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NHS pressures causing avoidable harm to 500 patients a year - report | Society | The Guardian
The NHS wrongly believes it is an “essentially safe” system, in which things only go wrong exceptionally, even though about 2m patient safety incidents happen every year, 21,500 of which are serious. // - Boy, 2, 'castrated' after surgeons operate on wrong testicle &
NHS  culture  CQC 
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May's extra cash for NHS is not enough, says spending watchdog | Society | The Guardian
NAO’s Sir Amyas Morse warns more is needed to meet needs of a changing population [...] But Morse said the funding increase would only serve to maintain current service levels and would not be enough to meet the needs of a rapidly changing demographic. // &! Tory councils join demand for tax increases to fund social care services - - An astonishing nine in every 10 local authorities say that taxation must now be part of the solution in securing the viability of adult social care, according to a comprehensive survey of council leaders and senior figures responsible for care.

Concerns have been growing as a result of another delay to government proposals on resolving the crisis and complaints that pledged funding for care has been diverted to the NHS. // &! SOCIAL CARE - & //&! - The founding principles of the health service must be extended to social care. Otherwise the NHS will be run into the ground
NHS  ageing  population  social  adult  elderly  care  Council  Austerity  sickcare  demand  demographic  bubble  Theresa  May  Simon  Stevens  CVD  Cancer  diabetes  obesity  overweight  self-medication  Tories  Conservative  Party  premature  GP  CQC 
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Mental health services for the young is NHS's 'silent catastrophe' | Society | The Guardian
The failings have led to high staff turnover, poor morale and poor working conditions. One child psychotherapist, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “I am considering leaving the NHS as I am worried it is no longer safe to practise.

“It is tragic to witness the demise of a once-flourishing and truly multi-disciplinary specialist Camhs. My skills are going to waste. [...] This year, the NHs watchdog the Care Quality Commission rated 39% (26 services) of specialist Camhs as requiring improvement. Those surveyed by the ACP were asked whether they could see any evidence of the government’s claim of making “one of the biggest expansion of services in Europe” – 93 % of respondents said they saw no evidence of this. &!
NHS  Austerity  Tories  nasty  party  CAMHS  mental  health  Theresa  May  education  policy  public  prevention  Generation  Generationengerechtigkeit  Conservative  Privatisation  CQC 
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Europe's mental health institutions uniformly substandard, says WHO | Society | The Guardian
Europe's mental health institutions uniformly substandard, says WHO
None of the 75 sites visited by experts met the standards of care set by the United Nations
UK  mental  health  WHO  stigma  prejudice  double  standard  discrimination  CQC  NHS 
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Bev Humphrey: ‘The underfunding of the NHS is almost conspiratorial’ | Society | The Guardian
Humphrey believes the health service is now close to breaking point and that government policy is to blame. “The chronic underfunding of the NHS is almost conspiratorial,” she says. “The way it has been starved of money for the last seven years is scandalous. We haven’t got to this decade to find everyone is suddenly iller. I fear the government will turn around in a few years and say, ‘Look, we have given you money and it hasn’t worked – we need a new system.’ I am concerned this would lead to a compulsory insurance model.” It would create a two-tier system, she feels. “The NHS is not only a very efficient service, it’s also clinically excellent. If we move away from that [a service that is free at the point of need] there’s no going back. What you would end up with is very poor quality services for the poorest and those who need it most.”
NHS  Austerity  mental  health  CAMHS  Privatisation  CQC  sickcare  ageing  premature  demographic  bubble  demand  population 
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Private hospitals warned over failing safety and quality standards | Society | The Guardian
Exclusive: Jeremy Hunt writes to 206 private providers across England after damning CQC report
NHS  Privatisation  CQC  patient  safety 
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NHS shake-up is not a Trojan horse for privatisation, says top doctor | Society | The Guardian
accountable care organisations (ACOs).
Another body to control for quality, beyond CQC!? Tories already made CCGs accountable. //&! - NHS plans: Privatisation or progress? //&! - There is much merit in merging services like this, but the way Hunt intends to set up ACOs will open them to competitive tender, with opaque lines of responsibility once contracts are awarded. This is exactly what the huge private health care companies have been waiting for – the chance to take over whole chunks of the NHS and social care sectors and run them on commercial lines.
ACO  NHS  CCG  Politics  CQC  STP  Austerity  Privatisation  rationing  staff  crisis  sickcare  healthcare  demand  PFI  Council  ageing  demographic  bubble  population  premature  CEP  elderly  care  adult  social  Cancer  obesity  CVD  overweight  chronic  sick  waiting  times  bedblocking  bed  blocking  treatment  delay 
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Impoverished healthcare at squalid Liverpool prison, report says - BBC News
Their decision to speak out, they say, was borne of a sense that senior management at the trust were not listening to concerns and hiding failings from regulators.
NHS  Prison  self-regulation  regulation  regulators  CQC  Austerity  rationing  Privatisation  UK  Whistleblower  excess  deaths 
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Boss quits as his Major NHS trust put in special measures - BBC News & & & - in protest at what he says is NHS underfunding and hospitals being given unrealistic savings targets. & // A major London hospital trust has been placed in special measures because of funding problems.
NHS Improvement announced the sanction against King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust the day after chairman Lord Kerslake resigned criticising the "unrealistic" approach to NHS finances.
The regulator said a deficit of £92m was now forecast this year - more than twice the original £38m planned for.
