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(10162) President Donald Trump Acts Like A Compromised President: Rep. Adam Schiff | Morning Joe | MSNBC - YouTube
Jeffrey Sachs - dangerous and damaging. questioning mental health, psychological health, "signs of dementia", 'we have to stop being an enabler of this danger' (Senate / Congress) ... No Political Courage. .... 'One person wrecking ball.' 'unfit for office' Congress is enabeling. (checks and balances). tariffs. //&! - George Will Slams Mike Pence As ‘Worse Than President Donald Trump’ //&! - Steve Schmidt: By A fluke, Voters Elected An Imbecilic Con Man &! Steve Schmidt: GOP Is "A Threat To Liberal Democracy" - - Steve Schmidt is now a FORMER GOP STRATEGIST! //&! - Trump's Putin Press Conference Just Made Republicans' Lives Way Harder (HBO) //&! - American Scholars Say The Real Threat To The U.S. Is Russophobia (HBO)
DonaldTrump  Donald  Trump  NATO  Putin  Russia  mental  health  dementia  trade  war  WTO  tariffs  G10  G7  G8  Mike  Pence  GOP 
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The Era of American Global Leadership Is Over. Here’s What Comes Next | TIME
G-Zero Book // it has become unavoidably obvious that the transition toward a leaderless world is now complete. The G-zero era I first predicted nearly six years ago is now fully upon us. No matter how long Trump remains in the White House, a crucial line has been crossed. The fallout will outlive his presidency, because Trump has proved that tens of millions of Americans like this idea.
G8  G7  G20  world  police  DonaldTrump  Donald  Trump  foreign  policy  affairs  foreignaffairs  book 
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A tax inspector calls
That's why the unsnappily-titled Joint International Tax Shelter Information and Collaboration network (JITSIC) is gathered in Paris, under the umbrella of the (cumbersomely-monickered) Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).
This so-called 'rich countries club' has been given the task of pursuing the erosion of countries tax bases by multi-national corporations. That much has been agreed by the G7 developed nations group, and the wider G20.
And in researching this, the OECD has come up with some fairly startling findings about the extent to which multi-nationals game the system. [...] As I noted before, they reckon that between $100bn and $240bn of corporate tax goes unpaid because of these accounting practices
Panama  Papers  HMRC  tax  amnesty  tax  avoidance  tax  evasion  IMF  OECD  multinational  conglomerate  offshore  banking  budget  deficit  shareholder  capitalism  crony  capitalism  capitalism  in  crisis  capitalism  austerity  squeezed  middle  class  working  poor  G8  G20 
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PanamaPapers: Eine Quelle - 400 Journalisten | NDR
// eng version - PanamaPapers: One Source, 400 Journalists - ... min 10 ... this is also about terrorism, war crimes, arms dealers, money laundering, drug lords money, ... ... Greed has no concience. a paralell world. ... >> !!! min 24: many names ie in Germany can't be named because they are not public people and or that there is no evidence of criminal activity (used legal loophole to "avoide" tax). << Same every other country. That is why these papers won't be published raw searchable like Wikileaks. << !!! //&! Panama Papers - die Doku - April.2016 #panamapapers - Steueroasen Briefkastenfirmen mossack fonseca - //&!
Panama  Papers  tax  amnesty  tax  avoidance  tax  evasion  investigative  journalism  journalism  journalismus  War  on  Drugs  arms  trade  money  laundering  War  on  Terror  NSA  CIA  FBI  white-collar  crime  Bahamas  CaymanIslands  Cayman  Islands  Luxembourg  Whistleblower  corruption  bribery  G20  G8  IMF  OECD  economic  damage 
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Obama calls for international tax reform amid Panama Papers revelations
"a lot of it is legal" ... they are not poorly designed the laws have been designed by the revolving door of corporate lawyers and lobbyists. // We are not all in this together.
