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Council tax to rise across England as austerity hits hard | Society | The Guardian
‘Chronic underfunding’ forces cuts to services including social care, roads and libraries [...] One in 20 councils said they were concerned that funding cuts were now so deep that they would struggle to deliver the legal minimum level of services. Almost one in 10 anticipate legal challenges from the public against proposed cuts in service provision. The survey found 80% of councils have no confidence that the current model of local government finance is sustainable. More than half have drawn down reserves to stay afloat. More than three-quarters have borrowed cash to invest in commercial property in the hope the returns will cover budget gaps.
UK  Austerity  Council  counciltax 
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Ilhan Omar is right about the influence of the Israel lobby | Alex Kotch | Opinion | The Guardian
Following the Ilhan Omar controversy, it’s incredibly important to be able to decipher between real antisemitism and basic political facts [...] Omar’s controversial tweets noted two important realities. First, money is a huge problem, and motivator, in Washington. Second, Aipac is a powerful group that uses its money to influence the policy decisions of members of Congress. As both Mehdi Hasan and Ryan Grim detail in the Intercept, Aipac officials have bragged about their power over Washington lawmakers.
Israel  lobby  Politics  antisemitism  Antisemitismus  Labour  vested  interest  UK  USA  history  Palestine  special  interests 
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FGM victims treated in Scottish city hospitals - BBC News
Medics in Scotland's biggest cities have treated victims of female genital mutilation (FGM) on more than 230 occasions in the past two years.

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde said it had identified women with FGM on at least 138 occasions in 2017 and 2018.

In NHS Lothian, which covers Edinburgh, 93 occasions were noted.

The figures were revealed by Scottish Liberal Democrat MP Jo Swinson, who said the "barbaric" practice must be wiped out entirely.

Responses to freedom of information requests from the party that were sent to Scotland's 12 other health boards showed they had recorded very low or no cases of FGM.
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Schools staff crisis looms as austerity hits teachers’ pay | Education | The Guardian
Classroom pay has fallen by more than £4,000 a year since 2010 in real terms, according to a government assessment. Damian Hinds, the education secretary, warned that only a 2% increase can be expected for the next academic year.
UK  Austerity  education  policy  Ofsted 
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Ministers accused of pressure over teacher recruits - BBC News
But providers say they have come under repeated pressure to take the kinds of candidates that they had been rejecting.

They have been summoned to a string of meetings by Schools Minister Nick Gibb and his Department for Education (DfE) officials, over the past six months, where they were quizzed over which candidates were rejected and why.
UK  education  policy  Austerity  staff  recruitment  crisis  CON-servative  Conservative  Theresa  May  quality  Ofsted 
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Troubled government contractor Interserve agrees rescue deal | Business | The Guardian
Company, which has 45,000 employees in UK, hopes to avoid Carillion-style collapse
Shares in Interserve closed down 1.8% at just under 13p. The company was worth as much as £1bn in 2014, but is now worth a little over £20m.
outsourcing  Carillion  Interserve  bailout  Austerity  UK  Council  Privatisation  NHS 
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Sol Campbell: 'There's a surprising, sad underbelly of abuse in football' - BBC Sport
The disturbing racial bias of The Greatest Dancer
Race-related issues have reared their head before on audience-controlled reality shows. Strictly Come Dancing, Big Brother and Love Island have all repeatedly pointed to the same result: that Britain has a clear preference, unconscious or otherwise, for caucasian contestants.
UK  racism  hooliganism  far-right  violence  football  BAME  Gesellschaft  society  bias  prejudice  stereotype  discrimination 
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(19) Die Story: Lehrlinge dringend gesucht! | Kontrovers | - BR | Doku - YouTube - Früher suchten die Betriebe die Auszubildenden aus und heute ist es umgekehrt.
--- Schlechte Ausbildungsplaetze. Wenig kontrolle. Manche Betriebe schinden Azubis als billige Arbeitskraft. Machen anderen einen schlechten ruf.
&! - Handwerkermangel lässt Bauherren verzweifeln | Exakt | MDR
&! - Handwerk am Limit: Mit Gratis-Brezn gegen den Lehrlingsmangel | quer vom BR
Ziviele Master, zuwenig Meister.
Bildungspolitik  Fachkräftemangel  education  policy  UK  Germany  USA  Ausbildung  Betriebsübernahme  youth  unemployment  Jugendarbeitslosigkeit  duale 
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How diet is changing - the good and the bad - BBC News
But on other measures, diet has not improved, the report, from the Food Standards Agency and Public Health England, says.