Chief executive Ian Dalton said the position was simply "not acceptable".
NHS  Austerity  STP  CEP  CQC  sickcare  demand  healthcare  chronic  sick  population  winter  crisis  Council  bedblocking  bed  blocking  Jeremy  Hunt  Simon  Stevens  waiting  times  elective  care  CVD  Cancer  diabetes  treatment  delay  rationing  ageing  demographic  bubble  CCG  Trust  IVF  obesity  overweight 
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Boss quits as his Major NHS trust put in special measures - BBC News // A major London hospital trust has been placed in special measures because of funding problems.
NHS Improvement announced the sanction against King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust the day after chairman Lord Kerslake resigned criticising the "unrealistic" approach to NHS finances.
The regulator said a deficit of £92m was now forecast this year - more than twice the original £38m planned for.
Chief executive Ian Dalton said the position was simply "not acceptable".
NHS  Austerity  STP  CEP  CQC  sickcare  demand  healthcare  chronic  sick  population  winter  crisis  Council  bedblocking  bed  blocking  Jeremy  Hunt  Simon  Stevens  waiting  times  elective  care  CVD  Cancer  diabetes  treatment  delay  rationing  ageing  demographic  bubble 
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Portsmouth hospital missed lung cancer cases - BBC News
A hospital failed to spot cases of lung cancer because it did not check patients' chest X-rays properly, the Care Quality Commission has found.
The health watchdog found that three patients at Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth suffered "significant harm".
It emerged that junior doctors complained they had been asked to carry out specialist radiology work without the appropriate training.
The CQC has now launched a review of NHS radiology services in England.
All NHS bodies have been instructed to provide details about their backlogs, turnaround times, staffing and arrangements for routine reporting of images.
NHS  Cancer  staff  shortage  recruitment  radiology  locum  hiring  Austerity  waiting  times  treatment  delay  CQC  rationing  CVD  Junior  Doctors  Consultant  Nurses  Jeremy  Hunt  Simon  Stevens  STP  CEP  CCG  GP  A&E 
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Jeremy Hunt orders NHS England bosses to stick to waiting time limits | Society | The Guardian
Jeremy Hunt orders NHS England bosses to stick to waiting time limits
Health secretary swiftly rejects service chiefs’ public warning that meeting targets is impossible with current funding [...] In an unprecedented move reflecting a widening gulf with the government, NHS England used its board meeting to warn that it had to make “difficult choices” next year that would involve limiting what it could provide for patients. [ only providing basics life saving treatments - not life improvement treatments (elective surgery) ] [...] NHS England has also said it is unable to implement best practice as advised by Nice on a routine basis – an extraordinary state of affairs. We have now reached a point where the NHS constitution will be routinely breached and NHS services are being withdrawn.”
NHS  Jeremy  Hunt  Simon  Stevens  Philip  Hammond  Theresa  May  budget2017  rationing  treatment  delay  waiting  times  CVD  Cancer  A&E  diabetes  overweight  obesity  chronic  sick  population  ageing  premature  demographic  bubble  sickcare  demand  healthcare  CCG  CEP  STP  GP  elective  surgery  OAP  disabled  bedblocking  bed  blocking  Council  Austerity  adult  social  care  elderly  NICE  patient  safety  CQC  mental  health 
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How to avoid blame for the underfunding of the NHS | Letters | Society | The Guardian
[ NHS re-org was done for politics ] If the amount on offer was inadequate in his view, then given his formal role Simon Stevens could not continue in office without making clear in public that it would not be enough to maintain an adequate service. This structure, which is now widespread in the public sector, is convenient for ministers who want to avoid responsibility for day-to-day operations in public services. But the divided responsibility promotes “small government” dogma and unaccountable power.
NHS  Simon  Stevens  Tories  Conservative  Party  UK  nasty  Austerity  CEP  CCG  STP  rationing  waiting  times  treatment  delay  Jeremy  Hunt  Privatisation  CQC 
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This isn’t the start of an NHS crisis – it’s far worse | Jan Filochowski | Opinion | The Guardian
I spent several years researching why failure happens while also working as an NHS chief executive, much of that time turning around failing NHS trusts. What I found was that if a crisis is unacknowledged, and therefore not dealt with, the organisation in question is unable to honestly confront and then tackle the difficult but treatable problems it faces, and instead minimises or even ignores or denies them. Because of this inaction, things get worse very fast and only bottom out when the true nature of the problems is accepted. Today, it is not individual hospitals or GP practices but the NHS as a whole that is in the incredibly dangerous descent phase. We should be not so much worried as massively alarmed.
NHS  crisis  CQC  patient  safety 
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Stark warning over effects of cuts on A&E patient safety - The Scotsman
Hospital staff increasingly feel pressured into emphasising “only good news” and are reluctant to raise concerns amid fears they may face repercussions from NHS managers, MSPs have been told.

The Royal College of Emergency Medicine (RCEM) in Scotland says “firefighting has become the new norm” in emergency departments and revealed that some clinical governance systems have been axed because the £7,000 cost is prohibitive.
NHS  Crisis  CQC  patient  safety 
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These little-known opaque bodies could run health services. Are they legal? | Denis Campbell | Society | The Guardian
divorcing NHS failure from politics westminster and health minister. as jeremy hunt says ccgs are accountable: eg mental health spending.
