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Scotland's introduction of HIV drug PrEP 'puts England to shame' | Society | The Guardian
Less than 0.25% of at-risk people contracted HIV after preventative treatment, report says
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(752) CSI Genome: From Neanderthals to superhumans? | SRF Sternstunde Philosophie - YouTube - Science is racing to stop another CRISPR baby from being born As the world grapples with the first gene-edited babies, questions are being raised about where we go next. &! - MUTATED ANIMALS SHOW WHY GENE EDITING ISN’T READY FOR HUMAN TRIALS
CRISPR  genome  China  philosophy  medicine  epigenetics  genetics  ethics  moral  morality  evolution  god  HIV  AIDS  complexity  complex  gene  edit  deletion  interaction  Science  safety 
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Dangerous liaisons: why syphilis and gonorrhoea have returned to haunt Britain | Society | The Guardian
Clinic appointments fill up in minutes and babies are once again being born with syphilis – what is behind Britain’s sexual health crisis? [...] What makes STI clinics almost uniquely vulnerable compared with other healthcare is that six years ago, the then health secretary Andrew Lansley’s Health and Social Care Act moved the public health budgets that pay for them from the NHS (shielded from austerity) to local councils (which weren’t). Then, to cap it all, George Osborne cut the public health grant to councils by 7.4% in 2015. Almost half of councils in England and Wales now plan to cut sexual health funding, according to a recent BBC survey.
UK  Austerity  public  health  prevention  Council  STD  STI  crisis  nasty  party  Tories  Conservative  AIDS  HIV  GP  NHS  welfare  state 
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HIV und Aids: Uno schlägt Alarm - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Trotz weltweiter Erfolge im Kampf gegen HIV zeigen sich die Vereinten Nationen besorgt. In rund 50 Ländern steigt die Zahl der Infektionen an - Osteuropa ist besonders stark betroffen.
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HIV vaccine shows promise in human trial - BBC News
An HIV vaccine that has the potential to protect people around the world from the virus has shown promising results.
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Contaminated blood report 'full of lies' - BBC News
Government officials have apologised for using a discredited report into the contaminated blood products scandal that left thousands of NHS patients infected with viruses including HIV.

Despite assurances that the "inadequate" document would be ditched, a health minister has referred to it this year, the BBC can reveal.

The government admits that the document was used for too long.

This week it will announce who will run its official inquiry into the scandal.
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CDC gets list of forbidden words: fetus, transgender, diversity - The Washington Post
The Trump administration is prohibiting officials at the nation’s top public health agency from using a list of seven words or phrases — including “fetus” and “transgender” — in any official documents being prepared for next year’s budget.
DonaldTrump  Donald  Trump  public  health  Religion  abortion  birthcontrol  contraception  HIV  AIDS  war  on  drugs  CDC  USA  GOP  Republicans  Republican  BAME  post-racial  inequality  discrimination  big  pharma  pharmaceutical  post-antibiotic  antibiotic  antibiotics  lobby  revolving  door  No  Representation  LGBT  Transgender  minority  Opioid  abuse  addiction 
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Inside The Battle To Save One Of The UK's Last Remaining HIV Care Centres - BuzzFeed News
The Sussex Beacon in Brighton has been caring for the sick and dying since 1992. But cuts threaten its future. For how much longer can it survive?
UK  Austerity  NHS  Council  HIV  AIDS  Tories  nasty  party  Conservative 
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HIV-Schutz mit Medikamenten: "Die Leute können sich das nicht leisten" - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Die Krankenkassen zahlen zwar für die Behandlung einer HIV-Infektion, die Ausgaben für die Prophylaxe aber übernehmen sie nicht.
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George Michael: Pop superstar dies at 53 - BBC News
His manager, Michael Lippman, said he had died of heart failure. // HIV/AIDS anti-virals increase CVD risk/cholesterol levels + the recreational drugs he has taken during his early years. // if he had HIV/AIDS he never publicly said, but public speculates yes.
premature  death  CVD  HIV  AIDS  cholesterol 
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SURVIVING A.I.D.S. - NOVA - Discovery Science Life (documentary) - YouTube
vaccine seems impossible for retro virus. thus got to help immune system and or stop it replication (protease inhibitors). but virus is great at hiding. and in some the drug cocktail does not work keeping the virus in check. and others die/get sick because of the drug cocktail. another is the 72hr intervention w agressive drug cocktail to prevent HIV take a foothold. // years later there is PrEP
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"Patient Zero" Randy Shilts Interview, 1987 - HIV AIDS - YouTube
aids was allowed to happen by 2 1/2 conservative administrations. making it a political problem. a public health into a political problem.
