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CEO Ambarish Mitra: independent Blippar may IPO - Business Insider 'want's to take it all the way ... to IPO.' - Q: Is Virtual Search and Augmented Reality a feature on an existing (Search) Platform (with existing data and personal context - ie your past search history and relations (FB)) in the next 5 years or a public company? Could the extra friction of an app to launch, with the name ?blippar? be a friction point for traction!? - VS - native on iOS, Android camera app that gets into augmented reality mode when it sees a specific QR code. Time will tell. What past has show, to gain mass adoption it is about being immersive (whoa), creates emotional - chemical (dopamine) intangible value, and being sort of 'invisible' "Don't show me." and thus habit forming, // &!
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