NHS  England  ACO  Privatisation  accountability  Politics  Austerity  CCG  STP  CEP  Jeremy  Hunt  Simon  Stevens  rationing  waiting  times  CQC  treatment  delay  excess  death  patient  safety  outsourcing  PFI 
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NHS staff 'working on edge of safety' - BBC News
NHS staff in England are working on the "edge of safety" as rising demand is outstripping the increasing numbers being employed, health bosses say.
There are now 6% more staff than there were three years ago, but demand for services has risen by three times as much in some areas.
NHS Providers, which represents health chiefs, said staff shortages was now the number one concern in the NHS.
NHS  patient  safety  CQC  staff  shortage  Nurses  Doctors  GP  Crisis  recruitment  hiring  locum  Austerity  CEP  STP  rationing  waiting  times  Cancer  CVD  diabetes  premature  sickcare  healthcare  chronic  sick  population  demographic  bubble  ageing  public  health  Council  bedblocking  bed  blocking  demand  winter  A&E 
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Jeremy Hunt faces legal action over attempts to 'Americanise' the NHS | The Independent
more two-tier options for users w ACO offering from the get go two-tier adult and social care services/options. AND like most private provides taking on NHS business, avoiding also tax! Hnt himself said in committee hearing that our ageing population is private money fest opportunity.
NHS  Privatisation  Austerity  ACO  CEP  STP  CCG  CQC  rationing  waiting  times  profit  maximisation  neoliberalism  public  health  good  neoliberal  bedblocking  bed  blocking  adult  social  care  Council  disabled  ageing  population  chronic  sick  sickcare  healthcare  demand  demographic  bubble 
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Badly-behaved surgeons are ​putting patients' lives in danger ​due to 'culture of bullying', report finds
The Sunday Telegraph says trainee surgeons have complained that an endemic culture of bullying among senior colleagues is putting patients' lives at risk.
The paper says some surgeons have reported being assaulted during operations for raising safety concerns, and an atmosphere of fear is said to be leading to failures in concentration that directly harm patients.
NHS  Austerity  chronic  staff  shortage  burnout  stress  Whistleblower  bullying  patient  safety  STP  CEP  rationing  waiting  times  treatment  delay  Culture  HR  human  resources  recruitment  hiring  training  CQC  excess  deaths  sick  population  healthcare  demand  sickcare  complex  diseases  governance  accountability 
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NHS waits for cancer care, A&E and ops worsen across UK - BBC News
Twelve out of 135 English hospital trusts, four out of five Northern Irish health trusts and five out of seven Welsh trusts have failed to hit any target in the past 12 months. //&! &! << ageing population w complex care needs for chronic diseases &! Wales worst -
NHS  sickcare  demand  healthcare  health  care  Austerity  ageing  chronic  sick  population  winter  crisis  demographic  bubble  bedblocking  bed  blocking  Council  CEP  STP  rationing  waiting  times  referrals  GP  A&E  delayed  treatment  burnout  staff  shortage  locum  Cancer  CVD  diabetes  obesity  overweight  England  Wales  Scotland  patient  safety  CQC  adult  elderly  social 
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NHS future precarious, says regulator - BBC News
The Care Quality Commission (CQC) says the health system is "straining at the seams" and faces a "precarious" future.
The England's regulator's annual report raised concerns about staff shortages, rising demand and the number of patients with preventable illnesses. It said so far the quality of NHS and council care has been maintained but warned standards were likely to drop. //>> GPs not focused to reverse diet lifestyle diesease. // "We are going to see a fall in the quality of services that are offered to people and that may mean that the safety of some people is compromised,"
NHS  GP  public  health  Crisis  bedblocking  bed  blocking  chronic  sick  population  Cancer  CVD  diabetes  obesity  overweight  complex  diseases  ageing  premature  demographic  bubble  babyboomers  prevention  diet  lifestyle  S.A.D.  western  food  food–industrial  A&E  type2  reversal  stress  coping  mechanism  Alcohol  alcoholism  fast  lobby  Sugar  Tax  junk  UK  economic  damage  Productivity  sickleave  DWP  mental  immune  system  inflammation  Alzheimer  dementia  autoimmune  healthcare  demand  sickcare  STP  CEP  rationing  waiting  times  delayed  treatment  patient  safety  CQC  Austerity  Council  staff  locum  shortage  Nurses  recruitment  hiring  paycap 
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Virgin Care asks Bath staff not to report safety concerns to health watchdog - Bath Chronicle
Virgin Care asked staff in the Bath area not to report their safety concerns to the health watchdog.

Registered managers in health and social care have a legal obligation to report issues to the Care Quality Commission if they feel their service is unsafe.
NHS  Privatisation  CQC  Whistleblower  patient  safety  health  care  demand  rationing  adult  social  elderly  Council  demographic  bubble  ageing  population  chronic  sick  Disabled 
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Royal Cornwall hospital put in special measures after patient deaths | Society | The Guardian
Royal Cornwall Hospital, Cornwall Country, South England ... yet another one cant handle demand w given resources. // CQC put in place by tories/jeremy hunt, to do for him the clean up, otherwise if he would have to respond help w more money and clean up he would have been long gone. its outsourcing of responsibility and accountability at best, same w CCGs and re-org, tenders/privatisation, market mechanism. // see cancer surgery delay = add to excess death. same w bed blocking news, that bed blocking leads to excess deaths eg infection risk. malnutrition. wasting of muscles. &!