AIDS  HIV  LGBT  Politics  Transgender  NHS  discrimination  public  health 
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Stories From the Plague - YouTube
NYT did not write about homosexuals and condoms bc it is a family newspaper. those times.
AIDS  HIV  LGBT  History 
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Larry Kramer in Love and Anger 2015 - YouTube
(HBO DOC) via book Straight Jacket by Mathew Todd and How to survive a plague book.
gay  Community  history  book  LGBT  HIV  AIDS  activism  mental  health 
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Dr. Fauci on 30 years of AIDS - YouTube
the atomic bomb of all viruses know. nuclear holocaust.
december 2016 by asterisk2a
Dr Dan Poulter: NHS HIV drug decision 'extraordinary' - BBC News
The Conservative MP told the World at One that pre-exposure prophylaxis (Prep) should not have been ruled out for "arbitrary" cost saving reasons. //&! But in many ways it goes to the heart of the dilemma facing the NHS in the 21st Century: how to meet the rising demands being placed on the health service. - - It means the costs to the NHS are rising - all the time. Close to three-quarters of the NHS budget goes on treatments aimed at helping people manage their conditions rather than cure them. - ONLY THE BEGINNING -
prevention  NHS  Crisis  England  PrEP  obesity  diet-related  dieseases  Disease  Diseases  HIV  AIDS  heart  diabetes  overweight  Simon  Stevens  Jeremy  Hunt  Austerity  health  care  demand  premature  ageing  population  sick  public  LGBT  rationing  ration 
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Rural counties across the US becoming a powder keg for HIV outbreak | US news | The Guardian
The CDC has determined a county’s vulnerability with a recipe that includes high rates of fatal overdoses, prescription opioid sales and searing poverty
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Hope for 'end of Aids' is disappearing, experts warn | Global development | The Guardian
Those fighting epidemic say 2030 target is unrealistic as efforts to defeat it falter amid rising infection levels and drug resistance
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Court ruling on HIV 'game-changing' drug - BBC News
more money into Public Health England. NHS is not for responsible for preventative treatment. //&! - HIV campaigners win NHS drug battle - HIV drug row: A very modern dilemma for the NHS - - But in many ways it goes to the heart of the dilemma facing the NHS in the 21st Century: how to meet the rising demands being placed on the health service.
Austerity  NHS  England  Scotland  Crisis  health  care  demand  HIV  AIDS 
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How the UK halved its teenage pregnancy rate | Society | The Guardian
Political support at all levels, long-term commitment and changes to social norms behind success of public health strategy // obesity is a disease - //&! Public health cuts 'could hamper anti-obesity effort' - - Local councils in England are warning that government cuts to public health funding could hamper their efforts to tackle obesity.
teenage  pregnancy  HIV  AIDS  gay  culture  gay  community  meat  tax  Sugar  carbon  tax  climate  change  global  warming  pollution  obesity  epidemic  obesity  NHS  processed  food  food  engineering  binge  drinking  alcohol  abuse  food  abuse  coping  mechanism  public  perception  public  awareness  Gesellschaftswerte  society  public  health  public  health  policy  public  health  risk  medical  profession  GP  economic  damage  cancer  diet-related  disease  diet-related  diseases  heart  disease  Cardiovascular  disease  heart  attack  stroke  health  care  budget  health  care  cost  health  care  demand  health  care  spending  ageing  population  premature  ageing  premature  death  sick  population  Simon  Stevens  Jeremy  Hunt 
july 2016 by asterisk2a
Super-gonorrhoea's spread 'causing huge concern'
Doctors have expressed "huge concern" that super-gonorrhoea has spread widely across England and to gay men.
The new superbug prompted a national alert last year when it emerged in Leeds, as one of the main treatments had become useless against it.
Public Health England acknowledges measures to contain the outbreak have been of "limited success".
Doctors fear the sexually transmitted infection, which can cause infertility, could soon become untreatable.
Cases of super-gonorrhoea have now been detected in the West Midlands, London and southern England.
