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(336) Tesla: The Optimization Machine (why Tesla will win) - YouTube
meetings max 6-7 people, if you don't contribute/add value - leave.
communication, no need to talk through managers, talk directly across departments.
the best process is no process. no part is better than a part.
innovation through cross talk, seeing the car as a whole and not one part (optimizing one part).
Tesla  corporate  culture  Elon  Musk 
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(95) A conversation with Elon Musk about Starship - YouTube
there is never a perfect part. constraints.
smart mistakes.
optimising things that shouldn't exist.
no optimising subsystems - everyone is a lead engineer.
"If a design is taking too long, design is wrong!"
"Product errors reflect organizational errors."
"You should take the approach that the constraints given to you are guaranteed to be some degree wrong, so always question them regardless the credibility of the person handing them to you.
"When you can properly frame the question, the answer is comparatively easy."
SpaceX  Elon  Musk  Engineering  sunken  cost  fallacy  organisational  culture 
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TESLA unter Strom - Der Kampf um die Zukunft des Autos - YouTube
Tesla und Co hat management probleme.
Musk hat intern Tesla und Co kein fuehrungsteam gebaut, und vertraut auch nicht sein "baby" anderen an.
Tesla  Elon  Musk  Cult  Leadership 
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'The discourse is unhinged': how the media gets AI alarmingly wrong | Technology | The Guardian
Social media has allowed self-proclaimed ‘AI influencers’ who do nothing more than paraphrase Elon Musk to cash in on this hype with low-quality pieces. The result is dangerous
artificial  Intelligence  augmented  AI  Elon  Musk 
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Elon Musk opens the Tesla Gigafactory (2016.7.29) - YouTube
Factory that is on pictures is 1/7th. Might be able to see it from space station when all build. + it is much more dense. VW or Audi or BWM would have to stack their one manufacturing hall 2 other on top. So it is much more than just Wolfsburg.
Tesla  Motors  Elon  Musk  SolarCity 
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Inside Tesla's gigantic Gigafactory - BBC News
When asked by the BBC if the masterplan publication and Gigafactory opening event had been timed to counteract potentially bad news coming from Tesla's financial results due next week, Mr Musk was unequivocal.
"The first time I thought about the earnings call is when you mentioned it," he said. //&!
Tesla  Motors  Elon  Musk  SolarCity 
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Hawking: Humans at risk of lethal 'own goal' - BBC News
Humanity is at risk from a series of dangers of our own making, according to Prof Stephen Hawking. Nuclear war, global warming and genetically-engineered viruses are among the scenarios which he singles out. And he says that further progress in science and technology will create "new ways things can go wrong". Prof Hawking is giving this year's BBC Reith Lectures, which explore research into black holes, and his warning came in answer to audience questions. He says that assuming humanity eventually establishes colonies on other worlds, it will be able to survive. "Although the chance of a disaster to planet Earth in a given year may be quite low, it adds up over time, and becomes a near certainty in the next thousand or ten thousand years. [...] But he also said that future generations of researchers should be aware of how scientific and technological progress is changing the world, and to help the wider public understand it. //&!