Fruit and vegetable consumption remains largely unchanged and is still under the recommended five-a-day level.
Fibre intake has fallen slightly, while vitamin and mineral consumption is down.

And there has been little change in oily fish intake.
UK  chronic  sick  population  obesity  public  health  prevention  Cancer  CVD  diabetes  NHS  sickcare  demand  premature  ageing  diet  western  S.A.D. 
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Mentally ill people more at risk of losing benefits, study shows | Society | The Guardian
The findings are based on government data about 327,000 people with either type of health condition who switched from receiving DLA to personal independence payments (PIP) between April 2013 and October 2016.

The findings raise fresh questions over whether people who are struggling with mental ill health are at a disadvantage when they have to negotiate the benefits system.
DWP  mental  health  Universal  Credit  Austerity  NHS  DLA  PIP  ESA  JSA  sanction  UK 
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MLK's vehement condemnations of US militarism are more relevant than ever | Glenn Greenwald | Opinion | The Guardian On April 4, 1967, speaking at Riverside Church, MLK called the US Government "the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today", and the leading exponent of "the deadly Western arrogance that has poisoned the international atmosphere for so long"
In response to that beautiful speech, the NYT Editorial Page - headlined "Dr. King's Error" - condemned MLK for “slandering” the US by comparing it to evil regimes & falsely linking foreign militarism to domestic inequities
UK  MLK  Military–industrial  complex  Empire 
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Ministers urged to halt right-to-buy scheme | Society | The Guardian
More than 40% of former council homes now rented out by private landlords [...] In Ealing, the council has spent £107m buying back 516 former council properties that it had originally sold for £16m. Peter Mason, Ealing’s cabinet member for housing, said the report highlighted “exactly some of the more unforgivable impacts of Thatcher’s right-to-buy scheme, which she launched with great fanfare in Northolt [a town in the borough of Ealing]”.
UK  housing  crisis  Thatcher  social  affordable  Council  Privatisation  Rentier  capitalism  profit  maximisation 
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Windfarm industry urges UK to lift onshore subsidies ban | Environment | The Guardian
Ministers have been urged to drop their block on subsidies for onshore windfarms, as industry figures showed that nearly 800 renewable projects are ready to plug much of the power gap left by the abandonment of the Wylfa nuclear project.

Hitachi dropped plans for the nuclear plant in Wales this week, raising questions over what would replace it and leading the business secretary, Greg Clark, to admit that renewable energy sources are more competitively priced than nuclear.
nuclear  renewable  UK  energy  policy  wind  onshore  offshore  infrastructure  investment  Brexit 
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Minority ethnic Britons face 'shocking' job discrimination | World news | The Guardian
Black Britons and those of south Asian origin face “shocking” discrimination in the labour market at levels unchanged since the late 1960s, research has found.

A study by experts based at the Centre for Social Investigation at Nuffield College, University of Oxford, found applicants from minority ethnic backgrounds had to send 80% more applications to get a positive response from an employer than a white person of British origin.

A linked study by the same researchers, comparing their results with similar field experiments dating back to 1969, found discrimination against black Britons and those of south Asian origin – particularly Pakistanis – unchanged over almost 50 years.
UK  BAME  discrimination  prejudice  bigotry  immigration  Brexit  Bias  Islamophobia  Racism 
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Ofsted plans overhaul of inspections to look beyond exam results | Education | The Guardian
New guidelines will shift focus towards quality of education rather than ‘outcomes’
UK  education  policy  Ofsted 
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West Midlands Police fail to record 16,600 violent crimes - BBC News
The inspectorate said the force was "failing victims of crime."
UK  Austerity  Police 
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Schools facing 'financial cliff edge' - BBC News
Almost a third of local authority secondary schools in England are unable to cover their costs, a study suggests.
UK  Austerity  Education  policy  Schools 
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Grayling under fire as serious crimes committed on parole soar by 50% | Society | The Guardian
Ex-justice minister’s probation reforms have led to huge rise in serious offences, data shows &! - Jail terms of six months or less could be scrapped, prisons minister suggests Rory Stewart says move could ease pressure on prison population that has more than doubled since 1990s
UK  Police  Prison  Probation  recidivism  Privatisation  Austerity  Council  crime 
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Medical students: More needed to meet demand for doctors - BBC News
Northern Ireland needs at least 100 more medical students a year to meet the increasing demand for doctors.

