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Investigating Deutsche Bank’s €21 Trillion Derivative Casino In Wake Of Admission It Rigged Gold And Silver
Deutsche Bank has over €515 billion in “positive derivative values” in comparison to €496 billion in “negative derivative values”.
Deutsche  Bank  investment  banking  derivatives  Financial  Stability  Board  European  Bank  Supervision  ECB  too  big  to  fail  too  big  to  bail  TBTF  OTC  Greed 
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Der Crash ist die Lösung | SWR1 Leute - YouTube
banks still TBTF, Systemrelevant. << enabled by Own Lobby influencing Career Politicians. haftungsgarantien von ECB are no more capitalism. +++ &&& +++ If even Germany - Wirtchaftslokomotive - export meister - does still have a budget deficit, while being that country that produces more than it consumes, who else if not Germany? But still doesn't. +++ "Die Zeit der Rendite ist vorbei." +++ Schulden zu haben, man ist nicht frei. Frueher hat man das sich gekauft was man sich leisten konnte, ohne kreditkarte, ohne dispo, ohne bankkredit. +++ NEW crash will come of even bigger proportion and even more rubble to clear up afterwards than 2008/9 - GFC. +++ Always buy in tranches, dispersed over time. +++ fractional reserve banking leads to this UBER crash as we live on a planet with finite resources. Current GDP fetish needs to stop. Change of mind, thinking, course. << this is the same with Mobile Creative, future workforce, Software eats the world, UK's productivity gap.
book  GFC  Debt  Super  Cycle  jubilee  sovereign  crisis  liquidity  trap  investigative  journalism  journalismus  monetization  private  consumer  bubble  monetisation  public  household  balance  sheet  recession  PIGS  Europe  lostdecade  lost  decade  lost  generation  greatrecession  greatdepression  toobigtofail  TBTF  OTC  derivatives  systemrelevant  Systemrelevanz  toobigtojail  Career  Politicians  accountability  transparency  Politics  Democratic  Process  democracy  short-term  thinking  long-term  thinking  financial  industry  LIBOR  rigging  scandal  trust  trustagent  confidence  corporatism  crony  capitalism  Lobbying  lobbyist  lobby  revolving  door  IMF  IWF  centralbanks  economic  history  capitalism  Thomas  Piketty  ECB  EZB  OMT  faultlines  budget  deficit  structural  deficit  Impediments  structural  imbalance  history  financial  repression  New  Normal  ZIRP  NIRP  QE  Beton  Gold  property  bubble  fragile  world  fagile  financial  system  external  shock  balckswan  monetary  stimulus  hunt  for  yield  speculative  bubbles  growth  round  equity  bubble  credit  bubble  asset  bubble  bond  bubble  Island  Agentina  Japan  UK  fractional  reserve  banking  GDP  economic  model  fiat  currency  fiat  money  USA  academia  acade 
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Verdacht von CDS-Absprachen: EU verschärft Ermittlungen gegen Banken - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Die EU-Kommission droht zahlreichen internationalen Großbanken mit empfindlichen Geldstrafen. Sie wirft unter anderem der Deutschen Bank verbotene Absprachen bei Geschäften für Kreditausfallversicherungen vor. >> /watch?v=u84NhfiGJ7o "Banks in the dock over CDS"
value  at  risk  OTC  trust  cartel  CDS  Corruption  accounting  jpmorgan  confidence  GoldmanSachs  transparency  deutschebank  trustagent  VAR  banking  crisis  too  big  to  jail  Barclays  toobigtofail  bank  crisis 
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Tradition plans forex exchange ahead of new rules | Reuters
brokers and inter dealer brokers are forced to put their desks (OTC) onto digital platforms,

ECN / no dealing desk

"Policy-makers are keen to shake-up the vast over-the-counter markets in currencies, bonds and derivatives where these brokers operate by forcing them on to electronic platforms as early as this year.

[...] Regulators are keen to force more of these murky OTC markets to use electronic, exchange-based systems to make them more transparent and easier to regulate.

The banks' support of Tradition's new project is partly a response to growing frustration among banks with the levels of HFT activity in the existing platforms.

