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(10214) What to Make of the Age of Trump by Thomas Frank - YouTube
The next Trump will not be as dumb as Trump. GOP will list next time better Trump. This will get worse, not better.
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John Oliver to Jorge Ramos: "I'm not a journalist" - YouTube
success of heute show, die anstalt, jung un naiv, this week tonight, colbert, and co.- are a testament to the abomination that what calls itself journalism or a journalist. // could go into psychology/philosophy. kierkegard and co. absurdit of life we live today. that we are living a comedic cartoon version of what was imagined. 200 years ago w the advent of democracy. (alain de botton). is evident all that people gave up on reason. surrendered and started to self-medicate; ie w comedy, drugs, alcohol, consumerism/materialism, selfies, social media filter bubbles, yet another credit card to sooth the pain, anxiety, frustration. 'I don't want to feel anymore/ excpet dopamin. .. weil auch demokratie floeten geht, weil checks & balances durchsickert wird mit corruption usw. kein ckecks und balances. gewalten teilung wenn eine gewalt rumlaeuft mit den armen hinterm ruecken.
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Hate Rising with Jorge Ramos - YouTube
From the Ku Klux Klan to the so called alt-right movement, white supremacist groups are growing in numbers and influence. // online is where the hate movement now lives. // alt-right = suit and tie white supremacist // same w 'white nationalist' or 'nationalist' is cover for beign white supremacist // "hate is contagious" // Also w Brexit!
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Mark Blyth on the Brexit vote - YouTube
the start of Trumpism. Every country has a version of it. 80% of the bottom got a shit deal (trickle down) for the last 30 years. &! - Economic Anger Of Working Class &! ppl left out of the econ growth prosperity, not participated. Osborne saying econ grows. But that has nothing to do w working ppl in xyz who seen living standard deteriorate further. ..&!
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Das Ende der Gesellschaft. Von den Folgen der Vernetzung
Das Ende der Gesellschaft von den Folgen der Vernetzung aller. // // Strohfeuer - Book Tausche Seele gegen Erfolg. Sascha Lobos packender Debütroman über die Lebensgier in den Zeiten der New Economy. // margaret thatcher - there is no such thing as society. // massenmedien (soziale medien, u eigenes umfeldgeben) illusion von spektrum of normativen verhalten; ie consumerism! du bist wast du kaufst. ... < illusorisches gesellschaftsbild. // der lack blaettert ab! an der zivilisierten gesellschaft (brexit) // strenght of weak ties (kraft des netzwerks) // no self-censorship, thus more and more people see that racism and xenophobia and misogyny is an acceptable opinion and one is not alone. far-right conservatives tell that political correctness has gone too far. // nun findet keine maessigung mehr statt (dies political correctness); racism/xenophobia ist nicht mehr extrem. // nachrichten bekamen gefuehlsgetrieben (emotions) [...] gesellschaft in wallungen. gefuehlten wirklichkeit. // zeit des schnellen wandels der welt - 24/7 news cycle - coping mechanism = emotions.
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