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BBC One - Panorama, Fifa, Sepp Blatter and Me
Andrew Jennings, investigative journalist who was for years on the tail of FIFA; "FIFA covers all the tick boxes to describe a organised crime syndicate." [...] "all empires collapse eventually." // USA Investigators "used the Soccer World Cup to serve their interest and enrich themselves. [...] racketeers. [...] organised crime." // Cronies to care of themselves. That is why they re-elected Blatter even during the US investigation, because they didn't want to give up their Godfather who gives them their job, their lavish life. Exploiting their positions in soccer in their local country to enrich themselves. FIFA was a money making machine. // US officials got only deep into FIFA deals with help of investigative journalist. Same w WADA getting on Russia's case with help of investigative journalists who gave informants new life's in return for insider information and audio tapes. // Mary Papenfuss - American Huckster, Chuck Blazer (< could make a comedic crime drama, w Seth Rogan)
FIFA  UEFA  Soccer  World  Cup  IOC  Olympics  business  of  sport  corruption  bribery  investigative  journalism  journalismus  journalism  Sepp  Blatter  Michel  Platini  hubris  white-collar  crime  Doping  WADA  USADA  Russia  Qatar  2022  Russia  2018 
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UEFA-Präsident Michel Platini bleibt gesperrt -Video - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Der Internationale Sportgerichtshof Cas hat den Einspruch von Michel Platini abgelehnt. Damit bleibt der Uefa-Chef und Nachfolgekandidat auf die Blatter-Nachfolge gesperrt.
UEFA  FIFA  Michel  Platini  Sepp  Blatter 
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BBC Sport - Fifa: Sepp Blatter says pressure behind Qatar & World Cup votes
French and German presidents applied political pressure prior to the 2018 and 2022 World Cup votes, according to Fifa president Sepp Blatter. // &!
FIFA  Sepp  Blatter  abuse  of  power  corruption 
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Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: FIFA II (HBO) - YouTube
&! Follow-up; John Oliver - FIFA III and United Passions - // >
FIFA  Sepp  Blatter 
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Das ist Fifa-Generalsekretär Jérôme Valcke (Porträt) - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Fifa-Generalsekretär Jérôme Valcke soll für hohe Schmiergeldzahlungen verantwortlich sein - der Rücktritt von Präsident Joseph Blatter könnte damit zusammenhängen. Wer ist der Franzose, der seit 2007 an der Seite von Blatter regierte? // &! Verdächtige Fifa-Funktionäre: Interpol unterstützt USA bei Auslieferungsverfahren - // &! Interimschef Domenico Scala: Dieser Mann soll jetzt die Fifa führen -
FIFA  Sepp  Blatter  Jérôme  Valcke  Jerome  Valcke 
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Joseph Blatter: USA ermitteln gegen Noch-Fifa-Boss - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Fifa-Chef Joseph Blatter hat seinen Rücktritt angekündigt, wenige Stunden später wird nun bekannt: Behörden in den USA führen Ermittlungen gegen den Schweizer. Das berichten "New York Times" und ABC. // also ist er nur zurueck getreten weil er erfahren hat das man gegen ihn ermittelt.
FIFA  Sepp  Blatter 
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BBC Sport - Sepp Blatter to resign as Fifa president amid corruption scandal
FIFA scandal deepens as Blatter aide linked to payments, Blatter aide authorised $10m payment, FIFA President's Top Aide Tied to $10 Million in Bank Transactions // "Jerome Valcke is under pressure in connection with a bribe that the US Department of Justice allege was paid from a Fifa account to Jack Warner, a former Fifa executive. That is exactly where this story is going to be going in the next few weeks and months. "In the end, Blatter's position became untenable and we will perhaps know more in the weeks ahead about what exactly tipped him over the edge." // // &! - Fifa corruption: Blatter deputy Jerome Valcke denies payments
FIFA  Sepp  Blatter 
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Boycotting FIFA 2022 Qatar World Cup Sponsors - YouTube
rootless, tax evaders/avoiders(criminal scale), corporatism, wall street, capitalism and greed/money has no self-limiter // they are not stakeholders ... // only the consumer has a real voice // --- &! // Russia 2018; adidas, coca-cola, gazprom, hundai & kia motors, VISA, Budwiser, mcdonalds, // // &! Russia to Use Prison Labor For 2018 World Cup -
FIFA  VISA  Coca-Cola  corporate  governance  crony  capitalism  bribery  corruption  UEFA  corporate  culture  corporate  values  ethics  moral  beliefs  ethical  beliefs  Wall  Street  profit  maximisation  shareholder  consumerist  consumerism  zombie  consumer  Qatar  2022  Sepp  Blatter 
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With Turf, Women See Unequal Footing -
The fight here is not really about the downside of artificial turf, of which there are many. The ball rolls faster and straighter and bounces higher on turf than on grass, and sliding is a hazardous proposition, since synthetic turf causes more friction than grass. As the knees, elbows and chins of soccer players everywhere will divulge, the turf can peel back layers of skin, and it may cause concussions because it tends to be less forgiving than grass. Continue reading the main story RECENT COMMENTS John McD. 23 hours ago It might be worth finding out if any of the "lesser" FIFA men's and boys' WC and Olympic tournaments have ever been played on artificial... Steve Jenkins 23 hours ago It may be interesting for Western New York fans to know that Amy Wambach does not give 100% since her team plays on artificial turf. “I’m... sipa111 Yesterday Just to be clear. The World Cup is being hosted in Canada and the Canadian hosts offered stadiums with artificial turf which FIFA approved... SEE ALL COMMENTS “There’s not a person on the planet that would prefer playing on it, not even Sepp Blatter,” Wambach said, referring to the FIFA president, who last week insisted artificial turf was the future of the sport (though apparently not for men’s championships).
