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Lena Dunham calls in to The Howard Stern Show (1/16/13) - YouTube - Lena Dunham on Creating Characters - The New Yorker Festival - The New &! Lena Dunham: On Directing &! Howard Stern Lena Dunham interview 2014 - &! - Mindy Kaling on Being Called 'Ugly and Fat' On Social Media
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▶ Marc Ecko Interview at The Breakfast Club Power 105.1 - YouTube
Marc Ecko - legacy over money. + Perception is perception, it's not reality. How are you perceived, your brand. Focus on what you are good at (Talent), and do that well (+Hustle). And then later comes the Hustle, even more so + harder work, if you want to go beyond that. ... "Kanye! You don't need those gatekeepers. [...] Don't let your product be defined by a certain price point [by those gatekeepers]. [...] Don't try to imagine your future in a straight line. [...] Hubris can kill yourself. Don't get high on your own supply. [Stay Humble, authentic, down to earth, stay true to yourself.]" [...] "Nike makes an event out of a product." + v=k3SIkVIj7TQ "Perfect is the Enemy of Great. Constrains drive Creativity. Pro/Am Picture." [...] "Public Perception (and ur perception) is not Reality. [...] Problem of being disconnected. Swing ur dick without being a dick. Be intellectually honest" +
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