austerity  tax  evasion  tax  amnesty  tax  avoidance  Panama  Papers  G20  G8  tax  loopoles  lobby  revolving  door  Career  Politicians  Party  Funding  barackobama  George  Osborne  IRS  HMRC  white-collar  crime  corporate  governance  accounting  scandal  corporate  scandal  offshore  banking  income  tax  receipts  corporate  tax  rate  fairness  Super  Rich  1%  oligarchy  plutocracy  nasty  Tories  Conservative  Party  Google  Inc.  Westminster  Toff  Privileged  Establishment  No  Representation  democracy  squeezed  middle  class  poverty  trap  Precariat  disenfranchise  disenfranchised 
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Richard Duncan: The Real Risk Of A Coming Multi-Decade Global Depression - YouTube
50 year long debt super cycle & credit bubble up-held. Put. // hasnt created inflation because of Globalisation = deflationary! [3bn ppl living on $2/day] Collapse of marginal cost of labour, offsetting inflation pressure of QE/NIRP/credit creation last decades. // Will eventually haunt people back once globalisation has run its way in ~100-75 years & the world is actually flat. energy cost 0, marginal cost 0, economics of abundance. // // min 23 AND because of this deflationary pressure of globalisation, excess capacity, etc lead to wage stagnation & or pressure to work 4 less (Contractor, Werkvertrag, Zeitarbeit, self-employment, Zero Hour Contract, outsourcing) and longer, in western world. Leads inevitably 2 being pushed into recession & avoiding that authorities always pushed button 4 more credit. Credit growth prevented western world not 2 be pushed into recession in last decades. 2010 Private Sector cant drive recovery! Massive Gov stimulus needed +10 years, not austerity!
debt  bubble  Super  Cycle  Greenspan-Put  Ben  Bernanke  fiat  currency  debt  monetisation  debt  monetization  deflationary  deflation  secular  stagnation  Abenomics  globalization  globalisation  Fed  centralbanks  BIS  economic  history  QE  ZIRP  NIRP  GFC  recovery  western  world  technological  progress  commodity  business  commoditization  economics  of  abundance  marginal  cost  Janet  Yellen  benbernanke  ECB  BOE  BOJ  monetary  policy  Zero  Hour  Contract  neoliberalism  neoliberal  Contractor  Zeitarbeit  Werkvertrag  self-employment  freelancing  freelance  wage  stagnation  wage  growth  disposable  income  discretionary  spending  outsourcing  flat  world  credit  bubble  debt  servitude  consumer  debt  student  loan  debt  debtoverhang  sovereign  debt  crisis  student  debt  household  debt  private  debt  fiscal  policy  austerity  Richard  Koo  Mark  Blyth  Joseph  Stiglitz  Robert  Reich  productive  investment  underinvestment  infrastructure  investment  Paul  Krugman  shared  economic  interest  Industrial  Revolution  2.0  Smart  Grid  STEM  education  policy  value  creation  added  value  Manufacturing  3D  printing  energy  price  energy  policy  competitive  competition  competitiveness  competitive  advantage  R&D  Research  Public  Partnership  world  fiscal  d 
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Foreign Affairs Expert Leslie Gelb: Masters in Business (Audio) by Bloomberg View | Free Listening on SoundCloud
Leslie Gelb, wrote Pentagon Papers. Which Ellsberg leaked (Whistleblower) - // Back in the days, national interests and force was expressed in war and seldomly in economic embargos (Napoleon tried that against British Empire) and there were economic skirmishes (oil/diesel, rubber) in the run-up to WW2 and the first couple of months before USA officially entered WW2. TODAY! National interests are only expressed in economic terms with trade embargoes, tariffs, trade deals and protectionism. Only little military skirmishes here and there and when, the nation tries to hide them from the publics eye (through rouge nations for hire army/special forces, a nations secret services supplying the underground arms trade that doesn't show up on its balance sheet or one of their nations manufacturers. West excluded Russia from recent G8 summit in Munich and made it G7. Russia/Europe/USA playing game of chicken of economic escalation. Or using corporate actors & new cyber war!
