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BBC News - 'No wage rises' until jobless rate falls to 5% says MPC member
Martin Weale said there may be more spare capacity in the economy than policymakers had previously estimated. +++ Bank of England 'puzzled' by productivity gap - >> London Finance Centre Canary Wharf drove up productivity in the run up to the 2008 GFC :: UK workforce as a whole, lacking skills for the future, thus the productivity gap; Mobile Creative, Mobile Creatives, skill-biased technological change, knowledge worker, White-collar Worker, Blue-collar Worker. Year of Code is too late and a drop/tea-cup in the ocean. College needs to offer Computer Science Degrees (Technichal College), not just University. College's offers courses as "Beauty Technicians." Services Industry that does NOT scale. A locals hairdressers service can not be exported, sold and consumed in other countries. Period.
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