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(579) The Matrix: How to Begin a Movie (video essay) - YouTube - every frame serves a purpose. nothing is wasted! &! making a persuarive arguemnt through picture setup frames, keying, sound, etc. - - its not just the argument you try to make the points you make in your story, it is also important how you connect them. //&!
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"What's more exciting to me is looking at the future of media like Netflix, festivals, Amazon. Those are really interesting." @CaseyNeistat
"What's more exciting to me is looking at the future of media like Netflix, festivals, Amazon. Those are really interesting." [ less risk averse due to 'always on-demand catalogue (not traditional terrestrial cable/tv)', they got something for someone, always, any time ] //&! >> "People shouldn't look outward because it makes you a follower. Whatever you're deciding you should look inward." << [individuality, creative destruction! place to take risks.] //&! "I love making videos more than anything. When you're churning out sheer quantity there's no time to dwell. You just post." << YouTube algo! is making you do it! You are not making videos. You are editing todays footage! You don't make movies. You make videos. Selbstdarstellung at best. Selfie in a/v.
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The FULL uncut interview with Christopher Nolan - Newsnight - YouTube
don't kill the messenger. // "pitch it in the language you think it should be made in." for the breath of the audience. "engaging audience can pay dividends." [...] don't disregard the audience. [...] playing wider. [...] ambitions about the film. [...] 'the amount of energy and time you put in you want to be passionate about otherwise it becomes a never ending slog'
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Why podcasts are suddenly “back” –
>> listening to podcast eats time away from the existing pie pieces of other forms of entertainment, escapism, and snacking. But it shares similarities with Music, TV, Movie, ... you can let it run in the background and do something different and listening in.
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Add: from minute 4:55 - Prometheus Arc
+ Deleted Scene Picture


PROMETHEUS Sequel Recap: What We Know About the Possible Follow-Up So Far

"The real question to me is – the more mankind discovers in science the more clear and helpful everything becomes, yet we’re very bad at managing ourselves. And one of the biggest problems in the world is what we call religion, it causes more problems than anything in the goddamn universe. Think about what’s happening now, all based on the very simple idea that a Muslim can’t live alongside a Catholic, or a Catholic can’t live alongside a Protestant…"

- Sir Ridley Scott certainly wanted to tell us something, educate, show, ... with Blade Runner. And as well with Prometheus.
- Same can be said about new TV Series Continuum (Canada)
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