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We’re gonna need a bigger round...
After 15 years of staggering declines, the cost of building a company in San Francisco is rising sharply // prohibitive! diluting too much too early. // China and other BRIC paper millionaers divesting into property speculators, around the world. every city that has seen substantial price appreciation +10-20% over last +5 years // hot money from monetary policy, excess reserves, flushing around the globe //
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Pando: In the Valley, pre-seed is a meme. In New York, it’s a necessity
// cost of entry? // unable to make it happen? // Can't you write software from anywhere? // problem, heavily diluted early on approaching A/B, traditional shops don't like the cap table of pre-seed, angels, seed, accelerator & Micro VC's already owning ~+40% ... you come to a traditional A/B shop and not one of the existing investors is actually leading the round or committed in paper do double down? // // from a financial perspective/investment/math --- in the PRIVATE MARKET thrown under the bus by NIRP, QE, hunt for yield and FOMO (looking for their female unicorn or own Zuck) everyone can run 100 burger stands with unlimited/stellar returns in their spreadsheet model (bc cost of capital being 0 or negative). Despite the deflation of price of software & hosting (marginal cost, economics of abundance), Talent got bid up heavily (+200k/y in LA by Snapchat) in certain cities (SV, NY, London) // &! Steen Jakobsen - - min 16 avg guy does not have access to credit!
Seed  Round  Party  Round  Venture  Capital  Micro  VC  barriers  to  entry  cost  of  entry  London  Start-up  Scene  ecosystem  New  York  Scene  burn  rate  runway  traction  A  Round  seedfunding  funding  Angel  Investor  dilution  cap  table  lesson  advice  liquidation  preferences  hunt  for  yield  2015  distortion  FOMO  equity  bubble  credit  bubble  ZIRP  NIRP  QE  asset  allocation  Limited  Partners  monetary  policy  fiscal  policy  Wall  Street  asset  bubble  behavioral  finance  behavioral  economics  Silicon  Valley  Private  Market  Public  Market  reflate  reflation  cost  of  living  valuation  Unicorn  Decacorn  cost  of  leverage  financial  repression  financial  literacy  financial  financial  cycle  business  cycle  business  confidence  consumer  confidence  hubris  panic  irrational  exuberance  retail  banking  investment  banking  fractional  reserve  banking  banking  crisis 
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Forward Partners - Your unfair advantage
Nic Brisbourne - Managing Partner at Forward Partners | Silicon Real LIVE - // ex-DFJ (Series A&B) // is on website, it says, focused on e-commerce, but does/did also consumer and some enterprise/dev tools. // they also have drop-in office hours - // 9:05 - Finding Tech Co-Founder is difficult, business founders have to sell themselves really hard. Same in SV, and UK. // 24:15 don't build lonely MVP, build one that resonates, slow down to speed up during feedback time and crystallising MVP to specific customer+own vision (balance) to the point where it fly's off the shelve // optimism with critical thinking (balance.) // Board to set focus and resolve problems. Staying on the same page (ben horrowitz book) // London Start-up Scene Ecosystem, its a marathon. TC reporting is not conducive to portray a realistic picture of Start-up struggle. // &! Philippe Botteri - Accel Partners -
Venture  Capital  UK  London  Start-up  Scene  Europe  Scene  Seed  Round  seedround  seedfunding  wisdom-of-the-crowd  MVP  Accel  Partners  Forward  Partners 
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Dating while mentally ill: When to tell the guy about my condition?
On one hand, I am the most self-confident I have ever been. On the other hand, the tangle of depression, anxiety, OCD, and borderline personality disorder in my head came fairly close to talking me into a swan dive off of a fifth-floor Paris balcony last week. (If you’ve never suffered from depression, it might sound nonsensical that I would do this at my most self-confident. If there’s one thing I know about depression, though, it’s that it’s devoid of logic, and you can feel your lowest and your highest all at once.)
mental  illness  mental  health  stigma  relationship  relationships  Intimate  relationship  partnerships  partners  partner  love  public  awareness  public  perception  public  opinion  public  discourse 
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▶ Natur-VLog #11: Grasgeflüster über Neider & Hater - YouTube
Vlog #25: Das Glück in sich selbst finden = v=tnAoGBI8_O8 "das Glueck finded man nur in sich selbst. [...] Wenn man selbst sich nicht liebt ...." + v=QaHVQxrp_kE + v=5WA14FiqzaM + VLog #41: Dem Leben vertrauen - v=kgex989OgyU + VLog #39: Leben ist Veränderung - v=INMFbd4qd5k + VLog #36: Man kann es nicht jedem recht machen - v=AltCpDYAhfg
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Science Study: On Marriage, Listen To That Little Voice In Your Head | CommonHealth
If you’re thinking about getting married, you might want to listen to that little voice in the back of your head. A new study in the journal Science of more than 100 newlyweds found that a couple’s “gut” feelings about each other — feelings they couldn’t or wouldn’t verbalize — were good predictors of how happy their marriage would be four years later — better predictors than their conscious feelings. The title: “Though They May Be Unaware, Newlyweds Implicitly Know Whether Their Marriage Will Be Satisfying.” Of course, we all have gut feelings about our partners — and they tend to be positive or we wouldn’t be partners. But this study looked at something very specific: attitudes that are at such a deep level that we may not be aware of them, but they turn up on a kind of test that experimental psychologists have been using for years, that measures reaction times down to the millisecond.
psychology  marriage  relationship  relationships  partners  partnerships  lifehacks  lifehacker 
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▶ Eat Your Kimchi Full Interview Part 1 - YouTube
+ part2 - /watch?v=hLwkRrV4XIg (later part talking about differences [audience, niche, taste] between social networks, tumblr, twitter, facebook) + Our Love Story - /watch?v=1EeZIU_zZzo + TL;DR - How Simon Proposed to Martina - /watch?v=jnpIpdFfk2k + Draw My Life - Simon's Story - /watch?v=1EPO1Zblq3o
relationship  relationships  partnerships  partners  partner  communication  adaulthood  dating  friend  zone  marriage  lifelessons  lifelesson  lifehacks  lifehacker  Social  Media  socialnetwork  socialnetworks  YouTube  Eat  Your  Kimchi  South  Korea 
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Limbic Revision: How Love Rewires the Brain | Brain Pickings
In a relationship, one mind revises the other; one heart changes its partner. This astounding legacy of our combined status as mammals and neural beings is limbic revision: the power to remodel the emotional parts of the people we love, as our Attractors [coteries of ingrained information patterns] activate certain limbic pathways, and the brain’s inexorable memory mechanism reinforces them. Who we are and who we become depends, in part, on whom we love. [...] Real, honest, complete love requires letting go.
relationship  lifelessons  partnerships  environment  partners  book  social  science  lifelesson  relationships  social  study  personality  changes 
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How Relationships Refine Our Truths: Adrienne Rich on the Dignity of Love | Brain Pickings
"An honorable human relationship — that is, one in which two people have the right to use the word 'love' — is a process, delicate, violent, often terrifying to both persons involved, a process of refining the truths they can tell each other." How relationships refine our truths – Adrienne Rich on the dignity of love
love  relationship  partnerships  partners  relationships 
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The secret to a happy marriage: Don't forgive and forget, and have a row instead, say researchers | Mail Online
‘short-term discomfort of an angry but honest conversation’ can benefit the health of a relationship in the long term.