humanity  blackswan  GFC  self-regulation  humanitarian  crisis  human  tragedy  geneticallyengineered  genetics  gene  editing  global  warming  climate  crisis  climate  change  food  security  National  health  crisis  antibiotics  antibiotic  resistance  post-antibiotic  era  sick  population  nuclear  power  nuclear  waste  nuclear  war  climate  science  climate  system  water  scarcity  watersupply  water  rights  water  supply  water  pollution  water  security  drinking  water  inequality  Super  Rich  1%  Wall  Street  shareholder  value  profit  maximisation  shared  economic  interest  Stephen  Hawking  ecological  disaster  environmental  disaster  mass  extinction  unknown  unkown  unintended  consequences  Fukushima  extreme  weather  weather  extreme  economic  damage  AI  artificial  intelligence  Elon  Musk 
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The Information's 411-10/23 "Blood Feuds" by The Information Podcasts | Free Listening on SoundCloud
11:30 // science is hard. stupid. and a non-consumer product. duh. //&! HYPE CYLCE - on 5 magazine covers and not even public! because she is, as female science-based founder/ceo a rarity and it sells papers >> - Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes’s Five Best Cover Story Appearances, Ranked
Theranos  Hype  Cycle  Silicon  Valley  Elizabeth  Holmes  Steve  Jobs  Leadership  vision  visionary  missionary  Trope  messaging  message  PR  spin  doctor  Mark  Zuckerberg  credibility  glass  cliff  glass  ceiling  gender-based  discrimination  gender-based  harassment  Venture  Capital  B2B  Box  Aaron  Levie  B2C  Google  Inc.  Google  Search  communication  TOS  EULA  consumer  product  Protection  23andme  Tesla  Motors  Elon  Musk  journalismus  journalism  investigative  journalism  Amazon  disruption  disrupting  markets  Uber  Travis  Kalanick  Jeff  Bezos 
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VW could face long legal nightmare - BBC News
One German newspaper has described Volkswagen's rigging of emission tests as the "most expensive act of stupidity in the history of the car industry". [ irrational exuberance, feeling untouchable. Tesla is a symptom, that a somebody has to be crazy and always walk on a knifes edge, to compete against a handful of conglomerates and innovate from first principle: redefining the category/vertical ]
Volkswagen  VW  automotive  conglomerate  lobbyist  lobby  Lobbying  ethical  machine  corruption  bribery  Career  Politicians  Consumer  Protection  Wall  Street  shareholder  value  profit  maximisation  irrational  exuberance  banking  crisis  GFC  bank  crisis  Tesla  Motors  Elon  Musk  first  principle  FinTech  trust  antitrust  distrust  confidence  exploitation 
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How Tesla Will Change The World
[ 2C target is the most stupid experiment even run in human history, comes before nuclear fallout. fukushima, chernobyl - still dealing with the consequences. ] This is Part 2 of a four-part series on Elon Musk’s companies. For an explanation of why this series is happening and how Musk is involved, start with Part 1.
Elon  Musk  Tesla  Motors  carbonfootprint  climate  change  global  warming  CO2  economic  damage  extreme  weather  weather  extreme  food  security  water  security  water  scarcity  drinking  water  water  supply  water  rights  food  prices  food  poverty  renewable  energy  Kyoto  Career  Politicians  Wall  Street  profit  maximisation  shareholder  value  shared  economic  interest  insurance  premium  energy  policy  air  pollution  ecological  disaster  environmental  disaster  mass  extinction 
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Nuclear 'Command And Control': A History Of False Alarms And Near Catastrophes : NPR
Mankind is a lot better at creating complex technological systems than at controlling them, // "When it comes to nuclear command and control, anything less than perfection is unacceptable because of how devastatingly powerful these weapons are," [...] His new book, Command and Control: Nuclear Weapons, the Damascus Accident, and the Illusion of Safety, is a critical look at the history of the nation's nuclear weapons systems — and a terrifying account of the fires, explosions, false attack alerts and accidentally dropped bombs that plagued America's military throughout the Cold War. [...] Command and Control Nuclear Weapons, the Damascus Accident, and the Illusion of Safety
AI  artificial  intelligence  nuclear  power  nuclear  book  Elon  Musk  Stephen  Hawking 
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Larry Page says he wants his fortune to go to Elon Musk. Alphabet is the next best thing. - Vox
Big minds with small ideas. = current Silicon Valley. Old Silicon Valley was counter culture. // you will fail anyway, why not fail with something audacious. really. no fluff. no padding. no spin. ... hard science. facts. global problems that affect us all. pollution, global warming, energy efficiency, waste, democracy, health (sick population), ... // don't fear failure.
