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Why Do Men Kill Trans Women? Gender Theorist Judith Butler Explains
Our full investigation into the killing of 23 transgender women in 2015 can be read here. What follows is Broadly's interview with Butler. It has been edited and condensed. [...] But I think we also have to take note of the limits of media attention. We have seen, for instance, how the election of the nation's first black president coincided with a worsening economic situation for black people, so media attention is hardly enough to secure concrete equality. The situation of trans people of color is more precarious as a result. It is always possible to be an object of public fascination or a visual icon of trans life that cisgendered people want to consume visually at the same time that the legal and economic situation for trans people remains bad, or worsens. //&! - Most transgender people killed between 2008 and 2015 were sex workers, according to a report
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Why Justice for a Murdered 17-Year-Old Transgender Girl Is So Important
But there remains one big question: Will the case be investigated as a hate crime? Though, according to the Advocate, Josh knew that Mercedes, an aspiring cosmetologist, was a transgender woman before he killed her, the motive for the crime is still unkown. According to Rodgers, who said she isn’t familiar enough with this specific case to know whether or not it qualifies, “The federal hate crimes law explicitly includes gender identity as one of its categories, so [there] could be a way to charge the crime federally if the state murder prosecution is unsuccessful for some reason.” [...] If Mercedes’s murder is charged as a hate crime, it will be a unique case, as most of the transgender murders last year were not classified in that way, despite the fact that there seems to be a clear epidemic. Gender theorist Judith Butler told Broadly last year that men often kill transgender women as a result of feeling threatened.
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