Only 34 cases have been officially confirmed in laboratory testing, >>> but this is likely to be the tip of the iceberg of an infection that can be symptomless. <<< + cuts to public health budget! //&!
antibiotic  resistance  antibiotic-resistant  gonorrhea  antibiotics  superbug  STI  STD  chem-sex  chem  sex  AIDS  HIV  gay  culture  subculture  UK  health  care  cost  health  care  demand  economic  damage  NHS  GP  prevention  budget2015  austerity 
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Mary Bassett: Why your doctor should care about social justice
[ DETERMINANT NOT JUST FOR HEALTH, BUT ALSO POOR HEALTH ] the structural inequities embedded in the world's political and economic organizations, inequities that make marginalized people more vulnerable. These same structural problems exist in the United States today, and as New York City's Health Commissioner, Bassett is using every chance she has to rally support for health equity and speak out against racism. "We don't have to have all the answers to call for change," she says. "We just need courage." //&! - Doctors are failing to help people with gender dysphoria - - via //&! NOT ONLY IN UK - fundraiser to pay for transition - -
NHS  Grampian  NHS  health  inequality  marginalised  groups  marginalised  marginalized  groups  marginalized  HIV  AIDS  Transgender  Transphobic  transphobia  Homophobia  homophobic  social  discrimination  discrimination  gay  culture  chem-sex  chem  sex  STD  STI  prevention  intervention  inequality  prejudice  snap  judgement  public  opinion  public  awareness  public  image  public  perception  rationing  mental  health  well  being  GP  Religion  LGBTQIASP  exclusion  class  warfare  western  world  structural  violence  premature  death  Privileged  poverty  public  health  care  system  public  health  public  health  risk  public  health  policy  health  care  cost  health  care  demand  health  care  budget  health  care  spending  institutional  disparity  Jim  Crow  post-racial  America  Justice 
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Row over HIV prevention drug Prep
Charities say NHS England's "eleventh hour decision to pull the plug" on game-changing HIV prevention drugs is leaving people at risk. [...] But NHS England officials, who had been involved in early discussions about Prep, say providing it is not their responsibility.
Instead they say under health regulations, preventative medicine (rather than treatment) falls to individual local authorities to consider.
Meanwhile NHS England says it will offer £2m worth of funds to treat around 500 people over the next two years.
NHS  austerity  rationing  HIV  AIDS 
march 2016 by asterisk2a
Film shows Reagans’ chilling response to escalating AIDS crisis · PinkNews
Hillary Clinton caused controversy by making a statement commending the Reagans for starting a “national conversation” about AIDS, but she later retracted the statement, saying she “misspoke”. //&!
AIDS  HIV  Hillary  Clinton 
march 2016 by asterisk2a
HIV: Erstmals gibt es Hoffnung auf Heilung - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Tests mit HIV-Patienten stehen aber noch aus. // Only real possible solution is; immune system upgrade/update so that it can itself identify the culprits in every nook, cranny and DNA
HIV  AIDS  immune  system 
february 2016 by asterisk2a
Simba Kuuya jailed for infecting woman with HIV - BBC News
Huw Rees, defending, said Kuuya had been in denial about his condition, "something which sadly had consequences for others". << South African culture
january 2016 by asterisk2a
Gonorrhoea 'could become untreatable' - BBC News
Dame Sally Davies has written to all GPs and pharmacies to ensure they are prescribing the correct drugs after the rise of "super-gonorrhoea" in Leeds. Her warning comes after concerns were raised that some patients were not getting both of the antibiotics needed to clear the infection. Sexual health doctors said gonorrhoea was "rapidly" developing resistance. [...] Gonorrhoea is the second most common sexually transmitted infection in England and cases are soaring. The number of infections increased by 19% from 29,419 in 2013 to 34,958 the following year. // - - untreated long-term can lead to infections (septicaemia), inflammation in other body parts. = Disability due to chronic pain and inflammation. //&!