NHS  England  STP  CEP  Austerity  CQC  rationing  waiting  times  treatment  delay  Jeremy  Hunt  Simon  Stevens  Privatisation  health  care  demand  ageing  chronic  sick  population  demographic  bubble  babyboomers  baby  boomers  CVD  diabetes  obesity  overweight  premature  Cancer  bed  blocking  bedblocking  Council  social  adult  elderly  Disabled 
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If our government won’t act to save our NHS this winter, this is what we must do | openDemocracy
Theresa May’s team has adopted an ostrich-style response to the rising cash crisis and its likely impact this winter. But it’s clear that many of her MPs, fearing they could lose their reduced majorities at the next election, are pressing hard behind the scenes for a reprieve for local services.

MPs have already forced significant retreats from hospital downgrades in north Devon and Essex. Cabinet minister Andrea Leadsom has backed calls for a reprieve for hospital services at Banbury’s Horton General, and may yet have something to say about Oxfordshire’s latest bed closures.
NHS  STP  Austerity  rationing  waiting  times  winter  crisis  health  care  demand  chronic  sick  population  ageing  premature  demographic  bubble  babyboomers  baby  boomers  CCG  CQC  CVD  diabetes  Cancer  obesity  Influenza 
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One in seven GP practices in England failing on safety | Society | The Guardian
“GPs, practice managers and other primary care staff should be commended for their efforts.
NHS  GP  Austerity  CQC  health  care  demand  ageing  premature  chronic  sick  population  demographic  bubble 
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'Too many' patients locked in for mental health care - BBC News
NHS England said progress was being made with higher funding for care. // no trusts are already eyeing mental health for cuts in the STP and "capped expenditure process" to cap the top end of the year end bill // and its never an overspend its a rising health care demand by chronic sick population and ageing population a demographic bubble - its not an overspend - &!
NHS  STP  Austerity  mental  health  CQC  waiting  time  rationing  care  demand  Jeremy  Hunt  Simon  Stevens  Theresa  May  JAM  working  poor  Precariat 
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Sick patients dying ‘unnecessarily’ in NHS because of poor care | Society | The Guardian
Two out of five hospitals at some point had been unable to cope with the number of patients who needed NIV because they lacked equipment. “Lack of ventilators is a common problem, even though a basic machine costs about £1,000 to £2,000. When there are too many patients, some end up receiving other medical treatment that’s not as good as ventilation. That will give them a higher risk of dying.” [...] Doctors were often “really poor” at documenting the condition of patients on NIV, probably because of understaffing.
NHS  Austerity  STP  rationing  health  care  demand  CQC  staff  shortage  locum  security 
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Private surgery 'needs better patient safety regulation' - BBC News
In an open letter, surgical leaders said they had concerns about the availability of patient safety information in private hospitals. And they called for a stronger focus on patient safety initiatives, to match those in the NHS.
The Royal College of Surgeons (RCS) urged the next government to consider ensuring private hospitals had to report unexpected deaths and serious injuries in the same way as hospitals in the NHS. And it repeated its call for better regulation of cosmetic surgery which is mostly carried out in private clinics.
NHS  Privatisation  Cosmetic  Surgery  Austerity  rationing  CQC  Superbug  profit  maximisation  shareholder  value  Capitalism  STP 
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Baby deaths cluster: Trust paid out millions in compensation - BBC News
An NHS trust facing a review into maternity errors has paid out millions in compensation after similar mistakes led to babies born with brain injuries. [...] A law firm says it has 27 open cases into claims that mistakes at the trust led to brain injuries at birth.
The trust said the sums already paid out did not reflect current services.
A medical negligence charity says the trust is an "outlier" in terms of avoidable harm and has demanded a full inquiry.
NHS  Austerity  CQC  locum  staff  shortage  STP 
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'Hopeless': how senior doctor described NHS maternity unit's testing regime | Society | The Guardian - / The GP’s emails express alarm about the maternity unit’s procedures for communicating medical test results, accusing some departments of having a “fax and forget” attitude.

He said that without explanation or context, it was difficult for GPs to understand why particular tests had been ordered, how to interpret the results and how follow up appropriately.

The GP, who has expertise in patient safety, said: “At best these issues are an irritation; at worst, it’s dangerous. There seems to be an inability to change and to learn from mistakes. The safety culture isn’t responsive.
NHS  Austerity  health  care  demand  staff  shortage  CQC  Jeremy  Hunt  Simon  Stevens  patient  safety  rationing 
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Maternity incidents not being reviewed - BBC News
Health boards are formally reviewing less than half of the most serious maternity incidents - which include baby deaths.
Figures obtained by the BBC showed 723 "significant adverse events" recorded across Scotland over a six-year period.
Only about 37% of these were reviewed by a full formal process, leading to concerns lessons would not be learned. [...] For example, NHS Grampian conducted an SAER in 7% of events,
NHS  Austerity  locum  staff  shortage  CQC  scandal  England  Scotland  Grampian  Culture  Whistleblower 
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Medway NHS Foundation Trust out of special measures after four years - BBC News
Medway Maritime was one of 11 hospitals branded "inadequate" after Sir Bruce Keogh's review of hospitals in 2013.
Previous inspections had highlighted concerns over patient safety, organisation and governance.
BBC South East health correspondent Mark Norman said the hospital had spent 41 months in special measures, rather than the 12 months originally expected.
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Boy, 7, died at Portland hospital after monitoring equipment switched off | UK news | The Guardian
James’s family are now launching legal action against HCA Healthcare UK, which runs the Portland hospital. [... it is well known within the NHS (consultants, senior nurses), when Private hospitals fuck up big time, NHS has to pick up the pieces. and this was an outsourced routine op (bc of bed & capacity shortage) to a private hospital!) & CQC does not check Private Hospitals!
