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(13428) Die Story im Ersten: Am rechten Rand - YouTube
und ruft zum Aufstand auf, rief zum zivilen ungehoersamen aufstand auf gegen den Staat.

&! =- Radical Right-wing in Germany in 2018 - Docu - 2018

&! - AfD-Aussteigerin | Franziska Schreiber | SWR1 Leute

&! - Gefühlte Angst: Wie die AfD im bayerischen Deggendorf den Fremdenhass schürt

& Tommy Robinson and the far right’s new playbook
Stephen Yaxley-Lennon AKA Tommy Robinson. Photograph: Jack Taylor/Getty
The former EDL leader is one of a new breed of entrepreneurial activists who are bringing extremist myths into the mainstream – while also claiming they are being silenced. -

* - Extrem gewaltbereit: Kampfsport in der rechten Szene | Monitor | Das Erste | WDR
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The Dark Side of Fast Food: Why Does It Make You Sick / Fat / Tired / Taste So Good (2001) - YouTube
manufactured industrial commodity / Eric Schlosser // food-industrial complex is focused on profit and margin. not sustainability. public health. individual health. climate change // fast food is americas highest spending item! // start w 1970's ... 80s in UK!
Processed  Food  Food–industrial  complex  Lobby  public  health  Standard  American  Diet  western  Urbanisation  USA  chronic  sick  population  Cowspiracy  climatechange  globalwarming  climate  change  global  warming  Fast  McDonalds  sustainability  pollution  obesity  overweight  CVD  Diabetes  care  demands  Consumerism  Consumer  Pop  Culture  Kultur  Advertising  PR  NHS  taxation  premature  death  Cancer  antibiotic  antibiotics  antitrust  Katel  poisoning  Cartel  GOP  Republicans  self-regulation  regulation  regulators  E.coli  revolving  door  Oligopoly  Oligopol  Duopoly 
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Cyberangriff auf Bundestag: Offenbar auch Rechner von Regierungsmitgliedern betroffen - SPIEGEL ONLINE
[ if they were able to install a trojan/malware/bot - it is most likely to be the case of highly customized targeted phishing attack on peoples email address. could be gov backed. most likely (Israel, China, USA, UK, Russia, ...) New/customized, not recognizable by existing signatures known - thus antivirus useless, only recognizable by looking at logs and co. ] Fachleute halten es sogar für möglich, dass weite Teile der Bundestags-IT komplett neu konfiguriert werden müssen. [...] Sicherheitshalber wurden Ende vergangener Woche Teile des Bundestags-Systems zeitweise heruntergefahren. Darunter fielen offenbar auch Laufwerke des Parlamentarischen Untersuchungsausschusses zur Aufklärung der BND/NSA-Spionageaffäre. <<< [ Frage fuer die BPK wie kompetent sind Bundestagsabgeordnete? Sicherheitstraining? ] // 1 Tag spaeter Ermittler vermuten Geheimdienst hinter Cyberangriff &! Die Bundesregierung zerstört aktiv [...] vertrauen. &!
cyber  war  corporate  espionage  industrial  espionage  cyber  espionage  cyber  crime  cyber  security  cyber  attack  Germany  DAU  phishing  IT  password  security  GroKo  Career  Politicians  Angela  Merkel  trust  confidence  No  Representation  Vorratsdatenspeicherung  surveillance  state  Orwellian  BND  Internet  Privacy  Privacy  corruption  abuse  of  power  apathy  Protest  Kultur  short-term  thinking  short-term  view 
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Are We All Terrorists Now? Russell Brand The Trews (E322) - YouTube
>> if they would do their job properly, they wouldn't have to come up with laws to cover their backs. // double standard between [Christianity] influencing law making & moral/ethical guidelines [manufactured consent] and condemning Islam at large. all while both at some point of their "rules" do break human rights and basic human decency and civility.
Career  Politicians  No  Representation  democracy  free  speech  Protest  Kultur  Europe  UK  austerity  legitemacy  ISIS  Rechtsextremismus  extremism  Neonazi  Neo-Nazi  Protest  Partei  Protest  Party  Protest  islamic  radicalism  State  Law  Religion  Religious  freedom  Sharia  Law  War  on  Terror  double  standard  gay  marriage  manufactured  consent  LGBTQIASP  Germany  history  freedom  of  expression  human  rights  political  economy  Conservative  Party  David  Cameron  globalisation  globalization  social  tension  social  cohesion  social  construct 
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