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Is This What A Bursting Bubble Looks Like? - YouTube
- bear market, not a 2008/09 decline, more like a lost decade of little productivity growth and very very slow closing of the still existing output gap. - companies benefit form technological progress (accelerating); get more done with less people. +++
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eBay Shrugged: Pierre Omidyar believes there should be no philanthropy without profit | PandoDaily
Pierre Omidyar. The role of Omidyar Network in so many major events of the past week — helping elect India’s ultranationalist leader Narendra Modi; co-funding Ukraine regime-change NGOs with USAID, resulting in a deadly civil war and Monday’s election of Ukrainian billionaire oligarch Petro Poroshenko; and now, this week’s first-ever sit-down TV interview with Edward Snowden, through an arrangement between NBC News and Pierre Omidyar’s First Look Media — shows how these contradictions are coming to the fore, and shaping our world. [...] Muhammad Yunus failed to dissuade Omidyar: "Let them make money—but why do you want to make money off the poor people?” [...] “Omidyar views the fund as a way of testing his theories about commercializing the sector. ‘It’s really the demonstration impact I’m looking for, primarily,’ he said.” << Billionaires Playground. Rarefied People.
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