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Path Sells Its Social Networking App To Daum Kakao | TechCrunch
After a period of early adoption in tech-heavy markets like San Francisco, the app struggled to find widespread usage among consumers in the U.S. That said, Path became very popular in some Asian markets — most notably Indonesia, where most of its current active users are today. Selling to a messaging company with strong ties to Asian markets makes total sense, but it also calls into question what the remaining folks at Path will do next. Morin had previously signaled that the company would pursue a multi-app studio strategy, where it would build what it saw as interesting social apps and hope that one finds product market fit. That strategy led to the GIF creation app Kong, which is the company’s first attempt into new apps that don’t use the Path name. // &! &!
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As Samsung Falters, An Opening For Startups | TechCrunch
[Samsung] is so identified with the government and the progress of Korea that the country is occasionally referred to locally as the Republic of Samsung. So when Samsung repeatedly presented bad news to investors this past year, particularly its results last quarter that showed a drop of 15% of its operating profit — the first drop in three years — there has been something of a slowly boiling panic underway in the country. From talks with people who work at the company, stress levels are off the charts, intensified by the pressure to return previously-paid performance bonuses. My colleague John Biggs has already talked about Samsung’s race to the bottom, but that was before these most recent results. With consumers unwilling to pay top dollar for Samsung’s best smartphones and Chinese manufacturers readying a dizzying array of competitive and inexpensive products, Samsung faces what might be considered an almost overpowering inevitability crisis about its downfall.
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