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Gawker was irresponsible, but the precedent Peter Thiel is setting is dangerous - Vox - Denton's letter is a direct response to Thiel's recent New York Times interview in which he proudly took credit for stealth funding various lawsuits against Gawker, with the explicit purpose of bringing down the digital publisher. //&! - 1/What an ugly mess @nicknotned v @peterthiel is, forcing us to pick between the freedom of the press & the freedom to live a private life. //&! Gawker's homophobic, years-long crusade to out James Franco: //&! New York Times Is Very Concerned About Billionaire Media Investors—But Not Their Billionaire Investor -
journalism  journalismus  journalist  Super  Rich  plutocracy  oligarchy  free  speech  freedom  of  press  Peter  Thiel  Gawker  Gawker  Media  Tabloid  Privacy  NYT  NYTimes  conflict  of  interest 
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Media Websites Battle Faltering Ad Revenue and Traffic
[lots more competition for people's attention] The trouble, the publishers say, is twofold. The web advertising business, always unpredictable, became more treacherous. And website traffic plateaued at many large sites, in some cases falling — a new and troubling experience after a decade of exuberant growth. Online publishers have faced numerous financial challenges in recent years, including automated advertising and ad-blocking tools. But now, there is a realization that something more profound has happened: The transition from an Internet of websites to an Internet of mobile apps and social platforms, and Facebook in particular, is no longer coming — it is here. [...] “How do I monetize [content]?” he asked. “Still not clear.” //&! - if buzzfeed is hurting, everyone else is screwed. //&!
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Snapchat Murders Facebook - YouTube
'nobody has figured out a video on phone/mobile' / Snapchat / Snapchat Stories (user generated content) / Discover (content from multimedia companies/newspapers)
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BBC News - Ex-Sony head Amy Pascal discusses 'horrible' cyber attack
Brown said this might be hard to do given how vulnerable Hollywood stars can be. Pascal replied sarcastically: "They're bottomless pits of need. You've never seen anything like it."
Hollywood  Entertainment  Industry  Gossip  Gawker  Celebrity  of  You  culture  Tabloid  Glossy  Magazine 
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Nick Denton steps down as Gawker president, names seven-person managing board | Capital New York
Gawker founder Nick Denton has stepped down as the company’s president and named a seven-person managing board in his stead, Capital New York reports. Denton will remain on as the company’s chief executive even as he “[scales] back his day-to-day involvement in running the company.” [Source: Capital New York]
Gawker  Nick  Denton  The  Content  Wars 
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» Gawker adds an executive editor and group managing editor, prepares for an ‘intense’ 2015 JIMROMENESKO.COM
Shakeup at Gawker Media Editorial director Joel Johnson told staffers yesterday they'd receive an email from Gawker honcho Nick Denton "stating that he had been fired," Peter Sterne reports. Denton still envisions a product role for Johnson at the company and will create an executive editor and a group managing editor position. "We hear that Deadspin editor Tommy Craggs is the leading internal candidate" for exec editor. (Capital - | Denton's memo: "Hard to imagine, but 2015 is going to be even more intense than this year." (Jim Romenesko)
Gawker  Gawker  Media  Nick  Denton  The  Content  Wars 
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Amanda Bynes, Robin Williams, and the Spectacle of Mental Illness | Let's Queer Things Up!
[making money on the cost of other people ] // "People with co-occurring bipolar and schizophrenia have one of the highest suicide attempt rates of any group. 70.6% of these individuals will attempt suicide in their lifetime. You would think this would frighten us, and that we would be offering Bynes compassion on the mere basis that what she may be facing is, without a doubt, deadly. Yet the vast majority of press and articles surrounding Bynes’ mental state seems to ignore the stark reality of her struggle, and instead, opt to mock her erratic and unusual behavior. Rather than recognizing that she may have an illness, they have turned mental illness into a spectacle to watch, enjoy, and ridicule. [...] If no one has explained this to you, let me be the first to say that it is morally repugnant that we, as a society, are mocking mentally ill people. [...] It’s all fun and games until someone dies, as was the case with Robin Williams. [&too LGBTQIA << hate speech & crime]
Gossip  culture  gawking  Gawker  celebrity  celebrity  culture  of  You  Celebgate  celeb  n00d  Trading  Ring  Tabloid  mental  health  public  awareness  compassion  visibility  superficial  shallow  Daily  Mail  crony  capitalism  exploitation  society  culture  business  model  pageviews  Clickbait  throwaway  content  content  Privacy  human  decency  human  progress  human  resources  TMZ  dehumanisation  human  being  humanity  mental  illness  social  discrimination  ethics  morality  discrimination  minority  Stigma  prejudice  bias 
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Men Blaming Jennifer Lawrence & Kate Upon for Nude Pics Leak, Hate NSA Spying - YouTube - "Samsung Gear, iCloud Hacks And Sarah Goes To Burning Man - September 5, 2014" +++ !!! >>> >> via "No one complained about the release of Pam Anderson's wedding sex tape. No one complained about the relase of Scarlett Johansson's pics. People mocked Anthony Weiner, people mocked Hulk Hogan. I mean honestly, mocking? You are not offended for them? You are not hurt, you are really honestly mocking them? But if it suddenly happens to some one you happen to like then its awful and horrible and no good." +++ WORLD NEEDS MORE FEMALE HACKERS - +++ +++ +++ !!! !!!