Elon  Musk  crony  capitalism  capitalism  Wall  Street  profit  maximisation  shareholder  value  Google  X  Alphabet  Inc.  Google  Inc.  Tesla  Model  S  renewable  energy  Larry  Page  Sergey  Brin  philanthropy  corporate  social  responsibility  corporate  culture  corporate  strategy  zombie  corporations  corporate  values  corporate  governance  shared  economic  interest  economic  growth  trickle-down  economics  technological  progress  impact  vision  mission  Silicon  Valley  counter  culture  wantrepreneur  entrepreneurship  society  incrementalism  incremental  Failure 
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Elon Musk und Stephen Hawking warnen vor autonomen Waffen - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Killer-Roboter klingen mehr nach Hollywood als nach einer akuten Bedrohung der Menschheit. Doch jetzt warnen mehr als tausend Experten für künstliche Intelligenz: Autonome Waffensysteme könnten bald das werden, "was Kalaschnikows heute sind".
AI  artificial  intelligence  Elon  Musk  Stephen  Hawking 
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Musk aims to save world from evil AI - BBC News
The Future of Life Institute has announced it will use a $10m (£6m) donation from billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk to fund 37 research projects dedicated to keeping AI "beneficial".
Elon  Musk  artificial  intelligence  AI  unknown  unkown  unintended  consequences 
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The Future of Artificial Intelligence - Up Next - YouTube
Back in the 1990s, Jeffrey Hawkins became both rich and famous when he invented the Palm Pilot—a device that in no small way ushered in a whole new era of mobile computing. These days, though, he’s on a far more ambitious mission. His goal: to build a machine that can think and reason on its own by mimicking the workings of the human brain. In this edition of Up Next, Hawkins opines on the both risks and rewards of artificial intelligence. Series: "Up Next: Perspectives on the Future of Everything" [5/2015] // by 2040 there will be no jobs a robot can't do. *Lead of Carnegie Mellon Robotics. // &! Now Bill Gates Is 'Concerned' About Artificial Intelligence - // &! Nick Bostrom - << &! Engelbart's Law of Technology Prediction; short-term we will over predict/overestimate and long-run (bc of exponential growth of technology) we underestimate.
AI  artificial  intelligence  Stephen  Hawking  Elon  Musk  Three  Laws  of  Robotics  Future  of  Work  automation  Robotics  Software  Is  Eating  The  World  3D  printing  Manufacturing  Mobile  Creatives  Mobile  Creative  Moore's  Law  exponential  growth  augmented  intelligence  computer  science  STEM 
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AI and the future for humanity - YouTube
AI is the last invention humans ever need and will make. //
AI  artificial  intelligence  machine  learning  deep  learning  augmented  intelligence  book  Elon  Musk 
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Elon Musk Had a Deal to Sell Tesla to Google in 2013 - Bloomberg Business
@ElonMusk had deal in '13 to sell @Tesla to @Google for ~$6B & $5B in additional capital for factory expansion according to @Bloomberg; he offered Google the deal because of how many customers were postponing orders; during negotiations sales increased & Tesla generated $562M in rev, Musk broke off negotiations 2 wks later // >> has no fear chip, demanding, in negotiations, 5bn for expansion, while having only weeks of runway. // min 36:45 - Weekly Show from April 20th 2015 "driving an insane bargain [...] he misses that fear chip [...] extraordinarily bluffing" >> great journalism, investigative journalism, scoops,
Elon  Musk  entrepreneurship  entrepreneur  book 
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Yesterday the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation... - Creative Commons
... see comments. also see &! &! >> Nature makes all articles free to view ( "For those not in the know, Nature is THE journal to be in if you want to be successful in bioscience. It is peer reviewed, fairly exclusive, and they generally only publish game changer style science. If you are in science, and you get a first author Nature paper, your ticket is punched and you are about to have a moderately successful career."