HIV  AIDS  STI  STD  multidrug-resistant  gonorrhea  Gonorrhoea  superbug  antibiotics  antibiotic  resistance  post-antibiotic  era  public  safety  public  health  policy  public  health 
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Food and Drug Administration Lifts Formal Ban on Blood Donations From Gay Men : ainbow
perpetuating stigma // The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will allow gay men to donate blood if they have been celibate for one year - lifting a 30-year ban. -
LGBT  gay  culture  subculture  chemsex  chem-sex  STI  STD  multidrug-resistant  gonorrhea  discrimination  social  discrimination  gay  rights  gayrights  inequality  LGBTQIASP  homophobic  Homophobia  stigma  Progressive  public  safety  public  health  policy  public  health  public  sentiment  public  awareness  public  perception  public  image  public  debate  public  opinion  HIV  AIDS 
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1982 - 1992 News Clips On HIV/AIDS (The First Ten Years) - YouTube
USA. //&! The Origin of AIDS (Full Documentary) - //&! The History of HIV and Current Epidemic - University of California Television (UCTV) - - min 18 - cross-over event, humans and non-human primates late 19th century, (primate) bush meat trade. making it a zoonotic disease. //&! Frontline Documentary - The Age of AIDS Documentary (p1) - //&! Aids: What you havent been told (Complete, Official) (early 90's) - //&! Conspiracy Docu? - & & (polio vaccine theory) &
HIV  AIDS  Zoonotic  Diseases  zoonosis  pandemic 
december 2015 by asterisk2a
Stephen Fry - HIV and Me - Part 1 - YouTube
[ chem sex as symptom of public sentiment at large towards what "being gay" means. and how gay people see themselves in this picture and see how they are treated at large?! it's like about breaking free from social norms, its a counterproductive form of rebellion against society in its most dangerous form. ] [ protection = naughty but not dangerous ] [ some are thrill seeking people. a kick apart form normal life. ] [ hetero sex now counts for half of all new infections ] [ medical profession guess is that between 1/3 and 1/2 of all infection go undiagnosed, because they don't have HIV test, in UK ] PART 2: [ stigma and prejudice of being HIV positive is a social crisis. medically we moved on, but socially we haven't. there is still this big fear and horror part, instilled into people by it's initial campaign during the 90's. HIV is a social problem. ]
HIV  AIDS  subculture  gay  culture  chemsex  chem-sex  LGBT  LGBTQIASP  dehumanisation  subhuman  discrimination  social  discrimination  substance  abuse  alcohol  abuse  drug  abuse  unprotective  sex  Entertainment  numbing  distraction  STI  STD  superbug  multidrug-resistant  gonorrhea  Escapeism  society  Wertegesellschaft  Gesellschaft  sociology  psychology  Zivilgesellschaft  Wegwerfgesellschaft  western  society  rat  race  post-antibiotic  era  antibiotic  resistance  antibiotics  diet-related  disease  chronic  diseases  public  perception  public  safety  public  awareness  public  image  public  health  policy  public  health  public  opinion  public  sentiment  public  discourse  public  debate  western  lifestyle  western  world  climate  change  climate  crisis  global  warming  carbonfootprint  status  anxiety  status  symbol  social  status  zombie  consumer  crony  capitalism  capitalism  profit  maximisation  shareholder  value  consumerist  consumerism  teenage  pregnancy  prejudice  stigma  bias  judgement  snap  judgement 
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Syphilis: Krank durch Sex - immer mehr Deutsche betroffen - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Syphilis - gibt es die noch? Die einstige Massenerkrankung schien in Deutschland fast verschwunden. Seit einigen Jahren aber steigen die Fallzahlen rasant, vor allem in der Schwulenszene der Großstädte. [...] Rückgang des Safer Sex
Syphilis  STD  STI  gay  culture  subculture  chemsex  chem-sex  unprotected  sex  LGBT  HIV  AIDS 
december 2015 by asterisk2a
The choice to take the HIV prevention pill has nothing to do with sluttiness | Zach Stafford | Opinion | The Guardian
Using PrEp doesn’t make me want to sleep with every man walking by, but it does make me part of the solution to a persisting public health scourge
HIV  AIDS  stigma  gay  subculture  chemsex  chem-sex 
december 2015 by asterisk2a
Dating apps prove factor in HIV rise among adolescents - BBC News
"It's not just one to one, it's one to many, so the risks of acquiring HIV go up." Although there is no evidence directly linking apps to HIV infection rates, their increasing prevalence means there is a "need to sound alarm bells", she adds. Adolescence is traditionally a time when teenagers engage in risky behaviour and look to experiment and gain more independence.
casual  sex  HIV  AIDS  Tinder  Grindr  gay  culture  chem-sex  chemsex  LGBTQIASP  LGBT 
december 2015 by asterisk2a
HIV: Truvada vor und nach dem Sex schützt vor Infektion - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Wer gezielt antiretrovirale Medikamente vor und nach dem Sex schluckt, kann sich vor einer Ansteckung mit HIV schützen. Das hat eine Studie mit homosexuellen Männern gezeigt.