forgiveness in marriage can have some unintended negative effects.

we must decide whether we should be angry and hold onto that anger, or forgive.'
His research found a variety of factors can complicate the effectiveness of forgiveness, including a partner's level of agreeableness and the severity and frequency of the transgression.
'Believing a partner is forgiving leads agreeable people to be less likely to offend that partner and disagreeable people to be more likely to offend that partner,'

anger can serve an important role in signaling to a transgressing partner that the offensive behavior is not acceptable.
sociology  psychology  marriage  partners  relationships  relationship 
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Pitch Slams | Innovate!100 - The World's Most Promising Tech Startups
At the Pitch Slams, you’ll pitch to a local audience of investors, partners, other entrepreneurs and the media. You’ll be promoted as an Innovate!100 Finalist, and your pitch will be evaluated by industry experts and analysts, using the G/Score, Guidewire Group’s market leading assessment methodology. The G/Score has been proven as a reliable predictor of startups market success, trusted by partners and investors around the world. Click here to learn about the G/Score.

But that’s not where it ends. That’s where the action begins. Following the Pitch Slam, you’ll be invited to identify which of Innovate!2010’s partners, including investors, corporations and customers you would like to meet with. Partners and sponsors of Innovate!2010 that may not make it to your Pitch Slam have already expressed interest to meet with the Innovate!100 Finalists. We’ll provide these companies your company’s G/Score so they can review your company’s business.
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A Conversation With Brad Garlinghouse, AOL’s President Of Consumer Applications
One of the things that I think is part of the change at AOL is an understanding and focus about what we are and what we are not. AOL isn’t confused about the idea, ‘hey, we’re trying to be a social network.’ We’re not. We’re trying to create more social experiences by partnering with players who are very, very good at what they do. I don’t think all our competitors have gotten that same message that, hey there’s some very powerful and very good at what they do players, and I mean, particularly Facebook and I think we take a point of view as evidenced through AIM that, great. How do we partner with Facebook? How do we help Facebook? And how does that help AIM and how does that help the user? Lifestream clearly is another example of that.

- looks like they do now take partnerships seriously -
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = == = = = = = = = = = = = = =
good bc as ecosystem grows, it becomes more important
to keep eyeballs as new properties and buildings rise to the sky
= = = = = =
AOL  change  management  strategy  strategy-making  turnaround  leadership  partners  partner  tuki 
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