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Pando: Nothing to see here: Eric Schmidt is taking a second job, as an advisor to the Pentagon
&! &! &! //&! - Netzpolitik //&! US defense chief tells Silicon Valley: 'encryption is essential' Ashton Carter has been courting tech firms in San Francisco, trying to heal the rift between the Pentagon and the industry in the ongoing Apple and FBI clash - //&! Google's Jigsaw project has new ideas, but an old imperial mindset. Human development is too important, too complex, and too culturally diverse to be left to profit-driven companies acting in their own interests -
Google  Inc.  ericschmidt  Eric  Schmitdt  revolving  door  lobbyist  lobby  Lobbying  Pentagon  NSA  GCHQ  UK  USA  Surveillance-Industrial  Complex  military–industrial  Silicon  Valley  counter  culture 
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"The Untouchables (2013)" PBS documentary about how the Holder Justice Department refused to prosecute Wall Street Fraud despite overwhelming evidence : Documentaries
faustian pact they've made. getting funded their elections by greedy crony capitalists. and are thus beholden to their calls they make and the framework they said they would give them funding for their campaign under. // "breakdown of internal controls [...] 60% of loans in possible portfolio did not meet its own standards, were still bought, put into portfolio" - Citigroup exec // Underfunded/understaffed/non-experience/no-stars @FBI and CIA! corporates have a bigger pocket and star lawyers who know how to position and spin. And without a Whistleblower/Leak it is nearly impossible if not for the case that the accused was really stupid and left a clear trail and or incriminates himself in paperwork/communication. // "criminal intent" //&! No Regrets at Countrywide - //&! Countrywide’s Mozilo Said to Face U.S. Suit Over Loans - //&! NEW SUIT - No, the US government hasn’t forgotten about Countrywide founder Angelo Mozilo -
GFC  banking  crisis  Greed  crony  capitalism  bank  bailout  economic  history  white-collar  crime  accounting  scandal  corporate  scandal  lobbyist  lobby  Lobbying  Career  Politicians  No  Representation  oligarchy  plutocracy  Super  Rich  1%  Fraud  securities-fraud  bonuses  bonus  financial  incentive  financial  literacy  FinancialCrisisInquiryCommission  Mozilo  CountrywideFinancial  Angelo  Mozilo  subprime  NINJA  Loan  non-performing  NPL  CDS  CDO  citigroup  misselling  misrepresentation  Consumer  Protection  misleading  Positioning  PR  spin  doctor  manufactured  consent  Whistleblower  Eric  Holder  presidency  barackobama  Party  Funding  Justice  System  economic  injustice  Washington  revolving  door  accountability  due  diligence  miconduct 
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Apple is launching search engine to destroy Google — and you’re already using it |
“Paid Inclusion” is basically the ads that consumers think are content, but are really ads. You can see this on your desktop by doing a search for “used iPhone.” The majority of the screen real estate is now ads! In the example above 11 of the 12 links are advertisements! [...] I could see Apple knocking 10 points off Google’s search business here in the USA in the next couple of years by simply making search an advertising-free piece of Apple’s OPERATING SYSTEM! [...] Apple is leapfrogging Google by making search something that is built into the core of your mobile phone and desktop. [ user experience, frictionless ] [...] Tim Cook is painting Google, accurately, as the evil successor to Microsoft, and Google’s management team is reinforcing this by closing ranks and destroying their partners. [ If its free to use, ... you are paying with your usage, with your data, your identity, ... ]
Google  Inc.  Google  Google  Search  Google  Shopping  Apple  Android  Appification  vertical  Marketplace  iOS  Don't  be  evil  ericschmidt  Eric  Schmidt  Steve  jobs  TOS  Microsoft  Bing  EULA  Windows  10  Internet  Privacy  Privacy  cookies  perma-cookie  Big  Data  metadata  Meta  Data 
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Eric Schmidt on New Book, Apple-Google Competition: Video - Bloomberg
+ How Google Works by Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg – review An exploration of how the internet giant is run – complete with ideological inconsistencies - + +!+!+ "Schmidt's “How Google Works” encourages managers to think big, fail fast, rely on data, but these principles may not apply to the average company"
Google  Apple  book  fail  fast  ericschmidt  Eric  Schmidt  people  management  corporate  culture  corporate  values  Start-Up  lesson  Start-Up  advice  management  team  management  Big  Data 
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