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Gurley on Global Selloff: Bloomberg West (Full Show 8/21) - YouTube
'averting catastrophic events' - hard things about hard things - book // when taking on growth round to grow aggressively company (buying customer growth)... you might actually take on risk. especially when the sentiment and the market turns and you burned it all and weren't so good at allocating the money and 'growing' you have to maybe raise a flat/downround ... ooopsies. Or even have to accept a debt round and massive lay-off to get to cash flow even/positive. And run a tight ship with the user base/business you've got. // re: post-price correction after speculative China bubble burst and massive China weakness and still existing/persistent deflationary pressures in western world. // &! - Public markets affect venture funding. Full stop.
growth  round  IPO  Bill  Gurley  Venture  Capital  Private  Market  Unicorn  Decacorn  Mutual  Fund  Private  Equity  Hedge  Fund  2015  speculative  bubbles  speculative  speculation  hunt  for  yield  burn  rate  runway  sentiment  business  confidence  consumer  confidence  China  recovery  bubble  reflate  reflation  book  Ben  Horowitz  Marc  Andreessen  business  model  cash  flow  cash-is-king  Start-Up  lesson  financial  model  Start-Up  advice  valuation  Mark  Suster  Wall  Street 
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The Upside of a Downturn in Silicon Valley - The New York Times
In good times, in other words, it’s relatively easy to be a great start-up chief executive. When winter comes to Silicon Valley, we’ll find out which founders really shine. A lot of them won’t. Things won’t be pretty. But maybe it’s time.
Silicon  Valley  Venture  Capital  Ben  Horowitz  book 
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A Dozen Things I’ve Learned From Chris Sacca About Venture Capital | 25iq
“Good investors are in the service business.” “There are angels who have 75 companies and don’t call any of them ever.” [...] “Any VC will tell you where they really make their money is on following on, it’s on doubling down into the winners. The things that are growing geometrically in terms of users, revenue that kind of stuff.” [...] “I do try to focus a lot on the entrepreneur as a person, I think that has fallen out of the equation recently…. look for driven people.” [ execution, passion, vision, mission, alignment ] [...] “Companies don’t succeed, when there’s a lot of chiefs and no Indians.” [...] “Create value before you ask for value back.” [...] “It’s people with these broader life experiences who have balanced relationships who come up with the cool shit.”
Venture  Capital  a16z  First  Round  Capital  s23p  Chamath  Palihapitiya  Marc  Andreessen  Ben  Horowitz  500  Start-ups  ycombinator  Start-Up  advice  Start-Up  lesson  Networking 
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How to identify a mediocre VC: They speak in stupid absolutes | PandoDaily
// dont walk, talk & do business in absolutes. things change as you go along & you have 2 amend given advice to ur current situation 2 the best of ur ability & judgement. // (1) Only hire A players. (2) Hiring managers who can grow with ur company. [N]early impossible. Typically you have two choices: Hire someone who can manage the size company you have now and hope they scale, but know you’ll likely have to replace them OR hire someone your company can “grow into.” [ is also ben horowitz advise if I am not mistaken ] [...] Only two things kill startups: The founder gives up or it runs out of cash. [...] Shitty VCs can damage your company, but no money will likely kill it. [...] I challenge any entrepreneur to tell me they didnt make a single mistake in their first ten hires. [...] [absolutes] can stymie [entrepreneurs] into no action [always correct ur mistake ASAP when u notice it, no padding] [Accelerated learning] [Assembling the plane while flying w limited amount of fuel.]