That is one of the key findings of a review commissioned by the Department of Health (DoH).

However, the department said expanding student numbers to that extent would cost £30m a year and see services cut.
UK  NI  Northern  Ireland  NHS  Austerity 
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Too many children 'not being treated for mental health problems' - BBC News
Many are turned away because they are not ill enough, others face long waits and it could be years before that changes, its report found.

Getting the right staff in the right place was a priority, it said.

And it added the group would keep a close eye on whether the government's new 10-year plan was being implemented. //&! Mental health patients who miss two or more GP appointments within the space of a year are eight times more likely to die in the subsequent 18 months than those who miss none, a study suggests.
UK  mental  health  NHS  CAMHS  GP 
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Bursaries failing to solve teacher retention crisis, says Labour | Education | The Guardian
[no strings attached bursaries]

According to Labour analysis, in 2015-16 nearly £22m was spent on bursaries for trainees who did not go on to take up a teaching post.

More than £6.1m of that went on top £25,000-plus payments for graduates with firsts in chemistry, computing, mathematics, modern foreign languages and physics.

The analysis comes as the education secretary, Damian Hinds, prepares to launch the government’s teacher recruitment and retention strategy.
Education  policy  UK  Austerity  staff  crisis 
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England 'needs millions of homes to solve housing crisis' - BBC News
Shelter's report claims 1.3 million homes are needed to house those in greatest need - including homeless people and those living with a disability.
UK  housing  crisis  social  affordable  Disabled  access  accessible  inequality  discrimination 
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Sexual assault forensics centres failing some victims - BBC News
Young victims of sexual assault are not being forensically examined within a critical time period at some privately-run referral centres, a BBC investigation has found.
UK  Police  Justice  injustice  Austerity  Britain 
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'I wanted to crash my car to avoid teaching' - BBC News
A teacher's story: Eat. Sleep. Teach. Repeat.
A teacher has told the BBC she considered driving her car into a tree to avoid going back to the classroom.

The woman, who is based in Hampshire but did not want to be named, said she wanted to speak out to raise awareness about the levels of stress in the profession.

Over two-thirds of teachers say their job has adversely affected their mental health, according to the Educational Support Partnership charity.

As teachers prepare to head back to the classroom after the Christmas holidays, the National Education Union has described the situation as "an epidemic of stress".

The Department for Education said it was considering a whole range of issues as part of its teacher recruitment and retention strategy.
UK  Education  Austerity  policy 
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UK health body calls for Copenhagen-style bike-friendly streets | Society | The Guardian
NICE - National Institute for Health and Care Excellence says cyclists and pedestrians should get priority [...] Physical inactivity is responsible for one in six UK deaths, which is as many as caused by smoking. It is estimated to cost the UK £7.4bn annually, which includes £0.9bn in NHS costs.
UK  public  health  prevention  sedentary  lifestyle  air  pollution  noise  urbanisation  urban  planning 
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(1160) The Christian volunteers doing police work in Reading: 'I'll ask God to intervene' - YouTube
As government cuts affect police numbers, Reading is feeling the pinch. With one officer claiming there are ‘very serious jobs, for instance stabbings, that we cannot get to’, Thames Valley police have turned to a group of Christian volunteers to help them police the town centre on Friday and Saturday nights. As well as keeping an eye out for trouble and known criminals, the Street Pastors care for people in no fit state to get home, and even run a taxi service for people too drunk for most drivers to accept

• Filmed in Reading town centre on 28 and 29 September 2018.