NHS  Privatisation  CQC  STP  rationing  waiting  times  list  health  care  demand  bedblocking  bed  blocking  shortage  staff  locum  agency 
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NHS 'standing on burning platform' of outdated acute care model | Society | The Guardian
“The scale of the challenge that hospitals are now facing is unprecedented,” Richards said. “Rising demand coupled with economic pressures are creating difficult-to-manage situations that are putting patient care at risk. [...] According to the CQC’s state of hospitals report, published on Thursday, 81% of the 136 non-specialist trusts were deemed to be inadequate or to require improvement for safety, while 11% of hospital trusts were given the lowest rating for safety. None received a rating of outstanding in this area.
NHS  CQC  Austerity  health  care  demand  ageing  chronic  sick  population  demographic  bubble  babyboomers  UK  medical  advances  CVD  cancer  Diabetes  dementia  Alzheimer  Stroke  Disabled  bed  blocking  bedblocking  elderly  adult  social  Tories  Jeremy  Hunt  Simon  Stevens  Theresa  May  mental  David  Cameron  George  Osborne  STP  rationing 
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NHS inspection reports: Bosses admit SNP had access to secret results | UK | News |
[ NHS is political football ] Healthcare Improvement Scotland (HIS) was launched in 2011 to improve care standards, although it has few statutory enforcement powers.

As it is part of the NHS, campaigners, politicians and even the OECD world forum have said the health service is effectively “marking its own homework”. HIS has inspected dozens of hospitals and health boards over the past six years, exposing many care, staffing and cleanliness problems. [...] She said: “There is a classic example from NHS Grampian, when there were major issues… We triangulated information with the General Medical Council and the consultants, and we also met patient groups in Grampian. During that time and before the report was published, the report was shared with Government, not so that changes could be made but so that action could be taken on some of the serious problems in Grampian.”
NHS  Scotland  SNP  CQC  HIS  Shona  Robison  Holyrood  public  health  Jeremy  Hunt  Austerity  STP  Simon  Stevens  Tories  nasty  party  Conservative  Grampian 
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Hospitals 'dangerously full' during winter crisis, says thinktank | Society | The Guardian
Hospitals were dangerously full during the recent onset of the winter crisis and breached an edict from NHS bosses to keep one in seven beds free, new analysis by the King’s Fund thinktank reveals.

England’s 153 acute hospital trusts were told by NHS Improvement – the health service regulator – on 9 December to run at no more than 85% bed occupancy between 19 December and 16 January.

That is the internationally recognised level that hospitals are meant to stick to in order to minimise the risk of potentially deadly infections and to maintain the capacity to deal with emergencies.
NHS  Crisis  health  care  demand  Austerity  STP  Jeremy  Hunt  CQC  Simon  Stevens  sick  population  ageing  Demographic  bubble  Tories  nasty  party  Conservative  medical  advances  adult  social  elderly  bed  blocking  A&E  GP 
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Serious mistakes in NHS patient care are on the rise, figures reveal | Society | The Guardian
rise in never-events, ie wrong surgery // Serious mistakes by hospital staff that put patients at risk are on the rise, despite the government’s drive since the Mid Staffs scandal to make care safer, official NHS figures reveal.

The last few years have seen more cases of delayed diagnosis, staff failure to act on patients’ test results, poor care of seriously ill patients and blunders during surgery.
NHS  England  Austerity  CQC  Crisis  Simon  Stevens  Jeremy  Hunt  Tories  Conservative  Party  nasty  health  care  demand  sick  population  ageing  demographic  bubble 
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Hospitals trust put in special measures after botched operations | Society | The Guardian
The report also highlighted problems with a culture of bullying and discrimination.
NHS  Crisis  Culture  CQC  Austerity 
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Babies born in London hospital 'could leave with wrong mother' | Society | The Guardian
and midwives said they had been ordered by managers not to raise concerns about low staff numbers. [...] Some medics had to complete mandatory training in their own time or during their holiday leave.
NHS  Austerity  CQC 
december 2016 by asterisk2a
NHS head disputes Theresa May claims over health funding | Society | The Guardian
Asked by MPs about May’s belief, which she outlined at the meeting on 8 September, that the NHS could learn from the Home Office and Ministry of Defence’s recent experience of efficiency drives, Stevens dismissed any parallels. While crime had fallen in recent years, demand for NHS care had risen, was still growing and would continue upward, he said. For example, demand for cancer care had risen 55% over the past five years.
NHS  austerity  Simon  Stevens  Jeremy  Hunt  Theresa  May  sick  population  health  care  demand  budget  ageing  premature  demographic  bubble  cancer  CVD  diabetes  prevention  Privatisation  CQC  adult  social  elderly  bed  blocking  GP  A&E 
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Summer 2016 'worse than most winters for A&E' - BBC News
Waiting times in A&E units in England this summer have been worse than every winter for the past 12 years bar one, figures show.