Russia  protectionism  embargo  Iran  nuclear  power  USA  Latin  America  corporate  state  national  interest  Nationalism  Europe  UK  cyber  crime  cyber  war  NSA  GCHQ  Surveillance-Industrial  Complex  surveillance  state  Orwellian  corporate  espionage  industrial  espionage  cyber  espionage  Crimea  Crimea  Crisis  presidency  barackobama  vladimirputin  Putin  China  Asia  Pakistan  Drone  Strike  Drone  Warfare  Africa  history  foreign  affairs  foreign  policy  foreign  relations  Afghanistan  Irak  Israel  Gaza-Israel  conflict  Germany  Ukraine  Ukrain  Angela  Merkel  Pentagon  CIA  MI6  Japan  SouthChinaSea  South  Korea  military–industrial  military  intervention  IT  Security  collateral  damage  international  relations  Security  False  Flag  on  Terror  ISIS  al-Qaida  book  G7  G8  United  Nations  Security  Council  NATO  OPEC  Oil  price  Saudi  Arabia  Arab  League  Cuba  Vietnam  WMD  smoking  gun  Syria  Syrien 
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Chris Hedges - Our Only Hope Will Come Through Rebellion - 29th March 2014 - YouTube
military industrial complex does what it wants and asks and gets what it wants. // Truth is hidden. Decent is criminalised. // things are only to get worse. // protect corporate state and spy on other corporate states and corporate entities. // for-profit military industrial complex // 9/11 opportunist, false flag, to profit from program X to protect our nation // no warrent needed - // the corporate state has no incentive to give up Stasi 2.0 // >> = Totalitarian state // we have totalitarian structures! period. // reform can not come from those who are in the center of power and a implicit of the status quo ... meaning only a revolution through rebellion is the option. defying the law and opting for civil disobedience. moral and physical courage needed.
surveillance  state  NSA  GCHQ  Stasi  2.0  Orwellian  Five  Eyes  Cold  War  civil  liberty  Constitution  FISA  Court  FISAAA  Patriot  Act  military–industrial  complex  Whistleblower  democracy  oversight  transparency  accountability  Intelligence  Agency  abuse  of  power  Separation  of  powers  Career  Politicians  No  Representation  Congress  Washington  lobbyist  lobby  Lobbying  National  Security  False  Flag  Privacy  Internet  Privacy  USA  UK  Warrent  metadata  KGB  WMD  Iraq  War  War  on  Drugs  War  on  Terror  organised  crime  Politics  of  Fear  history  Empire  Drone  Strike  Drone  Warfare  Palestine  Gaza-Israel  conflict  Foreign  Intelligence  World  Police  World  G8  Europe  corporate  espionage  industrial  espionage  cyber  espionage  Cryptopocalypse  encryption  Edward  Snowden  Wikileaks  Julian  Assange  Torture  Pressefreiheit  Lügenpresse  media  conglomerate  presidency  barackobama  Angela  Merkel  opportunist  Opportunism  Wall  Street  trust  trustagent  Secret  Courts  Chelsea  Manning  corruption  self-censorship 
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WHO: Merkel fordert besseren Katastrophenschutz - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Ein weiteres Anliegen der deutschen G7-Präsidentschaft seien Maßnahmen gegen die zunehmende Antibiotika-Resistenz. Jedes Jahr sterben laut WHO etwa 700.000 Menschen als Folge einer Antibiotika-Resistenz. Bei dem Genfer Treffen soll ein Globaler Aktionsplan zur Eindämmung von Resistenzen beschlossen werden.
WHO  G7  G8  OECD  World  Bank  IMF  antibiotic  resistance  antibiotics  post-antibiotic  era  BRIC 
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CIA-BND: Ermittler können Spionage-Laptop nicht knacken - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Da der BND-Maulwurf seither schweigt, sind bislang alle Versuche gescheitert, das offenbar hochprofessionell verschlüsselte Gerät zu knacken. Es ist daher ungeklärt, ob R. noch weitere Dokumente an ausländische Geheimdienste geliefert hat. Ebenso offen ist, ob der Spion wegen Landesverrats oder geheimdienstlicher Agententätigkeit belangt werden wird.
