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teacher au
reposting since I think my original prompt got lost somewhere. However, if it still exists please could the original be deleted and keep this one :)

Basically the prompt was this: I've read a lot of teacher au's where the age of consent comes into play and the age of consent is 18. However, I'm British and the age of consent here is 16.

Could we maybe have Desmond teaching in England, or something else so long as he's older than Shaun, and he freaks out because he thinks he corrupted/molested a minor while Shaun thinks he's being ridiculous and would Desmond please have sex with him already.

Doesn't have to be Des/Shaun but I love these two :)
Part6  AC:modern_assassins  status:unfilled  character:Desmond_Miles  character:Shaun_Hastings  pairing:Desmond/Shaun  genre:slash  kink:teacher/student  kink:age_difference  AU:high_school 
april 2015 by asscreedarchive
Hot For Teacher
AU-verse. ALL Assassins/Templars in a charter school--this means dorms, except for one strange boy named Desmond Miles. He has family issues, and ever since his mother had been killed in a gang-related (TEMPLARS OHFUCK) accident, his father has been abusing him in more ways than one can count. His history teacher, Shaun Hastings, (:D) is becoming increasingly worried about Desmond, and when he corners him ont he subject, Desmond flees, frightened. Then one day he comes into class ten minutes before it was going to let out, and Mr. Hastings sees this giant bruise on the side of his face, and he's limping painfully. protectiveteacher!Shaun x abusedstudent!Desmond ensues. Other pairings, such as Altair/Malik, Federico/Vieri, Lucy/Rebecca, teacherassistant!Leonardo/Ezio, welcome but mainly centered on Shaun and Desmond, ti prego. Captcha says: convulsed toriano. Maybe Ezio is epileptic?
Part1  AC:misc  status:filling  character:Desmond_Miles  character:Shaun_Hastings  character:assassins  pairing:Desmond/Shaun  genre:slash  kink:teacher/student  AU:high_school 
october 2014 by asscreedarchive
Long shot
Desmond/Lucy/VIDIC. That's right. Vidic. I'm thinking some permutation of teacher/student kink, with Vidic directing Lucy and Desmond, watching - joining them optional. I'm sure he has some logical reason for this.
Part1  AC:modern_assassins  status:filled  character:Desmond_Miles  character:Lucy_Stillman  character:Warren_Vidic  pairing:Desmond/Lucy/Vidic  genre:slash  genre:het  kink:teacher/student  kink:dub-con 
october 2014 by asscreedarchive
Ezio/Francesco Vecellio
I feel like this has been requested before by someone, and possibly even filled... But if it has, I can't find it. I'm absolutely DYING for some Ezio/Francesco from Project Legacy. Mature, experienced, master-assassin!Ezio with young, eager, understudy!Francesco. I want a nice, affectionate student/teacher relationship--some powerplay is great, but no humiliation please!
Part2  AC:Project_Legacy  status:filled  character:Ezio_Auditore  character:Francesco_Vecellio  pairing:Ezio/Francesco  genre:slash  kink:teacher/student 
october 2014 by asscreedarchive
Maestro has a nice ring to it~
Grand Master!Ezio/Recruit (Male or female doesn't matter :D) Powertrip, Teacher/Student kink. Starts with making out but Ezio gets really turned on every time the recruit calls him 'Master'.
Part2  AC:Brotherhood  status:filled  character:Ezio_Auditore  character:recruits(AC2)  pairing:Ezio/recruit  genre:slash  kink:teacher/student 
august 2014 by asscreedarchive
Altair/Connor mentor relationship
Can I please get some Altair/Connor mentor/student relationship, modern AU assassins or same!timeline or even Apple shenanigans, I don't mind how it happens, just please make it happen
Part6  AC3  status:unfilled  character:Connor(Ratonhnhaké:ton)  character:Altaïr_Ibn-La'Ahad  pairing:Altaïr/Connor  genre:slash  genre:gen  kink:teacher/student 
february 2014 by asscreedarchive

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