The colder months have traditionally been the most difficult for hospitals. But pressures have grown so much that this summer saw one in 10 patients wait for over four hours in A&E during June, July and August. [...] The data also showed hospitals are missing a number of other key targets for cancer, routine operations and ambulance response times. [...] [ elderly care adult social care at tipping point. not being treated at home end up in A&E eventually and then bed block! ]
A&E  health  care  demand  NHS  Crisis  England  austerity  elderly  adult  social  ageing  population  sick  demographic  bubble  chronic  diet-related  diseases  disease  lifestyle  CVD  cancer  diabetes  GP  prevention  Jeremy  Hunt  Simon  Stevens  budget  bed  blocking  CQC 
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NHS budget control 'will require staff cuts'
It says the government should be honest about NHS spending plans at a time when patient demand is rising. [...] The NHS leadership is set to unveil plans to get hospitals and other trusts to stick to agreed spending limits. In the last financial year, trusts ran up a collective deficit of £2.4bn - and the aim is to cut that figure significantly. [...] "It is no longer credible to argue that the NHS can continue to meet increasing demand for services, deliver current standards of care and stay within its budget. This is widely understood within the NHS and now needs to be debated with the public. "There are no easy choices, but it would be disastrous to adopt a mindset that fails to acknowledge the serious state of the NHS in England today." //&! - An overspend would be a serious breach of Whitehall protocol and lead to senior officials being hauled over the coals by the National Audit Office.
CQC  NHS  England  NHS  Scotland  health  care  demand  health  care  cost  health  care  spending  Baby  Boomers  babyboomers  Simon  Stevens  Jeremy  Hunt  chronic  disease  chronic  diseases  austerity  cancer  heart  disease  diet-related  disease  diet-related  diseases  GP  A&E  bed  blocking  adult  social  care  elderly  care  staff  morale  staff  shortage  locum  doctor  locum  staff  sick  population  UK  obesity  obesity  epidemic  overweight  diabetes  high  blood  pressure  dietary  cholesterol  fatty  liver  disease  liver  disease  waiting  times  Sugar  Tax  meat  Industry  stroke  heart  attack  premature  ageing  premature  death  public  awareness  dietary  guidelines  Fiber  animal  protein  animal  fat  Free  Oil  Salt  processed  food  food  engineering  Fish  Industry  carbon  pollution  big  pharma  pharma  pharmaceutical  preventative  care  prevention  preventive  care  preventive  medicine  medical  school  medical  training 
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'Safety risk' at ambulance trust
Long call waits and out-of-date maps affected the service offered by the South East Coast Ambulance Trust (Secamb), which now faces investigation by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). The Department of Health said: "poor leadership" had "put safety at risk". The trust said it was working hard to address the issues raised. Last October it emerged that Secamb, which covers Sussex, Surrey and Kent, had delayed sending help for certain calls to allow extra time for patient assessments. Its chairman, Tony Thorne, resigned in March, and chief executive Paul Sutton left the trust in May. //&! North Middlesex hospital A&E faces closure on safety grounds - - Move would be first in NHS history, as internal documents seen by the Guardian show junior staff often left in charge of casualty unit - & & deaths -
staff  morale  austerity  NHS  NHS  England  A&E  A&amp;E  A&E  CQC  Jeremy  Hunt  staff  shortage  ageing  population  sick  population  chronic  disease  demographic  bubble 
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Southern Health: Criticised NHS trust boss 'won't resign'
Criticised Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust 'must improve' - - An under-fire health trust, criticised after a teenager drowned in a bath, has been told to significantly improve protection of mental health patients.
Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust was issued the warning notice by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) following an inspection in January.
An inquest found neglect contributed to the death of Connor Sparrowhawk, 18, at Slade House in Oxford in 2013.
The trust said it was "completely focused" on tackling the concerns.
NHS  England  CQC  austerity  mental  health  NHS  NHS  Grampian  Transgender  patient  safety  patient  care  health  care  demand  health  care  cost  health  care  budget  health  care  spending  sick  population  health  crisis  UK  Jeremy  Hunt 
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Nottingham woman, 93, found living in 'squalor'
Sevacare has been providing domiciliary care services for Nottingham City Council for five years and currently cares for 183 people
A report following a Care Quality Commission inspection in 2015 said improvement was required in two out of five areas - safety and responsiveness
The report noted: "Although there were sufficient numbers of staff, there was a high turnover, which impacted on people's views of the quality of service they received."
Sevacare was contracted to provide the 93-year-old woman with one two-hour support call and two 15-minute pop-in calls, a week.
adult  social  care  elderly  care  austerity  neglect  NHS  bed  blocking  Council  Privatisation  outsourcing  minimum  wage  living  wage  CQC 
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The NHS mental health hospital closed with just five days' warning | Society | The Guardian
Critics say lives have been put at risk by the closure of Bootham Park in York, with 30 patients having to be discharged or moved [ // cutting 30 beds and 400 out patient access. // ] The closure of York’s only public adult mental health hospital with just five days’ warning could put lives at risk and should be subject to both an independent inquiry and a judicial review, according to a local MP and lawyers representing patients. [...] There is speculation that Bootham Park, a Grade I-listed building with a chapel and grounds in central York, will now be sold off to private developers. In an email exchange seen by the Guardian, one NHS trust boss said: “I think it is the first time an NHS hospital has been closed … in such a short period of time. Even Winterbourne View was not closed within four working days of the Panorama programme [showing abuse of vulnerable patients by staff] being broadcast.” [ graphic, beds cut by 10's of thousand ]
NHS  austerity  mental  health  CQC  Council  Public  Services  Social  Services  well  being  NHS  England  Jeremy  Hunt 
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The cost of being unhealthy - BBC News
In fact, it is often overlooked in the continuing debate about the pressures on the NHS that getting people to live healthier lives is critical to the future of the NHS. In October, NHS chiefs made an unprecedented plea to ministers - they asked for more money. But it wasn't a "something for nothing" request. They set out a compelling case about how the health service was facing a £30bn shortfall by 2020 - and said if the budget was increased by £8bn in real terms they would do the rest.
