBC Sport - Eufemiano Fuentes: Anti-doping group to appeal against ruling "I'm sure some are breathing a sigh of relief in the wake of the #fuentes decision. Those people are on the wrong side of #antidoping fence @Scienceofsport on Twitter [...] Re #fuentes decision, so demoralising when the truth in #antidoping is right there, close enough to feel the heat coming off it, but decisions like this hide it, cover it up, and only undermine the credibility of the fight. MORE transparency is needed, and this decision is just another sweep of the dirt under the world's biggest rug. Disheartening. [...] Fuentes verdict “@SSbike: Spanish shambles - suspended prison sentence of 1yr,no bags to WADA, only 4yr ban from sports medicine #joke” >> One has to doubt the Justice System in Spain. If it was really free in its decision making. Or if it was influenced by Politics and Others - who advised them not to push too much. "@Andy_Murray biggest cover up in sports history? why would court order blood bags to be destroyed?"
transparency  trustagent  anti-doping  cycling  trust  Fuentes  accountability  confidence  doping  WADA 
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Chrissie Wellington tells Lance Armstrong told to abandon plans for a triathlon comeback | The Sun |Sport
And she believes the disgraced cyclist would “sully” the sport that Britain has enjoyed huge success in over the last five years. Wellington said: “I am angry. Angry at Lance — and others — for doping. Angry at his perpetual lies, defamations and deceit. Angry that he hurt, bullied, coerced, manipulated, corrupted, insulted, sued and cheated. “I believe that Lance’s participation in triathlon would sully the reputation of our sport and undermine its fragile credibility. “When questioned, he made his actions seem banal, like pumping up his tyres or ensuring he had a water bottle in his bike cage.” --- Interesting thing is that WTC never formally apologized itself to the triathlon community for its lack of judgement, paying him $2m for a 2 year return, and @Panama 70.3 2012 not testing him (the Top 3).
WTC  Chrissie  Wellington  anti-doping  triathlon  USADA  lancearmstrong  doping  WADA 
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BBC Sport - Lance Armstrong: US government to sue disgraced cyclist
+ - Lance Armstrong has said he will not agree to be interviewed under oath by the United States Anti-Doping Agency.
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Lance Armstrong Refuses to Meet With U.S. Antidoping Agency -
Armstrong asked for two week extension to meet with USADA and at deadline turns down and criticizes them. could've done that 2 weeks ago when the first deadline from USADA was passed. Deadline by USADA for LA - that if he would speak out, his lifetime ban could be reduced. >> He still tries to protect himself and others (ie UCI). Because it could come even worse - that the UCI truly did enable riders to dope and pass doping tests. Which would be a huge downfall for the UCI (old boys only club), and with it cycling - as the IOC sees itself forced to act and remove it temporarily from the Olympic program for at least 1 event (Rio). This would be much bigger than LA. As this case would be about corruption and moral failure in highest order - a gov body of sports.
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BBC Sport - Lance Armstrong agrees to 'help clean up cycling'
USADA giving LA 2 more weeks beyond set deadline of 6th of Feb. > LA still trying to influence the outcome, still trying to mitigate damage in general and collateral damage. LA still LA. --- "We understand that he does want to be part of the solution and assist in the effort to clean up the sport," said Usada chief executive Travis Tygart. "We have agreed to his request for an additional two weeks to work on details to hopefully allow for this to happen." >> >> >> Firm sues LA, Firm said serveral weeks ago that they aim to settle with LA out of court. Obviously they can't agree on a settlement and or LA is blocking, not wanting to give more than he needs to.
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february 2013 by asterisk2a | Das Portal fuer Triathlon Training: Vom Volkstriathlon bis zum Ironman. - Hawaii 2012: Was vom Tage übrig bleibt
Armstrong war keiner, der durch das von ihm betriebene Doping Waffengleichheit mit der ebenfalls dopenden Konkurrenz herstellte. Sondern er nutzte die sich ihm bietenden Möglichkeiten zum Betrug, um sich einen Vorteil zu verschaffen gegenüber all jenen, die weniger weit zu gehen bereit oder in der Lage waren.

Dieses Vorteils, dem Kampf mit ungleichen Waffen zu seinen Gunsten, war er sich stets sicher. Wie sonst hätte er ernsthaft glauben können, nach zweijähriger Auszeit, weit jenseits des Höchstleistungsalters, es wieder mit den Besten bei der Tour de France aufnehmen zu können? Wie sonst hatte er sich in einem Duell mit den weltbesten Triathleten Siegchancen ausrechnen können?

With Triathlon: Armstrong wollte der Welt zeigen, dass er der größte ist.
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Exclusive – Obree says UCI not fit for purpose | We Are Free Agents
As someone who had his own share of battles with the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) Graeme Obree is well-placed to judge the effectiveness of an organisation currently defending themselves against accusations of at best incompetence, and at worst being complicit in systemic doping in professional cycling.

