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DLC! Washington/Charles, master/slave + mind control
Despite all the shit Charles tended to give Washington, Washington genuinely seemed to like Charles. What if the reason for that was because Washington was in love with him?

Then, Washington gets his power, both Apple and political. Now that he's got complete control over this new country and a new way of looking at things, he's going to try a new way of getting Charles to "fall in love" with him aka mind control. It's pretty easy with Haytham out of the way (whether or not Washington killed him or something else is up to writeanon) and so he uses his power to make Charles worship the ground he walks on just like he did with Haytham. Maybe he also uses this "new" Charles as an example to everyone else of what will happen if they oppose him since he must be pretty powerful to bring someone like Charles to his knees.

I would kind of really love it if Washington kept him on a leash and walked him around everywhere like Charles did with his dogs. (...)
Part5  AC3:The_Tyranny_of_King_Washington  status:filling  character:Charles_Lee  character:King_Washington  pairing:King_Washington/Charles  genre:slash  kink:sexual_slavery  kink:brainwashing  kink:petplay  kink:leash  AU:apple_shenanigans 
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