womens  sport  gender-based  discrimination  gender  inequality  FIFA  Sepp  Blatter  Soccer  World  Cup  gender  politics  gender  policing  gender  equality 
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Blatter nennt WM-Vergabe an Katar "einen Fehler" - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Mögliche Bestechung durch das Emirat an die stimmberechtigten Mitglieder des Fifa-Exekutivkomitees wollte Blatter nicht kommentieren: "Nein, nein, das habe ich nie gesagt." Unmissverständlich stellte der Schweizer jedoch fest, dass es offenbar "politischen Druck" aus Frankreich und Deutschland gegeben habe. "Man weiß gut, dass große Firmen aus Frankreich und Deutschland in Katar arbeiten, aber sie arbeiten nicht nur für die WM. Die WM ist eine relativ kleine Angelegenheit für Katar." ... books have been written about Olympics and FIFA World Cup backroom dealings and golden handshakes.
FIFA  Sepp  Blatter  Katar  2022  Qatar  2022  corruption  bribery  collusion  transparency  FIFA  World  Cup  governance  oversight  Soccer  crony  capitalism  corporatism  Olympics  book  Andrew  Jennings  Mafia  Russia  oligarchy 
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Kahn to gay footballers: 'Don't come out' - The Local
The former goalkeeper, who played 86 times for his country, told magazine Gala that he would advise homosexual players to not come out. “It may sound sad, but I wouldn’t advise him [a gay player] to come out.” Kahn added that homosexuality was no longer a “big deal” in society but said it would be “naive” to think that it was the same in professional sport. He said that a player who did come out would have to deal with opposition fans every Saturday in the stadium. “The atmosphere is heated. There are rivalries, which can lead people to do nasty things. On top of that, how will it go down with sponsors? What will it mean for your career? The situation is more difficult than it appears at first glance.” >> SEE Comment "Using homophobia to justify keeping gays quiet and compliant and exactly where he feels they should be IS HOMOPHOBIC. That man is an idiot." >> Angela Merkel, IOC, DFB - all Fahdenscheinig. Specious. meretricious. WORD, Charters. But no Action - which would speak louder.
DFB  angelamerkel  FIFA  DOSB  Transphobic  Politics  racial  discrimination  homosexuality  I.O.C.  Homophobia  gender  inequality  Angela  Merkel  Sochi  2014  stereotype  LGBT  transphobia  Racism  discrimination  homophobic  society  Oliver  Kahn  Soccer  Sepp  Blatter  misogyny  Olympics  Bundesliga  Philipp  Lahm  sexism  sexismus  Misogynie  masculinity  Sport  Russia  Germany  inequality 
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Pat McQuaid - Wie bei Sepp Blatter und der Fifa - Sport - Sü
Pat McQuaid strebt eine dritte Amtszeit als Präsident des Radweltverbandes an. Dies muss ein schlechter Scherz sein. Zum Vorwurf, die UCI habe Armstromgs Dopingsystem gedeckt, fällt ihm nicht viel ein. Vielmehr sieht McQuaid "eine strahlende Zukunft" für seinen Sport. >> UCI did in-house doping controls etc. clear conflict of interest. still. if it were true - IOC has got to remove road cycling from RIO 2016.
Society  Culture  FIFA  anti-doping  sports  I.O.C.  sport  Power  Play  Corruption  accountability  Sepp  Blatter  doping  Thomas  Bach  Olympics  transparency  conflict  of  interest  Tour  de  France  UCI  Machtspiele  lancearmstrong  Machtgehabe  Pat  McQuaid 
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