“I don’t think the UCI are a fit body to be running the sport. The UCI is an autocratic, old boys’ network all the way through the levels of the pyramid. I think there’s no way of repairing that organisation.”

> the whole shabang points that LA and UCI are covering each ones back. UCI was and still is at least looking over the issue of doping culture in cycling. at worst it was complicit and helped cover-up the tracks of positive samples and other evidence.
> IOC has every reason to suspend (road) cycling from the olympic program for at least one cycle because UCI isn't willing to clean the sport and itself.
> next up, Weightlifting, and other Sports
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Armstrong: Amnesty the only way to save cycling
“As much as I’m in the eye of the storm, this is not about one man, one team, one director. This is about cycling and to be frank it’s about ALL endurance sports. Publicly lynching one man and his team will not solve this problem.”
> Armstrong is covering his buddies. Armstrong isn't honest about being sorry. He is sorry that he got caught. Tygart from USADA, USADA were the one agency that brought LA to justice. Not UCI, not WADA. Anything forward without USADA is half-measures. Isn't worth anything.

> amnesty program under the helm of UCI, isn't public, isn't transparent, isn't accountable, won't remove the people - all people - involved.
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Travis Tygart tells ’60 Minutes’ that Lance Armstrong is still lying
Asked about Armstrong’s denial of allegations that the UCI had covered up a 2001 positive drug test at the Tour of Switzerland, Tygart said evidence gathered by USADA indicates otherwise.
“I think [UCI’s] involvement was a lot deeper in him pulling off this heist than he was willing to admit to,”
>> UCI looks more and more in one boat with Armstrong.
- Travis Tygart of USADA considered a hero, the man that kept pushing and caused the fall of Lance Armstrong
Lance Armstrong’s lawyers say the cyclist will talk more about drug use in the sport, just likely not to the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency ...
- LA is not willing to help clean up the sport
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"Arrogant" and "deceitful" - WADA's damning verdict on the UCI | | Road cycling news, Bike reviews, Commuting, Leisure riding, Sportives and more
World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) president John Fahey has branded the UCI as “arrogant” and “deceitful” in a strongly worded statement issued this afternoon in response to world cycling’s governing body’s announcement yesterday that it has scrapped the Independent Commission it had ordered to examine its own role in the Lance Armstrong scandal.

> UCI not doing its job to clean up the sport it governs. IOC should warn UCI and threaten to scrap cycling from Olympic program till further notice
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Radsport: Ex-Usada-Chef bezichtigt Armstrong der Lüge - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Der Gegenwind für Lance Armstrong wird immer heftiger: Der ehemalige Usada-Chef Terry Madden warf dem Ex-Radprofi erneut vor, dem Verband eine Spende angeboten zu haben. Armstrong hatte dies bei seiner TV-Dopingbeichte bestritten.

Bereits nach der Ausstrahlung des ersten Teils hatte John Fahey, Chef der Welt-Antidoping-Agentur (Wada) Armstrong vorgeworfen, weiterhin die Wahrheit zu verschleiern.

Der gefallene Rad-Profi hatte im Gespräch mit Winfrey bestritten, auch bei seinem Comeback 2009 gedopt zu haben. Laut Fahey ist die Usada jedoch im Besitz eindeutiger Blutproben Armstrongs, die "mit absoluter Sicherheit" zeigten, dass er auch bei seiner Rückkehr in den Profisport mit verbotenen Substanzen nachgeholfen habe.
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Kathy LeMond: Lance Armstrong embarrassed, not sorry - More Sports - David Epstein -
SI: What did you and Greg make of the part one of the Oprah interview?
LeMond: It's all about how he can forward himself. This is not authentic. If this were authentic, he would ask to talk to us and ask, 'What can I do to heal you? I really hurt you.'
SI: Are you convinced by anything in his sort of general admission of mistakes?
LeMond: No. No. Honestly, I don't feel that he's even in there. I do believe he's embarrassed, kind of. One of our lawyers has a house in Hawaii just down from Lance and I talked to him a couple days ago and he said every other year he's been there he sees Lance out riding with locals and everybody's kind of excited. Now he said he's never with anybody out on the road. He's by himself. ... I think it's hit him. People don't want to be near him. He's become a pariah. I think he's flailing, but I don't have any reason to believe what he's saying is true. The parts I know of what he's saying aren't true! Or only partially true.
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A Letter to Lance Armstrong: A Fellow Pro Athlete’s Plea
But the central tenet of being a professional athlete is not winning; it is fair play. In your warped world, everyone is a cheater, but in reality, 99% of us are doing it right. A commitment to fair play is THE defining element of the profession. We sign agreements to it. Regularly. If you violate that, you may seek forgiveness as a person, but you need to find a new job. The public may not understand sports as a profession, which could lead them to feel sorry for you, but we will help them understand.

>> Caught Cheats have a very very very very hard time for re-entry in the professional triathlon world post-ban. The triathlon community (pros) pat them self on the back for their race cheats.

