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BBC Three - We Want Our Country Back
[ manipulation, set-up, ... to get the content for their motive, agenda ] //&! //&! &! //&! Swiss elections: anti-immigration SVP party heading for record victory - //&! Es wird für alle enger“ - Interview In ihrem neuen Buch „Ausgrenzungen“ fragt die US-Soziologin Saskia Sassen, wie Menschen heute unterdrückt und entrechtet werden. Es trifft auch die Mittelschichten. -
Rechtsruck  far-right  politics  AfD  NPD  Germany  France  UK  European  Election  2014  symptom  Le  Pen  Front  National  Austria  FPÖ  PEGIDA  Religion  Polarisation  populism  propaganda  Nationalism  corporate  media  corporate  state  manufactured  consent  Social  Sharia  Law  Muslim  Rechtsextremismus  Neo-Nazi  Neonazi  Nazi  Christianity  islamic  radicalism  radicalism  extremism  Islamophobic  Islamophobia  Positioning  spin  doctor  PR  manipulation  Sozialpolitik  integration  human  progress  western  world  Gini  coefficient  inequality  Super  Rich  1%  book  Sozialer  Abstieg  squeezed  middle  class  precarious  work  Precariat  working  poor  identification  identity  job  security  globalization  globalisation  insecurity  post-racial  America  immigration  migration  racism  racial  segregation  racial  discrimination  racial  profiling  Jim  Crow  Wertegesellschaft  Gesellschaft  western  society  Niall  Ferguson  secular  stagnation  class  warfare  fascism  Burka  Hijab  disenfranchise  disenfranchised 
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Monitor - Nationalistische Kleingeister So viel 19. Jahrhundert...
Klar: Wohlstandsversprechen allein werden es nicht richten. Erst wenn die Benachteiligten spüren, dass sie aufschließen können und wenn wir Profiteure wirklich bereit sind zu teilen, wird der europäische Gedanke die nationalistischen Kleingeister wieder in ihre Flaschen zurück drängen. Ein frommer Wunsch? Mag sein. Aber was wäre die Alternative? + !!! + Jon Snow from Channel4 in Response to apparent NO Vote Campaign Win - "The scale of YES and NO participation in Scotland's referendum sends a powerful message to westminster: Address the UK's democratic deficit." ( )
European  Election  2014  UKIP  AfD  NPD  No  Representation  social  mobility  Bailout  income  mobility  Public  Policy  fairness  accountability  oversight  transparency  Policy  Makers  Career  Politicians  Toff  Establishment  Elite  Europe  Germany  UK  Democratic  Process  democracy  France  communication  language  inequality  Gini  coefficient  education  fiscal  monetary  economic  history  extremism  radicalism  Politics  crony  capitalism  exploitation  flat  world  globalisation  globalization  competitive  poverty  babyboomers  poverty  in  old  age  child  poverty  disenfranchise  disenfranchised  Scottish  independence  referendum  Scottish  Scotland  disillusionment  authentic  authenticity  participation  rate  participation 
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The Rise Of Europe's Religious Right
For the most part, though, issues dear to social conservatives were a side issue in elections driven heavily by economic frustration. [...] The suddenness with which social conservatives became a force in Brussels has many progressives speculating that they are the creations of American social conservatives seeking to “export the culture wars.” [...] Today, American ties seem much more about a shared vision to build a global conservative movement rather than leaning on stronger and wealthier U.S. partners for support. // || Pro Progressive - the hard things are hard bc they are worth doing it. It's easy to turn ones back. But its hard to hold your face into the storm that is brewing. Holding onto status quo is not worth the struggle, it is a futile short-term view - as the status quo is not sustainable.
No  Representation  Career  Politicians  Democratic  Process  democracy  European  Election  2014  UKIP  UK  France  European  Parliament  working  poor  squeezed  middle  class  underemployed  structural  unemployment  long-term  unemployment  youth  unemployment  unemployment  living  standard  cost  of  living  quality  of  life  income  mobility  social  mobility  Toff  meritocratic  meritocracy  policy  error  policy  folly  Makers  Politics  GFC  faultlines  global  imbalances  structural  imbalance  Tea  Party  Religion  Germany  liberal  economic  reform  sovereign  debt  crisis  Super  Cycle  uncertainty  immigration  globalisation  globalization  flat  world  Future  of  Work  skill-biased  technological  change  Mobile  Creative  Mobile  Creatives  security  financial  security  well-being  neoconservatives  neoconservatism  radicalism  extremism  conservative  Religious  Far-Right  Christianity  Christian  Fundamentalists  LGBT  reproductive  rights  abortion  gay  marriage  gaymarriage  gay  rights  gayrights  Angela  Merkel  CDU  CSU  National  Front  Brussels  human  progress  progressive  human  tragedy  unintended  consequences  unknown  unknowns  complexity  secular  stagnation  wage  stagnation  stagnation  babyboomers  generationy  Millennials  society  civic  society  civic  life  society  society  error  folly 
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