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Chris Farley - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
[ 33 advanced heart disease, body couldn't take the abuse any more, overdose much more likelier ] Following his final guest appearance on SNL on October 25, 1997 there was a visible decline in Farley's health. Farley's hoarse voice and flushed skin were the subject of public scrutiny.[35] In the final years of his life, Farley had sought treatment for obesity and drug abuse on 17 occasions.[36] On December 18, 1997, he was found dead by his younger brother, John, in his apartment in the John Hancock Center in Chicago.[37] An autopsy later revealed that Farley had died of a cocaine and morphine overdose early that morning.[38] Advanced atherosclerosis was cited as a "significant contributing factor."[24] Farley's death is often compared to that of his SNL idol John Belushi, who also died at age 33 of an accidental drug overdose consisting of cocaine and heroin.[14]
atherosclerosis  health  crisis  substance  abuse  cancer  heart  disease  sick  population  alcohol  abuse  drug  abuse  food  abuse  Hollywood  Fame  celebrity  culture  of  You 
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Chris Hedges The Cult Of Celebrity - YouTube
when you spend your life as celebrity, you have no idea of who you are. // hostile takeover of consumer culture to make it a religion. // people see themselves as consumer products. // is a commodity culture, cult of self ... psychopaths. // ethic of Wall Street is same as ethic of consumer celebrity culture.
Chris  Hedges  Fame  celebrity  celebrity  culture  celeb  status  symbol  status  anxiety  Selbstdarstellung  Selfie  Social  Media  gossip  culture  gossip  Tabloid  Glossy  Magazine  Daily  Mail  Wertegesellschaft  society  consumer  culture  culture  Reality  TV  scripted-reality  television  zombie  consumer  plastic  surgery  beauty  sickness  consumer  debt  consumerist  consumerism  of  You  Newsfeed  Instagram  YouTube  Vlogging  Vlog  sociology  psychology 
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The Problem of Fame - YouTube
Social Media opens everyone up to judgement and prejudice ... and ... haters and trolls. // there is no short cut to true friendship - small group of true friends // ordinary life seems to be no more good enough
Fame  status  anxiety  Selbstdarstellung  Social  Media  Twitter  Instagram  YouTube  Facebook  Celebrity  of  You  culture  status  symbol  socioeconomic  status  status  prejudice  judgement  haters  hater  troll  trolls  sociology  psychology  self-censorship  libel  Selbstfürsorge  life  hacker  life  lesson  lifelesson  lifehacker  identity  Philosophy  soziologie 
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Jack Gleeson on Celebrity Culture - YouTube
When even the abominable King Joffrey Baratheon recognizes something is unfair... Seriously though, actor Jack Gleeson's rapid rise to fame gave him a unique perspective on how vapid and abysmal the concept of celebrity is.
celebrity  culture  fame 
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The Shazam Effect - The Atlantic
"“Because the most-popular songs now stay on the charts for months, the relative value of a hit has exploded. The top 1 percent of bands and solo artists now earn 77 percent of all revenue from recorded music, media researchers report. And even though the amount of digital music sold has surged, the 10 best-selling tracks command 82 percent more of the market than they did a decade ago. The advent of do-it-yourself artists in the digital age may have grown music’s long tail, but its fat head keeps getting fatter.”" &! &! &! &!
Music  Industry  Entertainment  Industry  Hollywood  Indie  Music  Big  Data  Spotify  analytics  prediction  filter  bubble  filters  filter  algorithm  content  curation  individuality  curation  curator  Tipping  Point  celebrity  culture  sociology  psychology  Fame  pageviews  business  model  influencer  influence  long-tail  longtail  ProAm  YouTube  Platform  Social  Media 
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On the Origin of Celebrity - Issue 5: Fame - Nautilus