>> The public may forgive him. The public who don't give up everything else to compete in elite sports. The public sees a human being. But other elite athletes see others too who were hurt by the actions and the doping of Cheats. Its the viewing angle & experience that differs (public/athlete).
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BBC Sport - Lance Armstrong's apology questioned by Wada president
John Fahey believes Armstrong ducked key issues relating to his cheating in a TV interview with Oprah Winfrey.
Both Fahey and the United States Anti-Doping Authority (Usada) want the disgraced cyclist to explain the full extent of his doping "under oath".
"That is his way forward if he is serious," Fahey told the BBC.
"Don't go on a show with a woman who will give benign questions, lead you to the answers and not follow up when you don't answer properly.
"But is he going to do it? Probably not. If he was prepared to do it, he probably wouldn't go down the Oprah Winfrey route in the first place."

> because he could (if not even would - with certainty) face criminal and civil charges with potential prison time and financial ruin. he again put himself first. trying to control this whole downfall.
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Mac Engel on Bryan Houston's Sports Radio Live 1 18 13 - YouTube
USA loves comebacks, loves heroes, loves a great story, ...
loves drama, loves celebrities ...
the public may make peace with it

- but triathlon and cycling community as a whole? very questionable. him participating in triathlon would be very very very controversial with the triathlon community.

from minute 11:00 - 11:10

The Opie & Anthony Show 1-18-2013
- talking early on about Lance.
'Lance doesn't like that people take his bike away from him. So the boy cries his eyes out, not literally, more like metaphorically - dishing some stuff out.'
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Armstrong critic Paul Kimmage puts the boot into Oprah for ‘soft’ interview - Other Sports, Sport -
"When he mentioned shady dealings with the UCI, the logical follow-up question is to ask about those shady dealings.

"Instead it was all very cosy and she let him off the hook."

Kimmage said he was left with the feeling that Armstrong had little or no contrition for what he had done.

He added: "It was obvious that this guy had just one regret and that was that he was caught. He doesn't give a damn about anyone except Lance Armstrong.

"If he really wants to help the sport he needs to present himself at (United States Anti-Doping Agency chief executive) Travis Tygart's door and give a full account of what he did and who helped him.

"That's the only way he can do the sport any service now and repair the damage he has done."
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aktuell/Szene | Wut und Enttäuschung | Profistimmen zum Armstrong-Interview | Redaktion | triathlon
Jarrod Shoemaker (USA) | Sieger Hamburg Triathlon 2009
"Was für ein Trick! Seine lebenslange Sperre könnte laut WADA-Regeln nun auf acht Jahre reduziert werden ... zuletzt gedopt, hat er 2005, jetzt haben wir 2013 ... hmmm."
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Fall Armstrong: Dopingexperte Franke zweifelt an Geständnis - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Nach Ansicht von Dopingexperte Werner Franke hat das TV-Geständnis von Lance Armstrong nichts mit Einsicht zu tun. Der ehemalige Radstar wolle damit nur eine Aussage vor der Grand Jury verhindern. Im IOC wird gar über einen Ausschluss des Radsports von Olympischen Spielen nachgedacht.


Für Armstrong sei es am wichtigsten, dass er nicht vor einer Grand Jury aussagen müsse, glaubt Franke. "Dort könnte er Dinge gefragt werden, die bis jetzt noch gar nicht bekannt sind. Und das wäre dann noch viel kribbeliger, als wir uns das alle vorstellen können. Bei der Wahrheitsfindung sind die amerikanischen Gerichte nicht zimperlich", so Franke.

>> IOC could ban cycling for 2 games if it is true that UCI knew of doping and helped to cover up traces of doping.


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BBC Sport - Lance Armstrong: Swiss lab head denies assisting American
>> doping: it is a cat and mouse game Saugy was responding to claims made by the head of the US Anti-Doping Agency (Usada) Travis Tygart, who told US television programme 60 Minutes that Saugy had told him over dinner he had met Armstrong and his US Postal Team manager Johan Bruyneel at the request of the UCI in 2002 to explain how the EPO test worked. The UCI insists the meetings were arranged as a "deterrent" to show riders they were getting tough on doping and not to show them how to beat the system. However Saugy added: "It's a fundamental right for the sportsmen to know the scientific basis of an analysis." --- Lance Armstrong will have something to gain but plenty to lose when he is interviewed by chat show host Oprah Winfrey. "I'm sure Armstrong and his team will look back at all his statements to make sure he is clear for five years. Otherwise it might put him in jeopardy." "Now he has lost a lot of his credibility and I think he might be playing his last card - to try to appear very human and perhaps touch people's hearts. "He is so ambitious and he might think there is a tiny chance of saving his political career." [ if not even doing some triathlon before that ] --- BUT World Anti-Doping Code rules state his lifetime ban cannot be reduced to less than eight years. WADA and USADA doping officials could agree to reduce the ban further depending on what new information Armstrong provides and his level of cooperation.
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