HIV  AIDS  Truvada 
december 2015 by asterisk2a
Rules banning gay and bisexual men from giving blood to be reviewed | Politics | The Guardian
A spokesperson for the gay rights campaign group Stonewall said: “We want a donation system that is fair and based on up-to-date medical evidence. Currently gay and bi people cannot give blood if they have had sex in the past 12 months, regardless of whether they used protection. Yet straight people who may have had unprotected sex can donate. “These current rules are clearly unfair and we want to see people asked similar questions, irrespective of their sexual orientation, to accurately assess the risk of infection. Screening all donors by sexual behaviour rather than by sexual orientation would increase blood stocks in times of shortage and create a safer supply by giving a more accurate, non-discriminatory assessment.”
stigma  public  perception  public  image  STD  STI  public  awareness  public  opinion  LGBT  homophobic  Homophobia  prejudice  bias  labels  label  boxes  snap  judgement  public  health  public  debate  public  discourse  Policy  society  Gesellschaft  Wertegesellschaft  discrimination  social  discrimination  HIV  multidrug-resistant  gonorrhea  AIDS 
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Charlie Sheen discloses HIV positive diagnosis: 'It's a hard three letters to absorb' | Culture | The Guardian
Today Show host Matt Lauer asked Sheen why he continued to bring people including prostitutes to his home even though they were threatening him. Sheen said it was because he was depressed. He said that the period in March 2011 when he appeared on television and online making absurd claims and going on long tirades was not tied to his HIV status. “I wish I could blame it on that – that was more roid rage,” he said. [...] CBS fired Sheen from the long-running sitcom Two and a Half Men in March 2011 after the Golden Globe-winning actor had a public meltdown and criticised the show’s creator, Chuck Lorre. Filming had been disrupted in the previous year as Sheen, who was the highest-paid actor on television at the time, received treatment for drug addiction. //&! As medical advances help thousands of people, it would be disastrous to revert to bigoted attitudes in public and the media - - If a celebrity – or anybody else – has HIV, it really is none of our business.
HIV  AIDS  public  awareness  public  perception  public  opinion  public  image  mental  health  Entertainment  Industry  Entertainment  gossip  culture  gossip  celebrity  culture  celebrity  Hollywood  Social  Media  Tabloid  Glossy  Magazine  society  well  being  sociology  psychology  exploitation  Gesellschaft  Wertegesellschaft  substance  abuse  drug  abuse  alcohol  abuse  stigma  prejudice  bias  label  boxes  LGBT  homophobic  Homophobia  transphobia  Transphobic 
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HIV flushed out by cancer drug - BBC News
HIV can be flushed out of its hiding places in the body using a cancer drug, researchers show.
HIV  AIDS  chemotherapy  immune  system 
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The drugs that protect people who have unprotected sex - BBC News
HIV infection rates are on the rise, particularly among gay men. But could a new type of drug treatment - PrEP - be given to people so they avoid catching the disease, asks Mobeen Azhar. [...] It's impossible to know how many men have become infected with HIV while using chems, but condom-less sex is normal for many men on the chem scene. In a study published by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, a third of men surveyed described incidents of unintended unprotected sex while under the influence of chemsex drugs. [...] One in every eight gay men in London is HIV positive.
HIV  AIDS  LGBTQIASP  sex  ed  sex  education  unprotected  sex  sociology  social  study  psychology  alcohol  abuse  drug  abuse  addiction  internalised  homophobia  homophobic  stigma  public  health  public  health  policy  mental  health  childhood  childhood  development  parenting  parenthood  prejudice  society  culture  Gesellschaft  chronic  stress 
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Fighting HIV where no-one admits it's a problem - BBC News
The trouble is that his diagnosis goes smack against the current ideology of the state and the increasingly powerful Russian Orthodox Church. In an interview this month with Agence France-Presse he was even blunter, saying the Kremlin's policy of promoting traditional family values had failed to halt the spread of the virus. "The last five years of the conservative approach have led to the doubling of the number of HIV-infected people," he said. When Pokrovsky argued for the introduction of sex education in schools - a step resolutely opposed by presidential children's rights commissioner Pavel Astakhov - the head of Moscow City Council's health committee, Lyudmila Stebenkova, called him a "typical agent working against the national interests of Russia". Pokrovsky's approach, she told the Russian newspaper Kommersant, would only increase children's interest in sex and lead to a surge of HIV and other diseases. [...] "There are 80-100 cases of HIV infection among women a day."
HIV  AIDS  Russia  sex  ed  sex  education  safe  sex  WHO 
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Analysis: An HIV 'game changer'? - BBC News
There is excited talk today that we have reached a "game changing" moment in controlling the HIV epidemic. This is not a cure or vaccine, but a highly effective way of preventing transmission of the virus. The idea is to give HIV drugs to gay men having unprotected sex while they are still uninfected. It means the medicine is there waiting for the virus to arrive and kills it when it does. // The number of overall new cases being diagnosed is generally falling, but has hit a record high among gay men. Figures show for the first time more than 100-thousand people are now living with HIV in the UK.
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