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AC3: Conner/Clipper Wilkinson 4+1
4 times the people of Davenport Homestead found out about them and the 1 time Conner and Clipper found out everyone accepted them.
Part6  AC3  status:unfilled  character:Connor(Ratonhnhaké:ton)  character:Clipper_Wilkinson  character:Homestead_residents  pairing:Connor/Clipper  genre:slash 
december 2015 by asscreedarchive
Connor/ Clipper Awkwardness
So, I filled one I figured I would request one now, and I just can't get this out of my head.

I want Connor and clipper to be completely awkwardly in love with each other, and they don't know what to do about it. Clipper is confused about his feelings towards a man, and Connor couldn't care less about his gender, but can't figure out how to even begin courting him, and it's starting to affect, there team work.

and that's all I got, it is up to writer!anon to finish it.
Part5  AC3  status:unfilled  character:Connor(Ratonhnhaké:ton)  character:Clipper_Wilkinson  pairing:Connor/Clipper  genre:slash  kink:fluff 
august 2013 by asscreedarchive
Birthday sex!
So today is anon's birthday and in honor of my birthday I would like to request a fic involving birthday sex. Specifically, I would like it to be Connor's birthday and someone, not Haytham, surprises him with sex as a present and Connor appreciating this present very much.

My pairing preferences lean towards Connor/Clipper, Connor/Dobby, or Connor/Duncan, but if anyone who wants to fill this wants some other pairing aside from those, that's okay too! Just as long as it isn't Haytham.
Part5  AC3  status:unfilled  character:Connor(Ratonhnhaké:ton)  character:Clipper_Wilkinson  character:Dobby(Deborah_Carter)  character:Duncan_Little  pairing:Connor/Clipper  pairing:Connor/Dobby  pairing:Connor/Duncan  genre:slash  genre:het 
august 2013 by asscreedarchive
Connor/Clipper, omegaverse
So we've seen Charles/Connor in this universe with Charles as the alpha, but what if we were to change that so Charles' sincere, soft spoken Assassin equivalent were Connor's omega. How would that play out? How did they end up getting together?

Alternatively, Haytham/Charles, with Charles as Haytham's omega
Part5  AC3  status:filling  character:Connor(Ratonhnhaké:ton)  character:Clipper_Wilkinson  pairing:Connor/Clipper  genre:slash  AU:alpha/beta/omega 
august 2013 by asscreedarchive
Haytham/Charles or Clipper/Connor, body swap
As we all know, Clipper and Charles idolise and adore their respective mentors. Everybody can see their totally obvious, visible from space crushes... that is, everybody except said mentors. One day they switch bodies. (How? Er... apple shenanigans, maybe? We haven't had an apple shenanigans fic in a while...)

So Charles or Clipper is initially delighted and has tons of fun in his new body, until it sinks in that this might be permanent, and his mentor isn't exactly happy with this turn of events, for whatever reason. (Ziio? The Homesteaders and Achilles? Connor's village? IDK) Their research into how to switch back isn't really getting anywhere. So he tries to make his mentor happy, eventually resorting to more ~romantic~ and ~sexual~ means, and ends up eventually having sex with said mentor, possibly due to a lot of alcohol. (...)
Part5  AC3  status:unfilled  character:Charles_Lee  character:Clipper_Wilkinson  character:Haytham_Kenway  character:Connor(Ratonhnhaké:ton)  pairing:Haytham/Charles  pairing:Connor/Clipper  genre:slash  AU:body_switch 
august 2013 by asscreedarchive
Connor/Clipper Wilkinson
I'm actually astounded that no one has requested this pairing, yet. C'mon, people, that scruffy little sharpshooter is easily the cutest NPC in the game! I mean, did you guys talk to him in the tavern? He might actually be the only person we meet that's as sweet-natured and soft spoken as Connor. He's so goddamn adorable I wish had little action figures of him and Connor so I could mash their faces together and make them kiss.

... So, basically, absolutely anything with the two of them would be lovely. Smut's not even necessary, they can just be conversing over an ale for all I care. I just ship these two something awful and would happily devour anything that focused on their relationship.
Part5  AC3  status:filled  character:Connor(Ratonhnhaké:ton)  character:Clipper_Wilkinson  pairing:Connor/Clipper  genre:slash 
july 2013 by asscreedarchive
Connor/Clipper? :D
Awkward first-time sex maybe? I love that kind of "I have no idea what I'm doing but it feels good for both so I'll keep at it, oops sorry about my elbow there" dynamic.

Or if that's not your thing maybe Clipper being the more experienced party and talking Connor through fucking him.

idk I think it's a cute ship and I want more of it /o\
Part6  AC3  status:unfilled  character:Clipper_Wilkinson  character:Connor(Ratonhnhaké:ton)  pairing:Connor/Clipper  genre:slash  kink:first_time 
june 2013 by asscreedarchive

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