espionage  cyber  espionage  Act  BND  NSA  GCHQ  Double  Agent  Germany  G  Zero  G8  UK  USA  Europe  foreign  affairs  foreign  policy  domestic  affairs  Career  Politicians  cyber  security  cyber  war  encryption  cybersecurity  internet  security  password  security 
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Is This What A Bursting Bubble Looks Like? - YouTube
- bear market, not a 2008/09 decline, more like a lost decade of little productivity growth and very very slow closing of the still existing output gap. - companies benefit form technological progress (accelerating); get more done with less people. +++
asset  bubble  hunt  for  yield  unintended  consequences  ZIRP  QE  liquidity  trap  NIRP  unconventional  monetary  policy  monetary  policy  Fed  ECB  BOE  BOJ  GFC  recovery  greatdepression  greatrecession  2014  lost  decade  productivity  output  gap  G20  G  Zero  G8  Europe  USA  UK  complexity  unknown  unknowns  Taper  deflation  deflationary  globalisation  globalization  flat  world  working  poor  squeezed  middle  class  middle  class  skill-biased  technological  change  technological  progress  knowledge  worker  knowledge  economy  economic  history  history  faultlines  Structural  Impediments  unemployment  deficit  imbalance  global  imbalances  sovereign  debt  crisis  Super  Cycle  debt  bubble  debt  jubilee  debt  monetization  debt  monetisation  default  demographic  bubble  speculative  bubbles  signal  vs  noise  noise  dysfunctional  marketplace  efficiencies  market  dynamics  market  intervention  financial  market  market  failure  market-failure  lost  generation  lostdecade  lostgeneration  currency  debasement  fiat  currency  fiat  money 
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The Snowden affair: The perils of whistleblowing - YouTube
See very last part of the discussion: Stasi Officers Interview 'it is naive to think that this intelligence will not be used (abused) for other purposes.' ... ie throwing off other foreign state officials that have done wrong, and USA, the West wants to have removed for a more Western leaning replacement. ... Let's say Erdogan. Stuff got on the internet about him and his family; bribery, taxevasion, corruption etc. leading up to local elections. ... That is just a coincidence. right!? just serendipity. + NSA Whistleblower - Jesselyn Radack & Thomas Drake | London Real :: + Annie Machon - Whistleblower | London Real ::
Edward  Snowden  Whistleblower  Julian  Assange  Jacob  Appelbaum  surveillance  surveillance  state  Orwellian  cyberespionage  espionage  corporate  espionage  cyber  espionage  patriotact  Patriot  Act  patriotism  USA  presidency  barackobama  gwbush  governance  oversight  transparency  accountability  democracy  Career  Politicians  unintended  consequences  unknown  unkown  GCHQ  NSA  BND  G  Zero  surveillance  disarmament  espionage  disarmament  Wikileaks  Book  Bradley  Manning  Chelsea  Manning  First  Amendment  Constitution  Intelligence  Agency  Zero  Sum  Game  War  on  Terror  9/11  toobigtofail  history  Stasi  Erdogan  Turkey  neoconservatives  neoconservatism  diplomacy  foreignaffairs  foreign  policy  UK  G8  Germany  Angela  Merkel  davidcameron  Thomas  Drake  Jesselyn  Radack  Annie  Machon  encryption  Five  Eyes  ECHELON  Europe  PRISM  XKeyscore  Backdoors  Privacy  human  rights 
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IMF study finds inequality is damaging to economic growth | Business | The Guardian
International Monetary Fund paper dismisses rightwing argument that redistributing incomes is self-defeating. [...] It is 18 months since the IMF published its controversial view that government cuts to public-sector spending were having a larger detrimental effect than previously thought. The paper, written by its chief economist, Olivier Blanchard, was incendiary and sparked denials in London and Brussels where calls for austerity were strongest. [...] In an interview later Ostry said it was his belief that the inclusion of higher welfare payments would only support the argument in favour of redistribution. [... as there is a welfare, social security, pension payment cap on income in some of the G8 if I remember right, ie Germany for sure! ...] + "Richard Wilkinson: How economic inequality harms societies"