general  election  2020  sick  population  Privatisation  prevention  intervention  health  care  budget  health  care  spending  health  crisis  premature  ageing  premature  death  cancer  heart  disease  Standard  American  Diet  Dietary  Fiber  diet-related  disease  cholesterol  Western  pattern  chronic  diseases  chronic  low-grade  inflammation  diabetes  metabolic  syndrome  high  blood  pressure  hypertension  OAP  GP  A&E  ageing  population  demographic  bubble  NHS  Simon  Stevens  obesity  epidemic  obesity  childhood  obesity  overweight  sedentary  lifestyle  lifestyle  food  abuse  self-medication  coping  mechanism  alcohol  abuse  substance  abuse  drug  abuse  Politics  CQC  public  health  policy  public  health 
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Expect more teenage pregnancies and STIs as public health cuts kick in | Public Leaders Network | The Guardian
[ cut public health budget (prevention & intervention) by +200m ] Slicing money out of local prevention services is ‘economically nonsensical’, completely undermining the pledge to pump billions into the NHS [...] 77% [of councils] said they expected obesity interventions to be cut [...] total spend on STIs by 2020 could top £6bn. [...] Every £1 spent on contraception saves £11 in healthcare costs. Cuts to sexual health sector are economically nonsensical [ TORIES SET NHS UP TO FAIL! Simon Stevens is being ser-up to fail! ] //&! King's Fund analysis - //&! - short-termism. with cuts to prevention, and no new prevention initiatives ie sugar tax and processed food tax and meat tax (burger king and co), health coaches at gp surgeries ... 5 year nhs budget targets will be overrun massively by 2020. Simon Stevens is asked to resign before 2020 election.
public  health  public  health  policy  prevention  intervention  teenage  pregnancy  budget2015  NHS  health  care  budget  health  care  spending  sick  population  health  crisis  tobacco  STI  STD  GP  LGBT  mental  health  Council  Services  Social  Services  child  protection  deprivation  post  code  lottery  health  inequality  ROI  obesity  diabetes  smoking  sedentary  lifestyle  alcohol  abuse  food  abuse  substance  abuse  addiction  Iain  Duncan  Smith  Jeremy  Hunt  George  Osborne  underinvestment  austerity  dogma  ideology  Tories  Conservative  Party  nasty  David  Cameron  Westminster  Whitehall  Toff  Privileged  Establishment  Simon  Stevens  short-termism  general  election  2020  Sugar  Tax  Politics  food  industry  processed  food  food  engineering  Chain  fast  food  Desert  junk  food  food  poverty  CQC  demographic  bubble  ageing  population  diet-related  disease  chronic  diseases  obesity  epidemic  childhood  obesity  cancer  heart  disease  budget2010  Privatisation  policy  folly  policy  error  Big  Sugar 
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Dispatches - 999: Where's My Ambulance? - All 4
[ demand resources mismatch ] rising demand, growth over a quarter in some parts. [...] "find innovative ways to deal with demand." [ no mention of more money for the babyboomers and OAP and elderly and adult social care. ]
NHS  austerity  staff  morale  locum  staff  staff  shortage  CQC  public  safety  public  health  policy  public  health  health  crisis  health  care  budget  health  care  spending  OAP  sick  population  premature  ageing  ageing  population  diet-related  disease  chronic  diseases  babyboomers  heart  disease  diabetes  obesity  metabolic  syndrome  cancer  mental  health  mental  illness  adult  social  care  elderly  care  bed  blocking 
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Calls for 'homegrown talent' to take over as next Ofsted chief | Education | The Guardian
Concerns raised over reports that the education secretary wants to appoint an American with a record of resisting unions to replace Sir Michael Wilshaw [...] Morgan is reportedly looking overseas to replace Michael Wilshaw, who will stand down in December. According to the Sunday Times, she is keen to recruit an outsider who has defeated union resistance to education changes abroad in order to raise school standards in the UK. [...] we’ve seen year after year, ministers are failing to recruit and retain enough teachers, threatening our future economic success and the prospects of young people in the global education race.” [...] Tensions between state school leaders and Ofsted have risen under Wilshaw’s reign, in part because of the threat of struggling schools being turned into academies after receiving critical inspections.
Nicky  Morgan  education  policy  Workers  Union  Trade  Union  austerity  Gini  coefficient  social  mobility  income  mobility  inequality  deprivation  UK  staff  shortage  staff  morale  child  poverty  food  poverty  poverty  trap  income  inequality  David  Cameron  George  Osborne  Generationengerechtigkeit  fairness  child  care  tax  credit  poverty  apprenticeships  competitiveness  STEM  financial  literacy  literacy  PISA  Privatisation  Ofsted  CQC 
february 2016 by asterisk2a
NHS watchdog to 'monitor social media care complaints' - BBC News
Comments on social media will be used by England's health regulator to learn of possible NHS failings as part of an inspection overhaul, it is reported. [...] The CQC's budget is being cut and it expects to carry out fewer inspections. Mr Wyman told the newspaper the new strategy would not "rip up" the current approach to inspection, but "refine" its methods. [ Tories cut the budget of the regulator they have created - LOL ] [...] In the consultation document, the CQC says it expects its budget to be cut from £249m in the current financial year to £217 million in 2019-20.