Aaron  Swartz  Creative  Commons  research  Information  wants  to  be  free  knowledge  worker  knowledge  economy  knowledge  Tesla  Motors  Elon  Musk  21stcentury  Mobile  Creative  Mobile  Creatives  Collaborative  collaboration  Future  of  Work  patent  patent  troll  research  papers  education  policy  Public 
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Tesla's Musk: AI is like 'summoning the demon': Washington Post
During a speech at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology on Friday, the founder of Tesla told an audience that the tech sector should be "very careful" about pioneering AI, The Post reported, calling it "our biggest existential threat." On several occasions, Musk has called the technology a big risk that can't be controlled. At MIT, Musk carried the metaphor a bit further than he has in the past. "With artificial intelligence we are summoning the demon," The Post quoted Musk as saying. Musk's comments highlighted a budding ethical debate in the broader society about whether machines should be able to think for themselves. Autonomous technology is a hot topic in engineering circles, and occupies a prominent place in popular culture. &
AI  artificial  intelligence  Elon  Musk 
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The Case For Intelligent Failure To Invent The Future | TechCrunch
The future will not be like the past. The future will be built by those who will take risks and action to invent the world they want. [...] Over the years, I have developed great skepticism toward so-called experts and pontificators who seem authoritative in forecasting and create an illusion of knowing based on very little actual expertise. [...] I have experienced the power of doers, the chaotic and naïve world of optimistic entrepreneurs who just try things, admit mistakes, fail, learn, iterate, try again and find solutions – often out of necessity. Accepting, even encouraging, the right kind of failure is the best way to discover the solution to our problems and close the resource gap. Learning by engaging, iterating and persisting, rather than pursuing academic studies or writing papers, seem to be the major drivers of change. [...] The biggest risk we can take is to not take any risks at all. [...] we need the impossible to bridge our resource gap.
entrepreneurship  social  entrepreneurship  entrepreneurial  entrepreneur  Year  of  Code  innovation  innovator  Mobile  Creative  Mobile  Creatives  knowledge  worker  knowledge  economy  destruction  disrupting  markets  disruption  marketplace  inefficiencies  marketplace  efficiencies  finite  resources  Tesla  Motors  renewable  energy  energy  security  resource  depletion  Elon  Musk  failure  culture  society  Silicon  Valley  Start-Up  lesson  Start-Up  advice 
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Elon Musk interviewed on 60 Minutes - YouTube
min 2:24 - if something is important enough, you should at least try solve the problem, attack the problem, even if the probable outcome is failure.
Elon  Musk  Vision  Passion  Start-Up  advice  Start-Up  lesson  Failure  ambition  humanity 
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Elon Musk: How I'm Guaranteeing Tesla Model S Car - YouTube
- worth of purchase - a little Poker. Knowing that he got the better hand. a much better hand. he did his math. great move. bold move. vision. inspirational. leadership. ... end of interview 7 minute in talking about Nissan Leaf ... "we will never do a product that we don't 100% believe in." +++ UK Launch - // talking about California and UK public transportation +++ // Justine Musk abt their pre-nups, mediation, divorce and other private accounts - - ". I didn't want to be a sideline player in the multimillion-dollar spectacle of my husband's life. I wanted equality. I wanted partnership. I wanted to love and be loved, the way we had before he made all his millions." + - "I think the foundation of love is virtue,"
Elon  Musk  Tesla  Model  S  Tesla  Motors  brand  brands  branding  Personal  communication  language  public  relations  PR  consumer  product  Consumerism  consumerist  consumer  product  management  Product/Market  Fit  multi-product  company  Wall  Street  Nissan  Leaf  Principle  Vision  leadership  aspirational  product  Design  product  experience  user  experience  customer  experience  experience  frictionless  friction  transportation  public  transportation  trophy  wife  Justine  Musk  partnerships  relationship  relationships  Intimate  relationship  postnup  prenup 
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Steve Jurvetson never sells a share of a company he invests in - YouTube
