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Twitter works just fine – but for investors, anything except total market domination is a disaster | Comment is free | The Guardian
Nothing better illustrates capitalism’s addiction to illogic than the mismatch between Twitter’s workability and its unpopularity with Wall Street [...] Any company that cannot demonstrate a clear route to monopolising its space, monetising its users’ data on a vast scale, is to be discarded, targeted for acquisition, consigned to perpetual dowdiness. [...] When I’ve pointed to Wikipedia, Apache or Linux as harbingers of a new, non-market, open source economics, one of the stock responses is: “now show us something more spectacular.” The problem is, these modest, functional and free products are already in their own way spectacular. Wikipedia is the biggest information product in the world; Apache runs half the world’s web servers; and Linux is the system of choice for at least a third of all servers (the computers that run businesses) and 97% of the world’s supercomputers.
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The smartphone is the new sun — Benedict Evans
In this light, incidentally, Satya Nadella's suggestion that Xbox is no longer core was as interesting as the end of 'Windows Everywhere' (which I discussed here). Microsoft has been working on adding computing to TV since before phones even had screens. But it turns out that it's the smartphone, not the TV, that's  the centre of the experience, and the TV is dumb glass just as the mobile network is a dumb pipe.
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Why Has Apple Been Poaching Fashion Execs? | Fashion-Tech | BoF
Apple does not fight on Windows nor Google (Android) turf. It created (fact) a new category. Redefined the category of the Gadget, of the Phone. Of the Laptop. Of the Workstation. This (newest phone/better technology) is not just for the Geeks or Nerds. This is a status symbol you are seen with every day (Apple Watch, iPhone, MacBook (2015 version) at the Coffee shop and elsewhere). That person made a deliberate concious or not decision to buy the Apple product at that price. -vs- GNU/Linux or Windows or Android whatever for the same basic utility at a much affordable price. Who ever came up with that should be highlighted in the next Apple Book about Apples chapter post-Jobs.
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The issues the Kubuntu Council raised to the Ubuntu Community Council - "Further, the patent language in the current policy should be replaced with a real pledge to only make defensive use of patents and to not initiate litigation against other free software developers." &! - This restriction also includes any logos, design work or the "look and feel" of Ubuntu. Further, distributors are not allowed to use any word ending with "buntu" with these altered versions. // &! &! &! >> &! // &! &! min 44 - Commercial Interest over FOSS, GNU, GPL, Community.
Ubuntu  Canonical  Mark  Shuttleworth  RedHat  FOSS  GNU/Linux  Open  Source  Debian  Fedora 
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Windows 10: Microsoft under attack over privacy | Technology | The Guardian
>> It is not Free. Period! Stupid. << // &! Get Tracked with Windows 10 | Tech Talk Today 198 - &! &! Microsoft’s new small print – how your personal data is (ab)used - &! &! - Mit Windows 10 wird alles besser - sagt Microsoft. Viele Neuerungen funktionieren aber nur, weil der Konzern auf Nutzerdaten zugreift. Wir zeigen, wie Sie die Datensammelei sinnvoll einschränken. [ einschraenken, nicht abschaltbar - selling you out ] &! - Like all proprietary software, Windows 10 puts those that use it under the thumb of its owner. [...] Windows is an open window onto you &! &! Linux: The OS of the Future - // &! &!
TOS  Microsoft  Platform  Internet  Privacy  Privacy  Big  Data  advertisement  advertisement  targeting  user  Facebook  Windows  10  business  model  Free  perma-cookie  ISP  Google  Wireless  Carrier  Android  Apple  human  rights  Linux  Open  Source  Twitter  backdoors  backdoor  Cryptopocalypse  encryption  NSA  FISA  Court  FISAAA  corporate  espionage  industrial  espionage  cyber  espionage  national  interest  Nationalism  Five  Eyes  GCHQ  Secret  Courts  cryptography  FOSS  GNU  GNU/Linux  GPL 
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