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Air-Conditioning Is an Environmental Quandary -
Fact 1: Nearly all of the world’s booming cities are in the tropics and will be home to an estimated one billion new consumers by 2025. As temperatures rise, they — and we — will use more air-conditioning.

Fact 2: Air-conditioners draw copious electricity, and deliver a double whammy in terms of climate change, since both the electricity they use and the coolants they contain result in planet-warming emissions.

Fact 3: Scientific studies increasingly show that health and productivity rise significantly if indoor temperature is cooled in hot weather. So cooling is not just about comfort.

“It is true that air-conditioning made the economy happen for Singapore and is doing so for other emerging economies,” “On the other hand, it poses a huge threat to global climate and energy use. The current pace is very dangerous.”

= “an increase in electricity demand.”
= possibility of blackouts rises within cities across the world
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