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Insatiability, and the 15-hour week - YouTube
// book wealth of nations //&! Prof Lord Robert Skidelsky - How Much is Enough? The Economics of the Good Life - //&! Guaranteed Employment & Basic Income - //&! Why the precariat requires a basic income (Prof. Guy Standing) (ENG) - //&! The Precariat: The new dangerous class - Sydney Ideas -
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The pursuit of happiness: what is happiness, and how can we make ourselves happier?
Since the days of Aristotle, happiness was thought to have at least two aspects: hedonia (pleasure) and eudaimonia (a life well lived). In contemporary psychology, happiness is referred to as simply pleasure and meaning. Positive psychologists such as Dr Martin Seligman have recently added one more distinct component to the definition of happiness: engagement. Engagement refers to living a “good life” of work, family friends and hobbies. // see also David Brooks book on Character, living life for your eulogy.
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▶ Insatiability, and the 15-hour week - YouTube
comparing yourself to others, you never have enough. what is the purpose. is there enough? *Aristotle Leisure - educating people about Leisure. >> periods of time where your choices dominate. to develop your personal projects. Anglo Saxon work environment - work seeps though at home though laptops and mobile phones with work mailboxes. Germany has more strict boundaries of work because of its work ethic. Measure human well being. (GDP)
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