59m7s >> what if we erase the digital divide ... transforming the pyramid into a conical spike because of winner takes all network effects. .... >> ~30hr work week - Robert Skidelsky, ... contribution to the collective worth society, unpaid. - unconditional living wage/income ... a basic income redistribution. fairness. people that work in low to non-profit companies because of added value to society ... paid by excess profits of X ... we are all in the same boat. we are all interconnected. dependent on each other. +++ // doing more with fewer staff. & practical skills you need in today's workplace, u don't learn at university. Elon Musk, the most important men 4 the future. bc he's swinging big, willing to fail with his ambition(s). attracts similar minds. [down the line come's Bill Gates 2.0, Larry & Sergey, & others that work on sustainability of food and energy.] ADD Larry Page on that topic - // vid id Wdnp_7atZ0M
peak  employment  unemployment  structural  unemployment  long-term  unemployment  employment  Mobile  Creative  Mobile  Creatives  knowledge  worker  White-collar  Blue-collar  Year  of  Code  digital  divide  productivity  output  gap  flat  world  globalization  globalisation  competitive  advantage  competitiveness  competitive  Competition  social  mobility  income  mobility  Gini  coefficient  Super  Rich  capitalism  USA  offshoring  outsourcing  1%  network  effects  global  competitive  landscape  workforce  Robert  Skidelsky  academia  academics  economic  history  history  tax  free  income  income  redistribution  income  distribution  fairness  unintended  consequences  complexity  unknown  unknowns  underemployed  economics  of  abundance  social  safety  net  happiness  index  GDP  Chamath  Palihapitiya  society  market  society  social  society  civic  society  civil  society  Industrial  Revolution  pluralistic  society  western  society  efficiency  marketplace  efficiencies  skill-biased  technological  change  capital  skills  practical  skill  set  practical  skills  skills  skill  education  policy  formal  education  education  perfect  storm  Indignados  Indignants  occupywallstreet  Elon  Musk  disrupting  markets  disruption  sustainability  sustainable  workless  hybrid  work  working  class  working  poor  working  squeezed  middle  class  Larry  Page  Sergey  B 
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Elon Musk on his reasons for pessimism | MSNBC
will take +20 years to exchange gas guzzelers with electric cars. and planet is at its limit of capacity to take up carbonemission's. we are near the cliff, and when we are at the cliff - consequences are unstoppable, catastrophic. - there has to be a price on carbon emissions of any kind. >> ie petrochemical industry has to pay a 1, 2, 3% tax on their profit, incrementally increasing ... money is put in to subsidize clean tech research, product, employment.
carbonfootprint  carbonemission  climate  change  global  warming  unknown  unknowns  complexity  climate  science  climate  system  climatechange  climate  weather  extreme  extreme  weather  Elon  Musk  renewable  energy  clean  tech  gigafactory  industrial  policy  subsidies  subsidizing  financial  incentive  incentive  carbon  trading  scheme 
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SolarCity's Chairman Elon Musk annouces it will buy solar panel maker Silveo
Without decisive action to lay the groundwork today, the massive volume of affordable, high efficiency panels needed for unsubsidized solar power to outcompete fossil fuel grid power simply will not be there when it is needed,” according to the blog post penned by SolarCity Chairman Elon Musk and the two co-founders, Peter Rive and Lyndon Rive. [...] “The timing is right to make an acquisition and get into advanced solar panel manufacturing. If we don’t do this, then we thought there’s a risk of not being able to have the solar panels we need to expand the business in the long term,” Elon Musk said on the conference call. [...] In both cases, Musk’s goal is to make sure that the components critical to his vision of the future — electric cars and solar energy — are available and cheap enough to beat fossil fuels.
SolarCity  Solar  Panel  Elon  Musk  efficiency  gigafactory  Tesla  Motors  energy  storage  systems  renewable  energy  Nudge  theory  financial  incentive  incentive  industrial  policy  subsidies  subsidizing 
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Why Elon Musk Just Opened Up All of Tesla's Patents : The New Yorker
It’s a risky move but a shrewd one. It’s one that wouldn’t make a lot of sense for a lot of companies. But it does for Tesla. The company’s stock has doubled in the past year, but the industry is struggling. Musk’s biggest electic-car-entrepreneur-frenemy, Shai Agassi, led his company, Better Place, into bankruptcy a year ago. It’s a good moment for the industry to get a jolt. “Putting in long hours for a corporation is hard,” Musk said on Thursday during a conference call. “Putting in long hours for a cause is easy.” What exactly is that cause? It’s bringing clean cars to the people, of course. But it’s also, it seems now, showing the world a new way to think about innovation. || +++ >> // Industrial Policy - 1% and increasing incrementally on gas guzzling cars. + emissions tax on consumer driving a gas guzzeler.