CQC  NHS  austerity  accountability  transparency  oversight  neglect  malpractice  NHS  England  Social  Media  Big  Data  Meta  Data  staff  morale  locum  staff  staff  shortage  self-regulation  regulators  budget2015 
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Thousands who die with cancer spend last days in pain, study finds | Society | The Guardian
[ minority service ] Macmillan says patients in UK should not be spending end of life in pain simply because of poor medical support at home //&! Four in 10 hospitals told to improve care for the dying Watchdog’s data reveals end-of-life care falls below expected standards at 74 NHS hospitals in England, including seven rated as inadequate -
palliative  care  adult  social  care  elderly  care  cancer  austerity  Council  NHS  CQC 
february 2016 by asterisk2a
NHS 'will miss £22bn efficiency savings target', says thinktank | Society | The Guardian
[ nothing is addressed in prevention - mismatch between demand by chronically ill (high cost and returning again and again for treatment) and resources available ] Last October Simon Stevens, the chief executive of NHS England, committed the service to plugging £22bn of the expected £30bn gap in its finances by 2020 through productivity gains of 2% or 3% a year between now and 2020. Since then the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats have promised to provide the other £8bn by 2020 from government funds, though Labour has refused to do the same. “It’s quite possible that the NHS will miss the £22bn target by quite a long way and therefore require much more than £8bn in additional funding. That’s a realistic possibility”, said Richard Murray, the King’s Fund’s director of policy. //&! &! - Cuts of £4.6bn to local authority social care press hard on the NHS – with beds blocked by frail people [...] [technically raised budget 4 NHS, but demand is rising!]
NHS  productivity  austerity  prevention  intervention  diet-related  disease  chronic  diseases  obesity  epidemic  diabetes  cancer  heart  disease  western  diet  Standard  American  Dietary  Fiber  cholesterol  pattern  diet  western  lifestyle  sedentary  lifestyle  Simon  Stevens  Jeremy  Hunt  general  election  2015  general  election  2020  staff  morale  locum  staff  staff  shortage  budget2010  George  Osborne  budget2015  adult  social  care  elderly  care  OAP  premature  ageing  ageing  population  babyboomers  sick  population  health  crisis  health  care  health  care  budget  health  care  spending  public  health  policy  public  health  Big  Sugar  Sugar  Tax  bed  blocking  Council  CQC  Privatisation 
february 2016 by asterisk2a
Jeremy Hunt makes the wrong diagnosis - Jason Beattie - Mirror Online
Jeremy Hunt claims the new terms are necessary if the government is to deliver its ambition of a 7-day NHS. But there is a deeper issue of why Mr Hunt is pressing ahead with these reforms when there is a the far bigger crisis facing the health service - the dire state of social care. To put it another way: why is the Health Secretary trying to build an extension when the main house is in danger of collapsing? In the last parliament the Coalition government cut social care by more than £3billion despite warnings it would put unsustainable pressure on the NHS as elderly patients require treatment which could have been prevented if they had been cared for at home. The NHS is now suffering from the consequences of those cuts.
NHS  policy  error  austerity  Council  elderly  care  adult  social  care  Jeremy  Hunt  David  Cameron  George  Osborne  babyboomers  demographic  bubble  premature  ageing  ageing  population  general  election  2015  budget2015  budget2010  election  campaign  promises  Manifesto  Junior  Doctors  A&E  GP  CQC  bed  blocking  sick  population  health  crisis  public  health  policy  public  health  health  care  budget  health  care  spending  diet-related  disease  chronic  diseases  vulnerable  Disabled  disability  Services  Services  welfare  state  social  safety  net  DWP  Iain  Duncan  Smith  fairness  bank  bailout  tax  avoidance  tax  evasion 
february 2016 by asterisk2a
Junior doctors' strike: BMA totally irresponsible - Jeremy Hunt - BBC News
[ by redefining Saturday as non weekend day, Gov gets it's 7 day NHS without paying more than needed ] Ministers offered doctors an 11% rise in basic pay last year, but that was offset by curbs to other elements of the pay package, including payments for unsociable hours - they have maintained there is not extra money for junior doctor pay. The government says the changes are needed to create more seven-days services, but the BMA warns safeguards to keep a lid on excessive hours are being weakened and also has concerns about career progression and weekend pay. //&! Jeremy Hunt blames unions for junior doctor concerns - //&! Last-minute talks are taking place between doctors and government negotiators to avert Wednesday's strike over a contract dispute. - - [Closed nearly deal; BMA] put forward a proposal that would have seen doctors' basic pay rise by about half the 11% offered by ministers in return for Saturday not to be treated as a normal working day.
Jeremy  Hunt  George  Osborne  David  Cameron  spin  doctor  PR  Positioning  nasty  party  Tories  Conservative  constituency  babyboomers  health  care  budget  health  care  spending  sick  population  health  crisis  diet-related  disease  chronic  diseases  premature  ageing  ageing  population  demographic  bubble  A&E  GP  adult  social  care  elderly  care  Council  austerity  mental  health  IVF  general  election  2015  election  campaign  promises  Manifesto  Career  Politicians  dogma  ideology  CQC  Privatisation  Westminster  Toff  Privileged  Establishment  Junior  Doctors  staff  morale  locum  staff  staff  shortage 
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