"we are doing a disservice the victims as we can not attent to all calls"
Police  Austerity  UK  rationing  justice  injustice 
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Tax junk food high in sugar and salt, says top doctor - BBC News
England's top doctor has accused the food industry of "failing the public" and is calling for taxes on unhealthy food high in sugar and salt.
public  health  prevention  obesity  CVD  cancer  NHS  sickcare  demand  UK  diabetes  nudge 
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Revealed: legal aid cuts forcing parents to give up fight for children | Law | The Guardian
Ex-minister says cuts went too far, as Guardian investigation shows wide-ranging impact [...] “draconian”. Protracted austerity since 2012 has reduced funding by about £950m a year in real terms, causing an alarming rise in the number of people forced to represent themselves. [...] Prevented hundreds of thousands of people from pursuing justice in other areas such as housing, debt, employment, clinical negligence, immigration, welfare payments and education. [...] “What saved the courts from chaos is that [the government also] cut police funding. If you restored funding to the police and they caught and prosecuted more [suspects], the courts would be in desperate trouble.” &! &! &! &! &!
UK  Austerity  injustice  inequality  LegalAid  legal  aid  poverty  Police  prison  Probation  Privatisation  postcode  lottery 
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Minister admits Tory policies may be a cause of rising homelessness | Politics | The Guardian
Brokenshire said the Conservatives “need to ask ourselves some very hard questions” about why so many more people are now living on the streets than when the party came to power, and admitted “changes to policy” were needed.
UK  homeless  homelessness  Austerity 
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Universal credit childcare is hurting the poorest, MPs warn | Society | The Guardian
Requirement for parents to pay costs upfront, and then claim them back, is a burden on the poor, says report [...] The work and pensions select committee argues that the way some of the poorest in society are having to pay childcare costs upfront – then face weeks before they are reimbursed – is a significant disincentive to moving into work. &! - The Universal Credit system leaves too many UK claimants with children facing a stark choice between turning down jobs or getting into debt, MPs warn.
*&! - Universal Credit: Is the system working? - BBC Newsnight
DWP  Universal  Credit  UK  Austerity  childcare 
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Interserve: Major government contractor 'seeks second rescue deal' - BBC News
One of the UK's largest providers of public services is seeking a rescue deal as it struggles with £500m of debt, according to the Financial Times.

Interserve, which works in prisons, schools, hospitals and on the roads, said it might look for new investment or sell off part of the business.

Workers at the Foreign Office and the NHS are among Interserve's tens of thousands of UK employees.

The government said it supported the company's long-term recovery plan.
Carillion  outsourcing  Privatisation  Interserve  UK  Austerity  Tories  nasty  party  Conservativ  Council  Bailout 
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New homes 'crumbling due to weak mortar' - BBC News
Hundreds of new properties have been built using weak mortar that does not meet recommended industry standards, the Victoria Derbyshire show has found.
--- oligopoly of housebuilders, last months have been a flurry of "pfutch" news by house builders.
housing  crisis  UK 
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Tory-run Northamptonshire county council bailed out by government | Society | The Guardian
fire sale of assets
16% of the population is 65+
but eat up half the council budget (elderly care, + adult + child protection)
Council budget from 2010 experienced already 50% cut.
UK  Austerity  bailout  Council  Northamptonshire  Tory 
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Spending cuts breach UK's human rights obligations, says report | Society | The Guardian
Cuts to public services and benefits that disproportionately affect the least well-off, single parents and disabled people put the government in breach of its human rights obligations, a study for the UK equalities watchdog has found.

Echoing the recent findings of the UN special rapporteur on extreme poverty, Philip Alston, the study concluded the scale of the cuts and their lopsided impact on the most disadvantaged were a policy choice, rather than inevitable.

The report Alston published earlier this month said the UK government had made a political choice to let what he called “punitive, mean-spirited, and often callous” austerity policies fall disproportionately on the poorest.

Alston said the UK was in breach of four UN human rights agreements relating to women, children, disabled people, and economic and social rights.
Austerity  Human  Rights  UK  poverty  trap  discrimination  Disabled 
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