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Elon Musk opens the Tesla Gigafactory (2016.7.29) - YouTube
Factory that is on pictures is 1/7th. Might be able to see it from space station when all build. + it is much more dense. VW or Audi or BWM would have to stack their one manufacturing hall 2 other on top. So it is much more than just Wolfsburg.
Tesla  Motors  Elon  Musk  SolarCity 
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Inside Tesla's gigantic Gigafactory - BBC News
When asked by the BBC if the masterplan publication and Gigafactory opening event had been timed to counteract potentially bad news coming from Tesla's financial results due next week, Mr Musk was unequivocal.
"The first time I thought about the earnings call is when you mentioned it," he said. //&!
Tesla  Motors  Elon  Musk  SolarCity 
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Koch Brothers Declare War On Electric Cars - YouTube
introduce a carbon tax, rather than cherry picking! // who is also invested in their "ventures"? Arabs! See also Fahrenheit 9/11 documentary by Michael Moore. //&! Koch Bros Behind Solar Power Fines - --- ALEC lobby group. //&! Koch Bros Slammed By Billionaire T. Boone Pickens - //&! Koch Brothers Caught On Tape - Obama & Osama Compared - //&! Koch Brothers Destroyed By Bloomberg Report - //&! Letters Expose Agenda Of Billionaire Koch Brothers - //&! Koch Bros Tried To Shut Up Maddow, Bad Idea - //&! Zach Galifianakis Slams Koch Brothers - //&! Koch Brothers EXPOSED: 2014 (ft. Bernie Sanders) - //&!
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A Rare Look Inside a Private Tech Stock Loan — The Information
Public filings show that a pre-IPO loan to SolarCity founders paid off in stock options to the lender, an example of the burgeoning secondary market for private tech shares. // can do that when you have solid business ... revenue etc. like Dropbox also getting a credit line with their growth round.
Start-Up  lesson  Start-Up  advice  growth  round  Private  Market  Venture  Capital  financing  hunt  for  yield  investment  banking  IPO  Silicon  Valley  SolarCity 
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SolarCity's Chairman Elon Musk annouces it will buy solar panel maker Silveo
Without decisive action to lay the groundwork today, the massive volume of affordable, high efficiency panels needed for unsubsidized solar power to outcompete fossil fuel grid power simply will not be there when it is needed,” according to the blog post penned by SolarCity Chairman Elon Musk and the two co-founders, Peter Rive and Lyndon Rive. [...] “The timing is right to make an acquisition and get into advanced solar panel manufacturing. If we don’t do this, then we thought there’s a risk of not being able to have the solar panels we need to expand the business in the long term,” Elon Musk said on the conference call. [...] In both cases, Musk’s goal is to make sure that the components critical to his vision of the future — electric cars and solar energy — are available and cheap enough to beat fossil fuels.
SolarCity  Solar  Panel  Elon  Musk  efficiency  gigafactory  Tesla  Motors  energy  storage  systems  renewable  energy  Nudge  theory  financial  incentive  incentive  industrial  policy  subsidies  subsidizing 
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Elon Musk Bet On The Gigafactory - Business Insider
At a tech conference hosted by Tesla last week, Musk put things in even more stark terms: The company won't be able to function at all if it doesn't build a gigafactory — and will ultimately need hundreds of them. "We can’t figure out any other way to scale," the Wall Street Journal's Cassandra Sweet quoted Musk as saying.
gigafactory  SolarCity  Tesla  Elon  Musk  battery  battery  technology  Lithium-Ion  Li-ion  battery 
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Tesla and SpaceX: Elon Musk's industrial empire HD - YouTube
Tony Stark of our time. self described: engineer fist. - same w Apple: about engineering and design (UI, UX). ### meaningful, sizeable impact on people and or world. ## 2008 he was on the brink of loosing it all; a divorce, personal tragedy. as well as financially. and company wise Tesla Motors and SpaceX (Jeff Besoz and Richard Branson have Space programs as well) were on the brink too. If I remember well, TechCrunch wrote that he had problems at times financing his monthly personal expenses, something along this line. == + "Tesla Motors has been playing the long game since the very beginning." +
Tesla  Model  S  teslamotors  SpaceX  elonmusk  Tony  Stark  engineer  entrepreneurship  Start-Up  Apple  UI  UX  design  ambition  SolarCity  long-term  thinking  public  policy  WallStreet  short-term  thinking  Career  Politicians  Failure  perseverance  life  lesson  life  hacker  work  life  balance 
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