Tradition's traFXpure is designed to tackle this."
HFT  ECN  broker  forex  OTC 
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Bloomberg’s Harper Says Bank Exposure to Europe Clouded (Audio)
Nov 16, 2011
Bloomberg reporter Christine Harper says U.S. bank investors are being kept in the dark about exposure to European sovereign default. Harper talks with Bloomberg's Ken Prewitt and Tom Keene on Bloomberg Radio's "Bloomberg Surveillance."

- ISDA - the body for CDS / Derivatives decided that greece 50% PSI (haircut) is not default,
- bc ISDA is owned by banks, if they would rule it as default scenario - everyone would have owed somebody something - which would have introduced great uncertainty, volatility, share price losses
- did it in their own interest.
= this equals to collusion in an oligopolistic market.
ISDA  CDS  derivatives  collusion  oligopol  financialmarket  Greece  default  2011  OTC  exposure  sovereign  debt  crisis  PIIGS  accounting  fraud  transparency  confidence 
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Credit-Default Swap Risk Bomb Is Wired to Explode: Mark Buchanan - Bloomberg
The European nations are linked in a network of debts, as Bill Marsh recently illustrated in the New York Times with a beautiful piece of graphic art. Greece and Italy are prominent; Ireland, Portugal and Spain lurk ominously nearby. France and Germany seem exposed, too, as does the U.S.
The image is like a complex wiring diagram for a ticking debt bomb. Yet what it shows may be less important than what it leaves out: a largely invisible network of ties among institutions around the world, which could ultimately cause global financial chaos.
This hidden network has been created by institutions that buy and sell unregulated credit-default swaps. These are essentially insurance contracts on bonds; in the event of a default on the bond, the seller of the swap promises to pay the buyer the bond’s value.

The researchers showed that too much risk sharing can make it easy for distress to spread like a virus.
CDS  Europe  bomb  debt  bubble  2011  OTC  sovereign  crisis  unknown  toobigtofail  2008  AIG  risk  system  systemicrisk  problems  exposure  Greece  PIIGS  tippingpoint  history  lesson  economics  Financalmeltdown  FinancialCrisisInquiryCommission  financialmarket  financialmarkets  financialcrisis  finance 
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The Volcker Rule: Toothless Then, Even More Toothless Now | ZeroHedge
Whatever the banks ultimately have to live with, it is highly unlikely that it will resemble this. If the Basel Accords are any indication, the battle to water down the rules will continue up until the last minute.

In the meantime, many of the Volcker Rules would be unnecessary if more products were put on exchanges. So many of the “flow trading” concerns that are being raised by this document would go away if the regulators pushed for more transparency, more clearing, and more exchange traded products. Progress on that front would go a long way to decreasing risks. Of all the banking nightmares, not once have I heard of an equity “sales-trader” putting the firm at risk.
risk  VolckerRule  2011  bank  regulation  reform  transparency  OTC 
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Another Exchange Halts Levered OTC Gold And Silver Trading | zero hedge
Last week it was, now it is Oanda. As a reminder "... on Friday told clients it will discontinue its gold and silver over-the-counter products marketed to retail investors who are U.S. residents. It asked investors to close their positions by July 15." This was first reported on Zero Hedge. "Trading gold and silver over the counter -- bypassing a futures exchange -- offered investors a chance to enter a highly speculative, leveraged market that also left many investors at risk of fraud, according to one trade group. “In order to trade, it needs to be done in a exchange, or it can’t be done at all,” said Dan Driscoll, a vice president with the National Futures Association. The industry group asked Congress for such changes, due to numerous cases of fraud in such contracts. Doing business with a futures exchange offers retail investors more protections and transparency, he said." There you go: it's the extensive fraud that did it.
CME  Forex  broker  CFTC  Dodd-Frank  fraud  leverage  trading  OTC  2011  regulation  reform  oversight  Oanda 
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How To Kill OTC Derivatives Reform in Two Sentences « The Baseline Scenario
Have lobbyists snuck another major loophole into the OTC Derivatives bill? This week the final touches are being put on Barney Frank’s financial regulation bill – H.R. 4173 – “Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2009.” One of the centerpieces of this reform is Title III: Over-the-Counter Derivatives Markets Act. And one of the goals of this reform would be to get as many derivatives as possible to trade on exchanges.
derivatives  regulation  finance  barneyfrank  lobby  lobbyist  Lobbying  wallstreet  reform  2009  OTC 
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