IMF  IWF  economic  history  income  mobility  income  inequality  income  distribution  income  redistribution  taxation  OECD  G8  tax  credit  tax  free  income  USA  UK  Germany  social  society  social  science  happiness  josephstiglitz  paulkrugman  Robert  Reich  Gini  coefficient  Robert  Skidelsky  GDP  public  policy  income  gap  macroeconomic  policy  macroeconomics  microeconomic  policy  microeconomics  inequality  gender  inequality  child  poverty  food  poverty  poverty  poverty  in  old  age  working  poor  middle  class  squeezed  middle  class  kalte  Progression  austerity  society  social-safety-net  mental  health  mental  illness  unequal  society  trust  distrust  socialsystem  Nordics  Japan  social  dysfunction  welfare  welfare  state  state  benefits  healthcare  prejudice  judgement  beauty  standard  body  image  Depression  social  study  social  status  Oxidative  stress  stress  Self-esteem  Richard  Wilkinson  public  health  policy  public  health  chronic  diseases  chronic  stress  sustainability  sustainable 
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Pandoras Promise - YouTube
+ Q&A - + final remarks - + + Michael Moore & Robert Stone discuss Pandora's Promise + + + till 2050 at current growth projection, world needs 3 times more energy - this can not be achieved with energy efficiency (energy austerity), and conventional/current renewable - even at scale - as at the same time we close down coal, oil and gas power stations to reduce emissions to 'slow' climate change. only achievable if we include a honest holistic mix that include nuclear '4th generation generators' power. + + + Bill Gates
documentary  nuclear  power  nuclear  climate  change  climate  science  population  renewable  energy  energy  efficiency  energy  policy  energy  security  wind  energy  solar  energy  green  energy  Kyoto  Protocol  carbonfootprint  carbonemission  UK  Hinkley  Point  C  Fukushima  USA  Germany  Michael  Moore  Robert  Stone  Career  Politicians  accountability  transparency  Lobby  Lobbying  lobbyist  environmental  disaster  Movement  WHO  UN  unitednations  G8  BRIC  globalisation  globalization  Bill  Gates 
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ISIS: In Irak und Syrien bauen die Extremisten am Gottesstaat - SPIEGEL ONLINE
"Islamischer Staat im Irak und Syrien" (ISIS) + Ursprünglich wurde ISIS im Irak mit der Unterstützung der Zentralführung al-Qaidas gegründet. Allerdings hat sich der ISIS-Chef Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi inzwischen mit Qaida-Chef Aiman al-Sawahiri verstritten. +
Syrien  Syria  Islam  Islamic  Law  Islamic  Extremism  Iraq  ISIS  Religion  unintended  consequences  G  Zero  complexity  al-Qaida  Abu  Bakr  al-Baghdadi  Aiman  al-Sawahiri  presidency  barackobama  hisotry  War  on  Terror  terrorism  Libanon  Middle  East  Jordan  Israel  Palestine  Jerusalem  diplomacy  G8  foreign  policy  foreignaffairs 
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Mr Soros Trumps Mrs Watanabe | Zero Hedge
>> the world is selling their Yen holdings and or bet against the Yen. >> the last few months have seen not Mrs Watanabe (euphemistically selling her JPY to find better returns elsewhere) but the likes of Mr. Soros and Mr. Bass who see the endgame disorderly collapse of a currency (or perhaps it is the rest of the G7 central bankers unwinding JPY-based reserves to 'help' their fellow central planner out). The bulk of JPY selling pressure has come during non-Tokyo trading hours, as the Japanese, until last week at least, appear much more timid about Abenomics' chances of success. + >>
currency  debasement  QE  JGB  currency  war  G7  debt  monetisation  G8  Yen  ZIRP  BOJ  currency-war  G20  Abenomics  centralbanks  debt  monetization 
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BND gründet neue Abteilung zur Abwehr von Hackerangriffen - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Fieberhaft sucht der Bundesnachrichtendienst nach Experten für eine Abteilung, die Cyberspionage auf Regierungsstellen und die deutsche Industrie abwehren soll. Nach SPIEGEL-Informationen werden bis zu 130 Mitarbeiter benötigt. Doch die Kooperation mit deutschen Hackern ist teuer. [...] Schindler zeichnete ein drastisches Bild der Bedrohung durch Cyberspionage, die vor allem von China ausgehe. Dort arbeiten nach BND-Erkenntnissen bis zu 6000 Experten in einer eigens eingerichteten Abteilung des Verteidigungsministeriums, die sich auf die Abschöpfung von Technologieunternehmen und Rüstungskonzernen aus dem Ausland spezialisiert haben. Russland betreibe eine ähnlich aggressive Cyberstrategie, allerdings seien die staatlichen Hacker dort als private Firmen getarnt. In den letzten Monaten registrierte der Dienst pro Tag drei bis fünf Attacken allein auf Bundes- und Regierungsstellen in Deutschland.
