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A Dozen Things I’ve Learned From Chris Sacca About Venture Capital | 25iq
“Good investors are in the service business.” “There are angels who have 75 companies and don’t call any of them ever.” [...] “Any VC will tell you where they really make their money is on following on, it’s on doubling down into the winners. The things that are growing geometrically in terms of users, revenue that kind of stuff.” [...] “I do try to focus a lot on the entrepreneur as a person, I think that has fallen out of the equation recently…. look for driven people.” [ execution, passion, vision, mission, alignment ] [...] “Companies don’t succeed, when there’s a lot of chiefs and no Indians.” [...] “Create value before you ask for value back.” [...] “It’s people with these broader life experiences who have balanced relationships who come up with the cool shit.”
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Fireside Chat with Chamath Palihapitiya - YouTube
... why try improving the fire department when you don't need to call the fire department in the first place. ... public health policy, public health ... insurance firms, NHS have to give incentive for healthy living - ie cutting your tax marginally while gov is better off with lower rates of chronic diseases in the future. long-term view / long-term thinking. [...] [...] [...] likelihood of failure; 99%. so got to swing the bat at really audacious, ambitious, problem. [...] [...] [...] skill driven economy, retraining - teamtreehouse - meritocracy
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Steve Jurvetson never sells a share of a company he invests in - YouTube
59m7s >> what if we erase the digital divide ... transforming the pyramid into a conical spike because of winner takes all network effects. .... >> ~30hr work week - Robert Skidelsky, ... contribution to the collective worth society, unpaid. - unconditional living wage/income ... a basic income redistribution. fairness. people that work in low to non-profit companies because of added value to society ... paid by excess profits of X ... we are all in the same boat. we are all interconnected. dependent on each other. +++ // doing more with fewer staff. & practical skills you need in today's workplace, u don't learn at university. Elon Musk, the most important men 4 the future. bc he's swinging big, willing to fail with his ambition(s). attracts similar minds. [down the line come's Bill Gates 2.0, Larry & Sergey, & others that work on sustainability of food and energy.] ADD Larry Page on that topic - // vid id Wdnp_7atZ0M
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