"Why the obsession? Because we’re primates with vested interests in tracking social hierarchies and patterns of social affiliation. And celebrities provide our primate minds with stimulating gyrations of hierarchy and affiliation (who is sleeping with, feuding with, out-earning whom). [...] Why is rank so important to a baboon? For one thing, a stable dominance system is a huge social convenience—it insures bloody teeth and claws don’t reign each time a potential conflict arises." - via &!&! "We think that fame is deserved. We are wrong. [...] These two traits—our compulsion to tell stories, and our bias towards the individual—conspire to ruin our intuitive understanding of fame. [...] There is no such thing as fate, only the story of fate." << via
Celebrity  of  You  celeb  culture  fame  culture  Gossip  culture  status  symbol  socioeconomic  status  social  status  status  anxiety  sociology  psychology  evolution  group  behavior  behaviour  Power  Play  abuse  of  n00d  Trading  Ring  Celebgate  Media  Tabloid  Glossy  Magazine  Facebook  Twitter  storytelling  social  imitation  trend  trends  Network  social  science  social  study  social  society 
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Ich bin nicht Eure Freundin! - YouTube
Ich bin nicht Eure Freundin. Nicht, weil ich Euch nicht respektiere. Sondernd gerade weil ich das tue, müssen wir darüber sprechen. Und zwar ehrlich. Ich bin aber genau so wenig ein Star. Und ich bitte Euch inständig darum, mich und auch andere YouTuber nicht zu Stars zu machen. Gleichzeitig bitte ich meine YouTube Kollegen, sich nicht als etwas zu verkaufen, was sie nicht sind. Diese Ehrlichkeit und Menschlichkeit sind wir uns schuldig. Denn ohne sie verlieren wir die Chance, hier einen Unterschied zu machen. Ich hab keine Antwort auf die Frage, wie wir das schaffen können. Noch nicht. Aber ich glaube, im Austausch über dieses Thema liegt die Chance. Die Antwort irgendwann zu finde
Celebrity  of  You  celeb  culture  status  symbol  socioeconomic  status  social  status  status  anxiety  society  Gossip  culture  Tabloid  YouTube  Platform  Instagram  Facebook  Twitter  Selfie  creativity  expression  Fame  self-awareness  self-publishing  humanity  sociology  psychology  exploitation  anonymity  anonym  MCN  Privacy  identity  authentic  authenticity  Personal  Brand  public  image 
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Searching For Sugar Man [Blu-ray]: Rodriguez, Clarence Avant, Malik Bendjelloul: DVD & Blu-ray
merit unequals success, fame and or recognition within the broader industry. Album was song book of a nation, South African Nation during the start apartheid. And had huge influence on Afrikaans music scene. Was HUGE in South Africa, selling over 500000 - in SA ... only. + || || || +++ || >> There are no guarantees in life. In anything. What ever can happen, will happen.
meritocratic  meritocracy  skill  fame  Success  book  Music  Industry  documentary  Entertainment  Industry  Cold  Fact  -  Rodriguez  talent 
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Celebrity Culture | Max Clifford | Oxford Union - YouTube
I Hate Celebrity Culture | Jack Gleeson | Oxford Union >> >> object of imitation >> quasi charisma >> like to imitated, to followed ... // imitation is pillar for western consumerism. // Das Versprechen von Status ist eines der wichtigsten Verkaufsargumente überhaupt. [Folglich die] Nachahmungstheorie des Kulturwissenschaftlers René Girard: Für ihn zählt der Drang von Menschen, andere in ihrem Verhalten zu imitieren, zu den Grundlagen der Zivilisation. [Und somit Grundstein der westlichen Konsumgesellschaft.] ( via ) // "Intersubjectivity: Rene Girard's Vision of Mimetic Desire and Economic Dynamics" ( )
celebrity  culture  Gossip  Charisma  Career  Politicians  Politics  personal  brand  branding  brands  brand  Consumerism  consumerist  zombie  consumer  capitalism  status  western  lifestyle  western  society  personality  success  validation  Fame  ego  philosophy  commoditization  commodities  Glossy  Magazine  Glamour  Privacy  role  model  moral  ethics 
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▶ Awe!thenticity: Mark Ecko at TEDxMidwest - YouTube
Mark Ecko "guts to the skin." + "School comes to you. [...] School is everywhere. [...] Don't lose the core, don't get distracted by the noise in the white wash. [...] Own it. [...] It's how you make people feel, not necessarily what you make (quality, means [$$$] to produce great quality product]. Evoking emotions and imaginations and connections and relational feelings. To relate." + Friends. Hold on to the word friend. Friend - to love. People are more like acquaintances or companion. Noise - filter it from inside out.