Elon  Musk  Tesla  Motors  patent  patents  electric  car  competitive  advantage  competitiveness  long-term  thinking  common  good  Competition  competitive  brand  Tesla  Model  S  battery  car  technology  gigafactory  Public  Policy  carbonfootprint  carbonemission  climate  change  corporate  governance  shared  upside  sharing  economy  Millennials  generationy  ethics  moral  beliefs  ethical  machine  ethical  beliefs  ethical  industrial  subsidies  subsidizing  financial  incentive  incentive  Nudge  theory 
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Tesla Opens Up Patents to Promote Electric Vehicles | Re/code
Elon Musk's legacy will not just be Tesla Motors and SpaceX. It will also be this, being concerned about the future, that the velocity of which the electric car spreads to the consumer around the world isn't steep enough in order to make a dent in the world ... in the world's carbon emission reduction / global warming. He puts the common and public good before profits and WallStreet. Knowing and banking on the Tesla Brand and still having the first mover advantage in 5 years. Elon Musk picks his fights really well. Marrying a capitalistic profit motive of a company that was on the brink of failure and the public good/common good of reducing carbon footprint of the world. Establishing, enabling industry standards. Preventing technological incompatibilities and silos. Trying to prevent consumer frustration and friction. This is Win-Win. If Wall Street tanks the Stock this Friday, we should all give up ... on Wall Street already. //
Tesla  teslamotors  Tesla  Motors  patent  patents  patent  troll  patent  trolls  Elon  Musk  focused  focus  execution  Open  Platform  carbonfootprint  carbonemission  Mission  Statement  crony  capitalism  industry  standards  technological  history  technological  progress  Consumerism  consumer  consumerist  frictionless  friction  technological  silo  silo  long-term  thinking  short-term  thinking  WallStreet  consumer  product  Design  moral  beliefs  morals  morality  Philosophy  public  good  public  transportation  ethical  ethics  corporate  governance  corporate  culture  corporatism  capitalism  ethical  beliefs  governance 
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Elon Musk Bet On The Gigafactory - Business Insider
At a tech conference hosted by Tesla last week, Musk put things in even more stark terms: The company won't be able to function at all if it doesn't build a gigafactory — and will ultimately need hundreds of them. "We can’t figure out any other way to scale," the Wall Street Journal's Cassandra Sweet quoted Musk as saying.
gigafactory  SolarCity  Tesla  Elon  Musk  battery  battery  technology  Lithium-Ion  Li-ion  battery 
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Larry Page shares annual [2013 version] Founders' letter for shareholders:- Google is processing | LAUNCH
Few incremental changes leads to irrelevance over time; Google will continue to invest for the long term. Larry Page & Google wollen sich nicht den Rang ablaufen lassen von Elon Musk (Tesla & Space X) sowohl von Zuckerbergs Facebook (welcher auch das Internet zur restlichen weltbevoelkerung bringen will.) ... have to hand it to them that they are able to pursue and work on their grand visions while under quarterly scrutiny by Shareholders.
Google  Larry  Page  long-term  thinking  investment  technological  progress  Don't  be  evil  shareholder  stakeholder  WallStreet  crony  capitalism  greed  short-term  thinking  human  progress  humanity  complexity  unknown  unknowns  corporate  governance  governance  transparency  accountability  interest  groups  Vision  Elon  Musk  elonmusk  Facebook  Mark  Zuckerberg  Tesla  SpaceX 
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