n00d  Celeb  Trading  Ring  Celebgate  AnonIB  4chan  Reddit  Apple  user  experience  imgur  Celebrity  of  You  culture  gossip  culture  gossip  status  anxiety  status  symbol  social  status  The  Fappening  TheFappening  Sexual  objectification  objectification  darknet  iCloud  rippers  Misogynie  misogyny  feminism  feminist  revenge  porn  society  consent  Privacy  Internet  Privacy  DAU  victim  blame  blamegame  cyber  crime  cyber  attack  cyber  security  cyber  mobbing  cyber  bullying  cyber  espionage  security  online  security  password  security  two  factor  authentication  two  factor  verification  engineering  phishing  brute  force  attack  slut  shaming  everyday  sexism  sexism  sexismus  sexualität  Intimate  relationship  hypocrisy  Daily  Mail  News  Corp.  Gawker  Tabloid 
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Gawker is being sued for trying to scam its own legal insurers (Here are the court docs) | PandoDaily
Gawker is being sued for a litany of claims including invasion of privacy and infliction of emotional distress, but not libel.
Gawker  gossip  culture  gossip  celebrity  culture  Tabloid  TMZ  Daily  Mail  Libel  defamation  society  Public  Life 
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Why AOL Should Not Have Bought Huffington Post And Patch - Forbes
AOL's media business not profitable ie Huffpost and Patch not profitable. ... Q can large scale internet only media units not be profitable? - Is that a law? like gravity? Why is gawker profitable, because it doesn't have the excess, overhead and perks AOL's media unit got. << lots of execs, vp's, directors, lots of reporting that isn't really work, vertical structure - hierarchy. || Gawker Media is a Cayman Islands-incorporated online media company and blog - "In 2009, the corporation was estimated to be worth $300 million, with $60 million in advertising revenues and more than $30 million in operating profit.[3]" || >> Lesson - don't build overhead, stuff that is not doing actual work for the business to turn a operational profit. || + + + + ||
AOL  Tim  Armstrong  HuffingtonPost  Patch  Huffington  Post  journalismus  Journalism  content  network  short-form  content  throwaway  content  paid  content  content  creator  digital  content  content  curation  content  content  distribution  micro  content  Niche  microcontent  paidcontent  TechCrunch  Crunchbase  BuzzFeed  UpWorthy  Gawker  BusinessInsider  Washington  Post  Jeff  Bezos  business  model  business  plan  overhead  Lean  Start-Up  Start-Up  lesson  Start-Up  advice  engagement  marketing  advertisement  advertising  direct  response  marketing  Yahoo!  web  publishing  publishing  2.0  blog  blogosphere 
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Why I’m Bullish on the News - POLITICO Magazine
Go maximum mass or maximum specific. [...] News organizations are also going to have to mix and match revenue models. I see eight obvious ones: advertising, subscriptions, premium content, events, cross-media promotion, crowdfunding, micropayments and philanthropy. [...] Today, this same science culture, this civilization of engineers and math, is again on the rise. And to many, it feels like it’s running away with the future. [...] The point is that, for people who aren’t deep into math and science and technology, it is going to get far harder to understand the world going forward. || + + +
investigative  journalism  journalism  journalismus  citizenjournalism  Marc  Andreessen  news  industry  news  paper  nytimes  Silicon  Valley  Niche  Content  Technology  advertising  advertisement  craigslist  job  board  revenue  model  business  plan  business  model  freemium  marketplace  technological  history  internet  culture  culture  shock  mass  culture  subculture  Pop  Popular  BuzzFeed  Twitter  Social  Media  Facebook  Reddit  history  science  culture  science  Moore's  Law  unintended  consequences  unknown  unknowns  complexity  disrupting  markets  disruption  publishing  publishing2.0  self-publishing  publishing  2.0  singularity  BitCoin  communication  public  relations  PR  Nate  Silver  monopoly  oligopol  oligopoly  barriers  to  entry  print  magazine  print-is-dead  Jeff  Jarvis  marketplace  of  ideas  Viral  Viral  Video  entrepreneurial  entrepreneurship  Gary  Vaynerchuk  Huffington  Post  Gawker  Washington  Post  NPR 
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Gawker's March Editorial Review Memo: Essentially 'Stop Writing Shitty Headlines.' Also "MOAR SEX CRIMES PLZKTHX" - New York News - Runnin' Scared
The stories that hit the Big Board in the office are usually pretty
well packaged; but there are still so many that could make it and
don't because the headline is too bloggy, too insidery, too clever,
too complicated or too opaque.

It's tragic: a few minutes of thought about the headline and a bit of
maturity could save that story you just sweated over.
blogging  journalism  metrics  audience  gawker  blogosphere  writing  headline  headlines  style  guide 
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