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Fenwick and West’s Q4 venture financing report shows healthy levels of optimism with a dash of irrationality | PandoDaily
One interesting point noted in Fenwick’s report is that valuations were strong across series, meaning that once investors grow comfortable pulling the trigger on a particular company and team, they’re not shy about paying up for the right to participate in a given round. Continuing the founder-friendly theme, the rounds raised in the most recent quarter contained limited “structure,” meaning that investor-friendly terms like liquidation preference were rarely present. It’s not just Silicon Valley or North America that are benefitting from growth in venture activity. China, Europe, and India have all saw substantial increases in VC investment in 2014 over the prior year, and are up considerably over the last five years. Only Israel, among popular international venture markets remained flat year-over-year, as it has done for much of the last decade. [...] Another intersting trend [...] is the rise in activity among corporate (aka, strategic) investors.
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Not that negative after all - YouTube
- nbdy is taking up the money to invest in his business (increase capacity, R&D, etc etc), becs there is no demand ... what is holding up the western world is the service economy - especially in UK and USA! - and then there is one particular structural impediment in Germany et al, demographic bubble.
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BBC News - Farewell to the mother of all depressions
[ THE RECOVERY, THE GLASS IS HALF FULL. PERIOD. ]But nonetheless many will be slightly depressed that although the service economy is now just under 3% bigger than it was at the peak, manufacturing is still more than 7% smaller, and the production industries as a whole have been diminished by 11%. As I have bored on about for a while, although it is heart-warming to see UK manufacturing growing right now, there has been no rebalancing of the economy back towards the makers. Also, within services, the contribution of shoppers to the recovery remains immense - and the retail trade made the biggest contribution to the latest quarter's services surge. That suggests we may be at a premature end to households' attempts to strengthen their finances and pay down debts - and shows that growth in the economy remains perilously sensitive to the cost of money.
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Bundesbank Open to Significant ECB Stimulus in June if 2016 Inflation Forecasts Lowered -
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Wolfgang Münchau: Die Gefahren des Jahres 2014 - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Beide Seiten haben Grund zu Pessimismus. Die strukturkonservative Bundeskanzlerin sieht mit Schrecken, dass Frankreich, Spanien und Italien keineswegs geneigt sind, deutsch zu werden. Euro-föderale Kritiker wie ich sind darüber enttäuscht, dass es weder eine Fiskalunion noch eine echte Bankenunion geben wird. Für uns ist das, was letzte Woche beschlossen wurde, keine Bankenunion, sondern nur ein schlechter Witz. Jedes Land bleibt für seinen eigenen Bankensektor verantwortlich. Das vorrangige ökonomische Ziel, die Risiken von Banken und Staaten zu trennen, ist dahin. Stattdessen ist die Bankenunion nur noch ein komplizierter administrativer Prozess.
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