Mark  Ecko  Fame  celebrity  culture  Kim  Kardashian  Pop  Gossip  Perception  authenticity  personal  brand  Book  brand  branding  brands  execution  entrepreneurial  entrepreneurship  entrepreneur  Start-Up  self-awareness  self-belief  Eminem  Jay-Z  Bill  Gates  Abraham  Lincoln  Social  Media  friends  Failure  Fail  learning  formal  education  street  smart  artist  digital  artist 
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▶ Marc Ecko Interview at The Breakfast Club Power 105.1 - YouTube
Marc Ecko - legacy over money. + Perception is perception, it's not reality. How are you perceived, your brand. Focus on what you are good at (Talent), and do that well (+Hustle). And then later comes the Hustle, even more so + harder work, if you want to go beyond that. ... "Kanye! You don't need those gatekeepers. [...] Don't let your product be defined by a certain price point [by those gatekeepers]. [...] Don't try to imagine your future in a straight line. [...] Hubris can kill yourself. Don't get high on your own supply. [Stay Humble, authentic, down to earth, stay true to yourself.]" [...] "Nike makes an event out of a product." + v=k3SIkVIj7TQ "Perfect is the Enemy of Great. Constrains drive Creativity. Pro/Am Picture." [...] "Public Perception (and ur perception) is not Reality. [...] Problem of being disconnected. Swing ur dick without being a dick. Be intellectually honest" +
Marc  Ecko  Book  Gary  Vaynerchuk  Social  Media  brand  branding  personal  brand  brands  marketing  perception  PR  differentiation  Music  Industry  Urban  Culture  Fashion  Industy  Kanye  West  entrepreneurship  entrepreneurial  entrepreneur  Gatekeeper  Gatekeepers  Luxury  Consumerism  consumerist  Fame  Fan  Base  lifehacks  lifehacker  life  lesson  self-belief  self-respect  self-awareness  Self-esteem  Pop  Culture  celebrity  internet  Tony  Robinson  Law  of  Attraction  Nike  Entertainment  Industry  Jay-Z  hubris  Legacy  digital  artist  artist  digital  economy  digital  natives  digital  content  Start-up  content  creator  creativity  creative  craft  Web  2.0  Tobuscus  Andy  Warhol  GoPro  life  hacker  Perspective 
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▶ Iggy Azalea dodges questions about Rocky and Nas? - YouTube
"If you think twice about something whether or not to say it (public tweet, status update) ... better not say it." << Controversial stuff, Religion Stuff, ... + v=nA4x7zIB8zo ... minute 3:00 - YouTube Content ID system doesn't even work for artists/Vevo. Random People/Companies/Scammers claim others original content and bagging Advertising dollars till shit got resolved ( ). So even Original Content gets illegitimately claimed by scammers. ... Very well thought trough, YouTube. ... Her Music Videos are inspired by Movies. ... !!! Published Ignorant Art (Mixtape) early 2012 [worked on it I guess 2011] and Glory (EP) [released mid 2012] for free. ... Work. Talent. Effort. Hustle. Patience. +
Iggy  Azalea  freemium  brand  branding  brands  YouTube  Content  ID  Social  Media  digital  artist  digital  digital  economy  digital  natives  Music  Industry  Pop  Culture  internet  Hip  Hop  Hip  Hop  Culture  celebrity  Remix  Culture  360-music-contract  RIAA  MPIAA  Entertainment  Industry  Hollywood  Twitter  Facebook  instagram  Pinterest  Gary  Vaynerchuk  Fame  Fan  Following  Success 
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Russell Brand Speaks on Marriage with Katy Perry & Compares UK Woman and American Woman - YouTube
Fame is a temporary thing. They are normal people. Celebrity, Fame and Pop Culture makes people fearful - that their life ain't no good [ for anything else - because they are reduced to the lowest common denominator and looks and 'scandals' ]. "Let us talk about things that are actually important." ... [...] some of the greatest people in history had flaws. + v=MrzhXhrn0YI "Chelsea Manning Modern Day Hero." [...] "No one is perfect."
Russell  Brand  celebrity  culture  Pop  Fame  Nelson  Mandela  Mahatma  Gandhi  self-awareness  self-respect  Self-esteem  self-belief  Bradley  Manning  Chelsea  Manning  Heroism  Whistleblower  Edward  Snowden  book  Malcom  X  life  lesson  lifehacks  lifehacker  mainstream  media  media  conglomerate 
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Steve Coogan talks the 'fame game' at the Leveson Inquiry - YouTube
People who are famous for being famous have entered a Faustian pact with the press.
sociology  society  journalism  press  gossip  fame 
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Charlie Sheen Could Teach Wall Street a Lesson: Matthew Lynn - Bloomberg
And yet if there is a single lesson to be learned from the last decade, it is that the public -- or the customer -- is more forgiving. In fact, the more outrageously a celebrity behaves, and the less contrition he or she shows, the more we find them alluring. It pays to be bad, and slightly nutty as well.

Sheen has clearly struck a nerve. His over-the-top partying isn’t just amusing. It is the kind of escapism that audiences want. Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards has been an iconic figure for 40 years with his excessive lifestyle, so it wasn’t surprising to see that his autobiography topped the best-seller charts over Christmas. We don’t want celebrities who come across as drab and boring.
Kate Moss was photographed taking drugs, her sponsors ran for cover. But Moss soon came back as popular as ever
Sheen is entitled to a private life. He’s not an elected official and doesn’t offer moral guidance to anyone. If he wants to party like a wild animal, that’s his business.
society  culture  2011  crazy  TV  gossip  generationy  millennials  fame  entertainment 
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