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It's a fact: climate change made Hurricane Harvey more deadly | Michael E Mann | Opinion | The Guardian - There is a simple thermodynamic relationship known as the Clausius-Clapeyron equation that tells us there is a roughly 3% increase in average atmospheric moisture content for each 0.5C of warming. Sea surface temperatures in the area where Harvey intensified were 0.5-1C warmer than current-day average temperatures, which translates to 1-1.5C warmer than “average” temperatures a few decades ago. That means 3-5% more moisture in the atmosphere. &!
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New White House report: Climate change is here and action needed now -
+ U.S. Climate Has Already Changed, Study Finds, Citing Heat and Floods || + Nine maps that show how climate change is already affecting the US >> 1) Most of the country is getting hotter + 2) The heaviest storms are getting wetter + 4) The Southeast is getting more 95°F days + 5) Snowpack is dwindling in the Southwest — putting water supplies at risk ++ ( Wine grapes, nuts, and other perennial California crops will be hard-hit. [...] And even if they can get enough water, heat stress and other climate effects will likely knock down yields of some crops. )
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HBO VICE: The World Is Sinking - YouTube
currently there is no plan b, bc there is no planet b. how do you adapt to rapid change. Hurricane Sandy - was only a tropical storm, 13ft storm surge "Climate Change is here." Storm Surge - 2013/14 UK has been a victim too. >> Climate change deniers are sponsored and supported by the lobby of the Fossil fuel industry. Fossil fuel industry is the strongest most powerful political lobby industry in history, followed by Wall Street and big Pharma. *Christian Parenti // Koch Industries - Koch Brothers have huge interest in keeping the petrochemical industries they own, running. Thus fund climate change denier campaigns massively. + + +
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Superstorm Cleanup Overpowers Downtown Manhattan: Video - Bloomberg
Nov. 9 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Gigi Stone reports on the 35 percent of buildings out of commission in downtown Manhattan since Hurricane Sandy. She speaks on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

2 weeks after ...
Hurricane  Sandy 
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Sandy will cause NYC 10-20% permanent damage - Comptroller - YouTube
that's just NYC.
Doesn't include New Jersey and the rest of the East Coast hit heavy by Sandy.
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Blackout Backlash Builds as Sandy Slow Recovery Drags Out - Bloomberg
Four days after super storm Sandy blacked out millions of homes and businesses in the northeastern U.S., complaints are rising from customers who may have to wait as much as two weeks longer to see power restored.
Hurricane  Sandy 
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A Vote for a President to Lead on Climate Change - Bloomberg
After Hurricane Sandy and Irene ... NY felt the brunt too ... people now realize first hand ... things have to change, for real. Nationwide. Worldwide.
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It's Global Warming, Stupid - Businessweek
Rising temperatures. Oceans heating up, more moisture in air. More energy for storms and hurricanes and general extreme weather events like torrential rain, blizzards, and prolonged droughts.


the nature of the thought of the problems is, that not just one making change, making sacrifice etc - is making an impacts - it is when everyone is doing it.
but game theory, capitalism, short-term thinking, nature of our culture is preventing us from doing the long-term good ... just look at the current sovereign debt crisis, pension obligations, public health crisis or obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. just look at the destruction of the planet, of the environment, deforestation, pollution, toxic rain, ...


we need to address the issue, need to start pay for it now, because the damage will be beyond repair.


after sandy, public transport came to a standstill; you have to question - where are the cycling lanes???
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How Cities Should Prepare for Future Natural Disasters - YouTube
Extreme storms of recent history have made local governments take notice both of their preparedness and the likelihood that climate change is making such disastrous events more and more common. Joseph Romm of Center for American Progress and American Enterprise
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Twitter / JochenFlasbarth: Hurikkan Sandy ist kein "Beweis" ...
[10.15 Uhr] "Unwetter werden häufiger und heftiger"

An extreme Unwetter wie den Sturm "Sandy" werden sich die Bürger nach Ansicht des deutschen Umweltbundesamt-Präsidenten Jochen Flasbarth gewöhnen müssen. "Extreme Wetterereignisse werden häufiger & heftiger",twitterte Flasbarth und fügte an: "Hurikkan Sandy ist kein 'Beweis' für den Klimawandel, aber er liegt im Prognosekorridor."


More energy into the Oceans (Warmer), more vapour, more rain and stronger winds with Storms and Hurricanes.
Physics - energy doesn't get lost.
globalwarming  weather  extreme  climate  science  climatechange  2012  Hurricane  Sandy 
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