Venture  Capital  Start-Up  lesson  Start-Up  advice  Ben  Horowitz  book  fear  anxiety  Failure  mistake 
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Startup UCLA: Fireside Chat with Jeff Jordan, Andreessen Horowitz - YouTube
13min value prop of a16z || min19 tenacious, going big, VC is hit driven business || min24 even those that are successes, there have been failures internally, a shit show, near death experiences || min29:50 SV ecosystem; capital, deep talent pool (network, experience, motoring, hand holding, guiding, supporting), support services (legal, banking), own gravity due to scale (attracts best). All 4 points support companies to scale and break through walls. + Brutal Talent Wars within SV for engineering talent. Scene needs some few hits (Berlin, London) and things could roll and grow by themselves. // min 39 - Consumer is hit driven business, more failures. While enterprise has higher hit rate and lower averages. // min 45 in current market, cant afford to go slow because of copy cats & opportunists & market slush with capital for proven ideas || min53 !!! >>> 'need to be an effective seller, not a sales person per se' to get capital, to get best employees, customers,
a16z  Venture  Capital  scaling  value  creation  Proposition  added  value  intangible  value  differentiate  differentiation  Ben  Horowitz  Marc  Andreessen  ecosystem  Silicon  Valley  war  for  talent  war-for-talent  Top  London  Start-up  Scene  Berlin  Scene  Manchester  Amsterdam  lesson  advice 
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Pmarchive - Home
archive. blogs now at a16z? // Ben Horowitz still blogs and also wrote a book. =
Marc  Andreessen  Start-Up  lesson  Start-Up  advice  a16z  Ben  Horowitz  book 
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Andreessen: High burn rates risk more than just running out of cash | PandoDaily
Bill  Gurley  Venture  Capital  hunt  for  yield  ZIRP  NIRP  QE  negative  real  interest  rate  equity  bubble  asset  bubble  bubble  speculative  bubbles  bubbles  Silicon  Valley  burn  rate  runway  Start-Up  advice  Lean  Start-Up  Start-Up  lesson  Berlin  Start-Up  Scene  London  Scene  Europe  Start-Up  Scene  New  York  Start-Up  Scene  cost  of  living  living  standard  living  spaces  living  environment  standard  of  living  Benchmark  Capital  San  Francisco  Palo  Alto  distortion  risk  taking  centralbanks  trust  trustagent  confidence  Wall  Street  Taper  discounting  risk  discounted  risk  risk  discount  timing  business  cycle  financial  cycle  GFC  unintended  consequences  unknown  unkown  unknown  unknowns  cash  flow  business  model  monetization  monetisation  Fred  Wilson  AVC  bootstrapped  bootstrapping  growth  round  Expenditure  sustainability  sustainable  a16z  Marc  Andreessen  Ben  Horowitz  SF  war  for  talent  labour  economics  labour  market 
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Startups: Wagniskapital - Deutschland scheut das Risiko - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Manchmal rappt Horowitz seinen Rat an Jungunternehmer und formuliert seine Management-Tipps mit Hilfe von Songtexten bekannter HipHop-Künstler. Wenn Gründer mehr Mut beweisen sollen, bedient er sich etwa bei Ice Cube und rät: "If you are scared motherfucker, go to church." Die Lobby von Andreessen Horowitz in einem eleganten Flachbau am Rande von Menlo Park ist dekoriert mit Originalaufnahmen von Atombombentests. Das alles wirkt manchmal etwas brachial. Aber trifft man Horowitz in seinem Büro, erlebt man einen sehr freundlichen Mann in Pulli, Jeans und Turnschuhen, der während des ganzen Gesprächs nicht einmal die Stimme hebt. [...] Dann spricht er lange und ausführlich über Regulierung und Arbeitsmarktgesetze in Deutschland. Dass es drei Monate dauere, ein Unternehmen zu gründen. Dass, wenn es nicht gut läuft, kaum eine andere Möglichkeit bleibe, als "gleich ganz zuzumachen", weil nicht schnell und einfach Personal abgebaut werden könne. Dass es an Unternehmergeist mangele. ...
Germany  Silicon  Valley  Berlin  Berlin  Start-Up  Scene  risk  taking  aiming  big  Start-Up  Start-Ups  FNAC  Google  Facebook  Twitter  Airbnb  risk  aversion  Marc  Andreessen  Ben  Horowitz  Venture  Capital  VC  entrepreneurship  entrepreneur  scaling  Andreessen  Horowitz  corporate  culture  disrupting  markets  disruption  skill-biased  technological  change  skill  skills  workforce  Book  regulators  regulation  Innovation  SAAS  SAP  SME  SMB  competitive  advantage  competitiveness  comparative  advantage  globalisation  globalization  Europe  Structural  Impediments  unemployment  imbalance  Mobile  Creative  Mobile  Creatives  technological  history  technology  Charles  Hugh  Smith  destruction  value  creation  manufacturing  engineering  engineer  Amazon  Salesforce  riskaversion  risk-taking  public  policy  Career  Politicians  accountability  transparency  Politics  Female  Founders  Women  in  Tech  progressive 
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