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Meet the Drapers! From top of the military industrial complex to reality cable in four generations | PandoDaily
[...] It was a diverse crowd, by some metrics: [...] But, in a crowd of over a hundred minglers, I counted no more than 10 women. I found myself talking to one of them, an event planner down from San Francisco to pick up tips, who told me that when she’d come down the steps, she felt like she’d entered a frat party. [...] As Marc Benioff told Kara Swisher during a very different fireside chat at the Lesbians Who Tech Summit [...], the responsibility for improving Silicon Valley’s gender ratio lies most heavily with early stage startups, whose formative hiring decisions will cement the culture as the company grows. [...] simply carrying on family tradition with their manly pursuits. [...] they’re doing little to challenge the nepotism and overwhelming maleness that has long been core to how Silicon Valley does business.
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Draper University & Tim Draper's state of California | Launch Festival 2014 - YouTube
California is 50th in tersm of edu cost (too expensive), California spends 3% of their rev on infrastructure investments. ... It has to be really bad that they see as only solution to make it smaller. make 6. The only good thing that has CA going is the weather and that can have unintended consequences as well - extreme weather events, droughts, wildfires, flashfloods, ... + + + ||| +++ -- BOOK ! 'The race for reinvention' ""The Fourth Revolution: The Global Race to Reinvent the State"" - - IN THEIR new book, John Micklethwait and Adrian Wooldridge explain why the state faces a historic juncture
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