fightagainstterror  terroristattack  terrorism  cyberwar  cyberespionage  foreign  policy  CIA  Zero  G  G8  foreignaffairs  cybersecurity  USA  FBI  cyberattack  Russia  Germany  BND  MI6  China  MI5 
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G-8-Gipfel: IWF warnt vor gigantischer Finanzlcke in Arabien - SPIEGEL ONLINE - Nachrichten - Wirtschaft
"Die Region muss sich auf einen grundlegenden Wandel ihres Wirtschaftsmodells vorbereiten", teilte der Fonds mit - und forderte die G-8-Staaten und reiche arabische Länder auf, einzuspringen.
"In naher Zukunft muss das Vertrauen in die öleinführenden Länder wieder hergestellt werden", so der IWF. Die Staaten litten unter anderem an den weltweit steigenden Rohstoffpreisen. Länder wie Ägypten, Jordanien, Marokko, Tunesien, Syrien und der Libanon würden wegen der höheren Lebensmittel- und Energiepreise mit einem höheren Inflationsdruck zu kämpfen haben. Weil an den Finanzmärkten Unsicherheiten über die politische und wirtschaftliche Entwicklung herrsche, müsse die internationale Gemeinschaft in den kommenden 18 Monaten den Großteil der Hilfen stemmen.

Zur Unterstützung beider Länder werde die Bundesregierung noch in diesem Jahr 30 Millionen Euro einsetzen. In den nächsten Jahren sollen 100 Millionen Euro zusätzlich bereitgestellt werden.
G8  2011  Arab-Spring  middle-east  jasminrevolution  IMF  tunisia  egypt 
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Cameron Takes Skeptical Approach to G-20 -
In an opinion piece Mr. Cameron writes that the intentions of such global forums "rarely seem to come to fruition in real, tangible global action." Mr. Cameron adds that he hopes to pursue "immediate and relatively simple steps" that can be achieved through bilateral deals with countries, such as on trade. He adds that the U.K.'s main priority is to hear each country getting their "national finances under control."

This week, for example, Britain set out an aggressive plan of spending cuts and tax increases to rein in its deficit, one of the largest in the world. Its deficit-cutting approach comes against the advice of President Barack Obama and others attending the G-20 who say it risks undercutting the global economic recovery.

Speaking to reporters en route to Toronto, Mr. Cameron said the G-20 has "shown it has a role on the global economy." Nonetheless, he was critical of the inability of such gatherings—particularly the G-8—to deliver on stated pledges.
G20  G8  2010  toronto  davidcameron  budget  2011  recession  sovereign  debt 
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Sparprogramme der Regierungen: Europas 870-Milliarden-Euro-Schrumpfkur - SPIEGEL ONLINE - Nachrichten - Wirtschaft
Hamburg - Der Satz klang sperrig, hatte es aber in sich. "Der Zeitpunkt und die Geschwindigkeit der Haushaltskonsolidierung in jedem Land müssen zu den Bedürfnissen der Weltwirtschaft passen", schrieb US-Präsident Barack Obama im Vorfeld des G-20-Gipfels fein säuberlich an seine Kollegen in den wichtigsten Machtzentralen der Welt.

Hinter der lapidaren Feststellung steckt die große Sorge der US-Regierung, dass sich die Weltwirtschaft noch immer nicht so richtig von ihrem dramatischen Einbruch im vergangenen Jahr erholt hat. Die Botschaft aus Washington lautet deshalb: Es wäre besser, liebe Europäer, ihr würdet noch ein bisschen länger auf Pump leben und damit die Nachfrage ankurbeln, als übereifrig zu sparen.
barackobama  usa  europe  angelamerkel  G20  toronto  G8  spending  recovery  recession  2010 
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